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Professional BMW service with over 25 years experience. Please visit our website.

6 Reviews

  • randy2 years ago

    One owner car with 110K miles. Jim did an excellent job rebuilding the entire suspension system, springs, disc brakes, exhaust system and swaybar. Car handles better than when it was new.

    Jim also rebuilt the engine from new gaskets all around, reset valves, starter, alternator, radiator, fuel injectors and installed a new air intake system.

    Very trustworthy and knows his stuff.

    1988 BMW 325I convertible
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  • James2 years ago

    Recently bought an '04 M3. Took it straight to Jim to go through the car. He knows the cars, what he's doing, and does high quality work for a reasonable price. He did work as involved as replacing the oil pan gasket, clutch, and flywheel; to work on easier fixes like the glove box latch, and replacing light lenses. The car runs and feels like new. Will be back to do upgrades in the future.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Enrico6 years ago

    I have been going to Jim for over 4 years now - he's kept my 330xi running as it should. Dealers may be good initially to take care of warranty work, but beyond that, it's nice to have a private mechanic that specializes in BMW you can turn to and trust.

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  • Ted6 years ago

    I have been going Jim for about a year and I have to say I am very pleased with his service. He understands it is a tough economy and he does not try to price gauge anyone with a huge bill by marking up parts 50%. He has serviced my 2002 BMW 330ci, my 1999 Porsche 911 and our newer 2009 Porsche Cayenne. Jim will tell you how it is and what your options are for the repair. If he can save you some money on parts he will. I would definately recommend Jim to service your BMW or Porsche.

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  • Dave7 years ago

    I called them to get a quote for a repair to compare to the outrageous quote that BMW gave me. He asked me what BMW was charging and when I said that I didn't want to disclose that information just yet, he told me "I don't play these mickey mouse games" and hung up on me. What stellar customer service!!

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    Jim6 years ago

    Dave's story is not straight, I needed to try and figure out what part he needed. He didn't trust me. For 23 years our prices have been 20 to 50 % below the dealers. That's a know fact, Dave is just a miserable BMW driver who should be driving a Yugo instead." Drive like a sport and pay like a sport", chump.

  • Tom9 years ago

    Jim who runs the place is a very efficient and friendly guy. Fixed my broken power windows in 30-40 mins and it cost me less than half of what BMW Dealer quoted. Well recommended.

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