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Beamer Auto was founded in 2012 by Kevin Kim.

As BMW enthusiasts, we know how much our customers love their BMW. And we also know the cost of maintaining the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Our philosophy is simple: "Dealership quality experience at local shop's price."

With technical training from BMW of North America backing with years of experience as Level 1 BMW Master Technician, we provide top notch vehicle repair services at affordable prices.

We provide the best value for the money and every customer is a VIP regardless type of repairs or services. We believe a 100% customer satisfaction is the road to success and best advertisement is through word of mouth.

Specialize on 1994 - present BMW's

Technicians are fully trained from e46 up to newest F30 models. Any repairs and services can be done from oil services to engine rebuild.

All BMW and MINI are diagnosed with Dealer diagnostic software.
All BMW and MINI are programmed and encoded with Dealer Programming software.

Our Owner Kevin Kim
  • Top graduate of BMW Step training program
  • Certified Level 1 BMW Master Technician
  • Certified ASE technician
  • Certified in A/C system in ASE and MAC
  • Years of experience at Factory Dealership


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  • Customer Lounge
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  • Refreshments
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Vehicle Sanitizing

35 Reviews

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 7 years ago

    After receiving an inflated quote from a BMW dealership, I called 2 repair shops and both told me by phone that it was unlikely that I needed the amount of work recommended given the low mileage on my car. After evaluating my car, Beamer Auto determined their were only 2 things my car really needed and only 1 that had to be done urgently. A $5000 quote went to $300. In addition, Beamer Auto fit me in the very next morning after I explained that I had to take a long car ride for work and I was done in an hour. Fair, professional. They even took the time to show me exactly what the issues were with my car and explain why some of the BMW dealerships recommendations weren't necessary. I will be back.

    2011 BMW 328xi
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    Kevin Kim7 years ago

    Thank you for choosing Beamer Auto! We are glad that your experience at our service center was positive. Anything we can do to make your experience better please let us know! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and with 100% honesty and integrity!

  • Henry Akinnuoye
    Henry Akinnuoye8 years ago

    Wonderful staff..., attentive and thorough! Very reasonable rates.

    2009 BMW x6
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    Kevin Kim8 years ago

    We are motivated by satisfied customers! Thank you for choosing Beamer Auto as your premier BMW service center!

  • P.R. Jackson
    P.R. Jackson8 years ago

    After googling BMW shops in the DMV, I came across a site (, immedieately I noticed Beamer Auto because of it's 5 start ratings from 32 reviews, unheard of right? NOPE, I was going to take my car to another shop in Ft. Washington however they would not accommodate my needs, all I needed was a ride to the metro and they would not give me one, they choose to loose a 700 deal because of it. This is when I found Beamer Auto. I spoke with Aaron, who was great I asked if they could put a new clutch in my car of which I already had the brand new part, I also asked if someone would be willing to drop me off at the metro because no one could follow me to drop my car off, Aaron said yes no problem. Not only did Aaron drop me off, he said that if I gave him an estimate from the other shop they would match my price, well they beat the 7xx.00 price as well as honored there sites 10% off. They are VERY professional, curtious, respectful and FAST, they called the next day to tell me my car was ready, less than 24hrs. They also reset my brake light . I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Beamer Auto ABOVE any other shop I've ever take my car to. Thank you Beamer Auto....

    2006 BMW 330xi
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    Kevin Kim8 years ago

    thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your experience here at Beamer Auto. We are here to serve our customers so don't hesitate to ask us, we always do our best to accommodate all our valued customers!

  • Anthony
    Anthony9 years ago

    I took my car to Rockville BMW to get a lightbulb replaced. The service guy called me with total charges of 505.00 parts and labor.. They tried to get me.. Plain and simple. Took it to you guys for the bulb and labor 63.00 and out the door in 15 min. I appreciate honesty, integrity and great service. I only took my car to BMW for service. Your reviewers, service and great pricing did it. I'm a new full time customer.

    2008 BMW 528xi
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    Kevin Kim8 years ago

    We take much pride in what we do here at Beamer Auto and it is great to be reminded of what we are doing for our customer is right.

    Thank you for your honest review and trusting us with your vehicle.

  • J. Gordon
    J. Gordon9 years ago

    Today I went into Beamer Auto to have my battery changed. But much to my pleasure we didn't need to replace it. However, the integrity of Kevin and Aaron would allow them to sell me something I didn't need. They have found a loyal customer from this point on.

    2008 BMW X6
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    Kevin Kim9 years ago

    Thank you for taking your time to share your experience at Beamer Auto. As always we will strive to serve our customers with honesty and integrity. We take pride in our work and superior services we provide for our customers! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  • Darin C.
    Darin C.9 years ago

    Kevin and his crew are the best. I first went to Kevin when he first started and he has expanded his operation. No surprise to me based on the quality and value of the service received everytime. I've been several times and so has my brother. I can't say enough about the integrity of the people and the quality of the service provided. If you are taking your car to the dealer for service you need to consider these guys first.

    2006 BMW 750Li
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    Kevin Kim9 years ago

    Your continuous support and trust means whole lot to us. Thank you for your great review, we really appreciate your feed backs!

  • Christopher baker
    Christopher baker9 years ago

    Aaron and Kevin provided an excellent customer service experience for my 2006 X5 4.4i. They saved me nearly $1000 on a major engine repair (valve/timing cover gaskets, etc.) for my car and to maximize my experience they discovered a wiring issue with my HVAC compressor and was able to repair at no additional cost!

    My days of going BMW dealerships and service centers are over! I will look no further than Beamer Auto for my next servicing!

    2006 BMW X5 4.4i
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    Kevin Kim9 years ago

    we are glad to be at your service! thank you for your referrals and entrusting your vehicle here at beamer auto!

  • Chetan Abhyankar
    Chetan Abhyankar10 years ago

    I had to get the motor for the convertible soft top renewed. The dealer gave me a quote of 1900$. I went to Beamer Auto after reading all the reviews. Aaron gave me a quote of 1300$. The job was done as per the time allotted & well. Aaron was excellent. He saved me 600$ and came in right on the quoted amount. I would take my BMW there in a heartbeat the next time. These guys are good & don't over charge. I can finally enjoy the summer with the hood down.

    2003 BMW Z4 2.5
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    Kevin Kim10 years ago

    glad we were able to service your vehicle and get you back on the convertible! thank you for allowing us to service your vehicle.

  • Marcus Houston
    Marcus Houston10 years ago

    Beamer Auto does exceptional work, and the service and repair prices are reasonable. I purchased my car two years ago, and Beamer Auto always performs my warranty work. I highly recommend their services if you have issues with your vehicle. The staff has always been able to determine what's wrong with my vehicle - even when the BMW dealerships can't.


    2006 BMW 330i
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    Kevin Kim10 years ago

    we aim to exceed your expectations every visit! thank you for entrusting your vehicle with us for past 2 years!

  • James Diggs Sr
    James Diggs Sr10 years ago

    Took my baby to beamer auto and was very pleased.. The mechanics are top shelf.. This is the only place I'm taking her very happy - plus - great customer service..

    2003 BMW 530I
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    kevin10 years ago

    thank you Mr.Diggs for trusting us with your bmw. We will do our best to keep her running in top shape!

  • Gerry
    Gerry10 years ago

    Awesome group of people...I called Kevin on a Tuesday to see if he can fit me in Wednesday morning to replace my front & rear brakes and sensors...He said sure come on in...I get there right around 9am when they open and was greeted by Aaron who asked if I was the guy Kevin advised him about that was getting brakes replaced...Right there is great communication between the owner and his mechanics!...Anyway, Aaron (the mechanic) took care of me and was very courtesy and answered any questions I had...He had me in & out of there in no time!...

    Much thanks to Kevin for squeezing me in on short notice...Thanks to Aaron for working on my car!..And thanks to Ton for setting me up in your system and assisting me with the payment...With the savings you get compared to going to a dealership, this was a service bill I didn't mind paying!..LOL!..

    Thanks so much guys!...You have a future customer right here!..

    2009 BMW 328ix
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    kevin10 years ago

    we cannot be more happy with our satisfied customers! we appreciate your business here at beamer auto!

  • Neil
    Neil10 years ago

    I had taken this car to several shops with no appreciable results. Beamer Auto exceeded my expectations and I am pleased with my car and their service. Kevin knows what he is doing! This was my first time and I am now a loyal customer.

    1997 BMW 540i
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    kevin10 years ago

    we are glad we were able to service your vehicle and keep you as our satisfied customer. anything else, anything at all we can do, feel free to contact us anytime!

    thank you!

  • Ayana
    Ayana10 years ago

    I am so glad that I found this place! The AC in my truck went out and I took it to Passport in Marlow Heights for an estimate. Not only did they want close to $300 for the repair, but they informed me that the wait was going to be 4 hours long! I did a google search for an alternative and Beamer came up. I took my truck in and they charged me half what Passport wanted and there was no wait! I am now a loyal customer and have no intent of going anywhere else to have my truck serviced.

    2006 BMW X5
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    kevin10 years ago

    we are glad you found us as well! We truly appreciate and thank you for choosing Beamer Auto over dealerships or any other independent shops. Feel free to call me for any questions or concerns!

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W.11 years ago

    I called Beamer Auto after reading the extensive positive reviews on To my surprise, Kevin (the guy everyone raves about in their reviews) answered the phone and immediately began answering my questions and advising on the best course of action to take regarding my vehicle! When explaining the information given to me by the dealer (replacing oil pan gasket), he told me that their suggestions were accurate, but not as urgent as implied. He explained what was really going on and what to look for when detailed with the problem described. He said he'd love to work on my vehicle, but it wasn't necessary yet! What a standup guy to turn down unnecessary business! I'm very relieved to find a shop with someone who looks out for their customers instead of their pockets. Kevin has earned a new customer without realizing! I can't wait to refer people to Beamer Auto!

    2006 BMW 530i
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    kevin11 years ago

    we do our best to serve all customers, thank you for your recognition of our work! it was pleasure talking with you as well and hope to meet you in future

  • stan
    stan11 years ago

    Very pleased with the service I received at this shop, The Dealers are ripoff artist, Kevin is very polite and very straight forward. I have found a place where I'm comfortable and don't feel like I'm being hosed. I found his shop by reading reviews just like you are reading mine.

    2004 BMW 745LI
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    kevin11 years ago

    i can't be happier with positive responses from all our customers! we will strive to stay this way! thank you

  • shari
    shari11 years ago

    I have been a BMW owner for about 19 years and have always taken my vehicles to the dealer for service. I recently took my 2004 BMW 525I to BMW Alexandria for some repairs. After spending 1400 dollars I was advised that I needed to replace the mechatronics module and that repair would cost $5200. I weighed the repair costs with the value of the car and decided to try a local repair shop instead. I selected Kevin’s shop after reading the many positive reviews online. Kevin looked over my vehicle and assessed that I didn’t need a new mechatronics module but instead needed an appropriate battery. My vehicle apparently had an after-market battery installed from my purchaser (I purchased the vehicle used back in 2008). Instead of spending several thousand dollars, I spent a few hundred dollars and my BMW 525i is working like a charm. The customer service was excellent and I will definitely use Beamer Auto for future maintenance.

    2004 BMW 525i
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    kevin11 years ago

    glad to be at your service! thank you for giving us a chance!

  • Felicia
    Felicia11 years ago

    Pleasantly surprised! I selected this shop to perform regular maintenance on my vehicle as an alternative to the long wait and inflated pricing at the dealership. I was a little hesitant initially since I didn't choose it based on a personal recommendation, but based on an online search. After reading the comments of other satisfied customers I decided to give it a try - I’m glad I did. I only had regular maintenance performed but this will certainly be my shop for any future repair or maintenance. While there, I observed first hand, Kevin's interaction with other customers; he was attentive, mindful of their time, and seemed to be a genuinely honest person (that knows what he's doing). Not to mention his follow-up after the repairs are done. A true sign of customer satisfaction at its best is a repair shop that ensures a customer is content with a repair well after they leave the shop!

    2007 BMW 328xi
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    kevin11 years ago

    Glad we lived up to the reputation of other customer's comments on this forum. We know there are many choices when it comes to service centers. We deeply appreciate you as our client and hope to continue to earn your trust!

  • Tammy
    Tammy11 years ago

    I had Kevin replace my oil filter gasket and he did an amazing job. I will now take my car only to Beamer Auto for any repairs that are needed in the future. Kevin, you have a customer for life!!!!

    2007 BMW 328
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    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for choosing beamer auto as your BMW service center out of all other places you could have been. we appreciate you as our customer. thank you again!

  • David Mizelle
    David Mizelle11 years ago

    Most positive experience I have every had with a repair shop. Kevin is a class act and I feel he's trustworthy, but more so competent!

    Thank you!

    2004 BMW Steroids
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    kevin11 years ago

    glad your first experience at beamer auto was positive, i hope we can continue to serve you better. thank you

  • Jackie A
    Jackie A11 years ago

    Very very happy with Beamer Auto. It's difficult to find someone to work on a BMW who won't quote you outrageous prices for minor work. My last Z ended up being totaled after an accident, but I already bought a new one and will be bringing it to Beamer Auto for all of its maintenance. They were very patient with me as I dealt with the insurance company (on my last Z) and often finished work faster than they initially estimated.

    2000 BMW z3
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    kevin11 years ago

    glad you were able to find and purchase another Z you love! Thank you for trusting your vehicle with Beamer Auto.

  • Monique Sparks
    Monique Sparks11 years ago

    My husband and I were extremely pleased with Kevin's honesty, level of knowledge, and his ability to communicate effectively. He did not try to up sell us or suggest repairs that were not needed. We will defiantly be using him for all our future repairs.

    2005 BMW X5
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    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for your kind reviews, but most of all thank you for choosing beamer auto as your repair center!

  • Justine
    Justine11 years ago

    Arrived @ Beamer Auto after a disappointing experience with the dealership. I was offered reassurance from day 1. They worked with the warranty company on the repairs of my vehicle. No hidden cost & I was kept informed of the repairs. Very satisfied with the performance, repairs and quality of work. Thank you Kevin.

    2007 BMW X5
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    kevin11 years ago

    i'm sorry you've had a bad experience at the dealership, however also glad we had a chance to make it right for you. thank you for choosing beamer auto

  • Jamie Thornton
    Jamie Thornton11 years ago

    I was pleased with the professional manner in which Kevin spoke to me. He showed me areas of concern regarding my vehicle and gave me a reasonable price for work performed on my vehicle. I will continue to allow Kevin to care for the maintenance and up keep of my driving machine. YOU DAH MAN KEV!

    2007 BMW 328i
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    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for sharing your experience with us. Any questions or concerns you have, give us a call any time!

  • Ronnie Toye
    Ronnie Toye11 years ago

    Very satified with the knowledge and price this shop wil be getting more work from me thanks. Kevin you the man!

    2000 BMW 528i
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    Kevin11 years ago

    Thank you for using Beamer auto as your service center

  • Khalil Ash-Shifa
    Khalil Ash-Shifa11 years ago

    Top notch service without them trying to up sale you. A mechanic I can trust.

    2006 BMW 330I
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    kevin11 years ago

    thank you so much for kind words. glad to be at your service

  • Barbara
    Barbara11 years ago

    I dropped off my BMW 745 for normal but major repairs. It was repaired for a fraction of the cost with dealer results. The estimated repair date was exact with no hidden cost once they received my car for repairs. The customer service was superb, Kevin was in touch with me and informed me of the repair progress as it was completed. I have found a new repair shop for my vehicle, one that I trust.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    glad you had a pleasant experience at beamer auto.

  • su
    su11 years ago

    Beamer Auto is a great business with a hard-working and very honest owner. I have in the past gone to jiffy lube and other body shops to get oil changes and work done on my car, however never really felt a genuine feeling that the mechanic was looking out for my best interests and my car's best interest at heart. Kevin at Beamer auto however looks after my best interests and my car's best interest at heart. I feel like Im not getting screwed over with prices or the quality of the work done on my car. I am always 110% satisfied after my car is inspected and fixed. I plan to be and stay a permanent customer!!

    PS- I have a Hyundai Elantra!! that is spoiled with quailty BMW and MER specialist treatment by a factory trained technician! So anyone who does not have a BMW and Mercedes should not hesitate to take their cars in to Beamer Auto.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for entrusting your vehicle with us! hope we can continue this trust you have with us

  • LJ Clifford
    LJ Clifford12 years ago

    Whats so kool about this shop is, you can have your car serviced after your 9-5... by a factory trained tech, that beats dealer pricing. I was skeptical at first, you know you don't want just anybody working on your I had Kevin do a small job first...flush the brake system.....done and in no time ....wait and cost, minimal......excellent.....and like the terminator.....I'll Be Back.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    Glad I was able to service your vehicle. Thank you for your visit atbeamer auto

  • Dana
    Dana12 years ago

    Very thorough explanations of all findings on my vehicle, and gave a good and affordable repair to my high mileage 7-series. Definitely check them out- Kevin was great.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    i hope everything is still well and your 7 series is still running good without ses after the coolant repair. anything you need feel free to let me know. thank you

  • Gloria P
    Gloria P12 years ago

    Kevin is the best!!! Friendly service, very knowledgable, and affordable. I have a 2001 530i, with over 118,000 miles. The price Passport Marlow Heights quoted me was way beyond what would pay for the service I needed. I'm so happy that I went to his shop for my repairs. I needed a window regulator and two belts replaced. No presssure to get things repaired that aren't really needed. I saved a ton of money. Keep up the good work. You a satisfied customer and I will be using him now for anymore needed repairs. Way to go!!!

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you, thank you, for many referrals and kind words. be sure to come in to take advantage of your referral credit on your next service or repairs :)

  • kado
    kado12 years ago

    i recently brought brought my car to kevin k after 4 failed attempts to get it repaired properly at passport bmw in marlow heights…after spending thousands of dollars there and finally being told that i needed an engine..i promptly had my car towed to kevin k for a second opinion…not more than 45min after kevin k started working on my 2008 750li he contacted me and was pretty sure that i didn’t need an engine…he also pointed out some work that needed to be done that the dealership never told me!!!….needless to say that thanks to kevin k…..i haven’t had any problems with my car…if you want great work done at affordable prices…contact kevin k!!!!!

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for being patient with us through out the repair progress. let me know if anything else we can do for you :)

  • Ronda Hall
    Ronda Hall12 years ago

    The seat belt and airbag warning lights came on in my car. I previously had taken my car to the BMW dealer to have it serviced for the same warning light problem. The mechanic said this was a recall item. He repaired the problem but the light returned a couple of months later. I took my car back to the dealer and he indicated that it was now a different problem. I asked that they look at it again and they said the same thing, I took my car to Bea Mer Auto and Kevin conducted a diagnostic check of my warning light system and found that my warning light system was reacting as if I had had an accident. I know I hadn't had an accident so he reset all of my warning lights. The warning light has not returned. The dealer wanted me to pay a large amount of money for something that wasn't wrong. Kevin found the problem and the price was reasonable. The service here was great, the atmosphere was friendly, and Kevin is very knowledgeable.

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    kevin11 years ago

    i appreciate you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to write us reviews in multiple sites. thank you ronda, i hope all is well

  • John
    John12 years ago

    Took my 2007 328i to beamer auto for dsc lights, within 30 mins I recieved an estimate. Repair was made at affordable price. When I got there to pick up my BMW, Kevin gave me additional 10% discount making it an even better deal.

    Their customer service was above and beyond. I'm completely satisfied with experience at Beamer auto.

    Best BMW specialty shop hands down. They have a customer for life.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for the kind words, i hope your most recent repair with us was also nothing but above and beyond. feel free call me any time if you have any questions.

  • Tom
    Tom12 years ago

    Great guys to deal with! Brought them the estimate from dealer, they beat it by more than 30%. They seem to really appreciate their customers.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you for choosing beamer auto as your bmw repair service center. hope you continue to choose us to provide you with excellent service at affordable prices

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.12 years ago

    After multiple bmw dealer visits for a check engine light concern. Dealer quoted me an outrageous price for repair. Researching bmw shops in Clinton, Maryland area for second opinion, i found a bmw specialty shop through

    Dropped off my vehicle to bea mer auto. Next day Kevin gave me a detailed explanation and estimate for the check engine light repair.

    Its been over 2000 miles since i last visited them with check engine light, no problems with repairs yet. Very satisfied with price of repair and quality of work performed by them.

    Was this review helpful?
    kevin11 years ago

    thank you so much for kind words, anything else you need on your bmw be sure to let me know.