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BMW repair and service in Rockville, MD and the D.C. area. We've specialized in BMW for 30 years. We also work on: Audi, Mercedes, Mini and Volkswagen.

We are proud to have been able to serve our friends and neighbors in the Rockville, MD area since 1984. We are nationally recognized as an Independent BMW specialist and have been selected by Dinan Engineering to be their only Independent Dealer in Montgomery County. We provide the best Warranty for 3 years / 36,000 miles.

Our BMW service center has:

  • Free WiFi - So you can get work done while you wait
  • Shuttle Service Available to most areas - So you don't have to arrange for a ride
  • Comfortable waiting room
  • Next to Twinbrook Metro Redline - So you can go about your day
  • Near Enterprise Rent-A-Car if you need alternate transportation


  • Customer Lounge
  • Shuttle Service
  • Contact-Free Service
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Vehicle Sanitizing
  • By Appointment Only

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  • I've had a few BMWs over the years and recently purchased a 2003 BMW M3 6MT. After a recommendation from a friend who also owns an E46 M3 I took my car to BMW Excluservice to inspect the car for any problems as well as change the oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc. Before I even brought in my car, Stephane, the owner, spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone on at least 2 occasions discussing what things we should and shouldn't do and what was not really necessary so I could save some money. Once the car was in there Stephane, as well as David, made sure to follow up with me promptly when they said they would and provided excellent customer service. The customer service and work done at BMW Excluservice was top notch and very professional. Stephane made sure to take the time to go over everything with me about the car and never tried to shove unnecessary services or products down my throat. When the time comes I will definitely use them again.

  • Bought a 2008 335xi. Had them do an inspection based on Certified Pro Owned tests done by BMW. They gave me a complete understanding of everything that needed to be done to my car. I was only in Rockville for the day so I had to take the car home to Pittsburgh. My mechanic up here confirmed everything on the inspection. Had them install a Dinan Stage 1 software upgrade to my ECU. There were some technical difficulties but they stuck with it until the upgrade was complete.

  • BMW Excluservice is the only place that I will take my 2006 BMW M5 to for any service! I have tried other shops to service my car (including BMW dealers) and the end result is the same, nothing but disappointment. BMW Excluservice's staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and their customer service is top notch. Their prices are also great!

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  • Viktor Talabishka1 year ago

    My oil change was due and I had no doubts about getting it done at BMW Excluservice. When I called, Stephane walked me through the process and explained everything in details. They also inspected the car and found some issues that were never fixed by the previous shops I used to take the car to. The staff is very nice and professional, they were able to answer all my questions.I also got my DINAN exhaust done here and I absolutely LOVE it. I will use BMW Excluservice for all my future needs and will refer them to my friends and family.

  • Mitch Bell2 years ago

    This place is great. A fair price for excellent work. They provide you with a diagnostic, and let you know how much you will be spending to keep your car in top shape. My 16 year old BMW has been here for regular maintenance and regular oil changes. I know I have saved thousands of dollars going here vs. the dealer, and I know I have gotten top service from qualified technicians. Trust is the number one reason you can go here and feel like you are not getting ripped off. For some repairs they have loaners, and for some repairs they will take you to the metro or even back to your house (probably depending on how far that is) Highly recommended.

  • Glenn Fong2 years ago

    Excluservice has maintained my collector vehicles over a decade or more and kept them in phenomenal running condition. They are clear on what services make sense and are needed, as opposed to 'selling' services like many dealers do. Their estimates are spot on and the work impeccable, from thoroughness to cleanliness. I cannot recommend any service facility more highly. Kudos and thanks!

  • Michael Aust2 years ago

    They took great care of me and my BMW. They only recommend the necessary repairs for your car, and don’t try to sell any services. Great customer service, the work is high quality, and competitive pricing as well. I will be back in the future, and I highly recommend bringing your BMW or any European car here.

  • Fat Boy1 year ago

    Excluservice gives me the confidence that my car is running optimally. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to explain everything. I will be taking my 428Xi here for all preventative and repair services.

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4 Reviews

  • Christopher Argauer
    Christopher Argauer5 years ago


    notorious BMW 530i 2003 DSC, speedometer trifecta

    excluservice bmw rockville, md

    billing based. not solutions based.

    DIY initially replaced my sensors with cheapOs that didn't work.

    sent my module to test my DSC brake module. "ate1234" replaced it with an aftermarket unit, without my permission or advise. Obviously the VINs don't match anymore.


    --took my 2003 530i there (due to internet reputation) for fixing the common DSC brake sensor problem.

    --meanwhile, excluservice charged me $200 for diagnostics and found nothing. thereafter AGAIN they charged me another $200 diagnostics and only replaced one sensor (which i had them revert because they wanted an additional $280 for the sensor work which i can get oem for $70..and only turn one allen screw). That would have been $680 just for one sensor without "solving" the notorious DSC problem.

    --They are either unscrupulous or incompetent or both. I FIRED excluservice and took my car home!

    I suspect they used there "B" team on the problem and they simply don't care. I received an automatic email saying thankyou by the owner. insult to injury ! $400 into the toilet.

    Posting this to temper other internet ratings.


    --i will work on bimmerforums, ebay for the DIY method of updating the VIN and using OEM speed sensors cause chinese stuff sucks. will closely inspect speed ring too. took me 15min to change my sensor myself.

    2003 BMW 530i
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    Stephane Grabina5 years ago

    I am sorry you feel the way that you do. We work very hard to provide accurate diagnostics. As you mentioned you brought us a car with a used DSC control unit that had the wrong vin in it and cheap chinese sensors. We told you we needed more labor to test each individual sensors and you declined that. I am not sure what more we can do other than work for free. Good luck!

  • Zeeshan A.
    Zeeshan A.8 years ago

    Customer Service of BMW Excluservice was impressive to the extent that made me write my first review ever. I can never think of taking my BMW anywhere but to these guys for service. I had a terrible experience with three different dealers at different times, worst one was with BMW of Fairfax where they diagnosed my car with one of the computers malfunctioning and draining the battery of my car which other dealers (Passport BMW and BMW of Annapolis) denied to be the problem. I finally did my research and found BMW Excluservice, called them and spoke with Stephane, who spent 20-25 minutes with me discussing the issues I was facing with my car. I was surprised with the knowledge and professionalism I met with on the phone as a first time caller. I set up an appointment with him, at the appointment he drove my car, spent one hour with me pin pointing all the problems and the possible solutions (BMW dealers do not do that). BMW Excluservice gave me a peace of mind that my car will be in good hands if it needs any kind of service. Weather your BMW needs a tylenol or a major surgery, BMW Excluservice are the ones who can take care of your BMW with 100% results. :)

    2009 BMW 535i
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  • Mike Cecchini
    Mike Cecchini10 years ago

    I've been dealing with BMW Excluservice for nearly 30 yrs. Shops like this you can count on one hand from the Mississippi to the Atlantic.

    Your BMW will get the service it deserves and at the right price.

    Mike Cecchini

    Bethesda, Md.

    1975 BMW 3.0Si
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  • George Spell
    George Spell10 years ago

    The owner of BMW Excluservice had written an article in the local BMW Car Club Magazine in reference to this particular job so I knew they would be well versed in the intricacies of the job.

    I had called to ask about this particular service and they asked me why I wanted to have it done. I said to him that I had read about the article and wanted to have it done. He asked if I was having any particular issue with the car, his concern was he didn't want to go through and charge me for a job that wouldn't fix a problem that I was having. So we talked for a little while about what I was experiencing with the car. Based on that conversation he agreed that a cleaning may address those concerns but to bring it in so we could confirm it. He told me that checking it would be included in the price of the job since certain parts had to be removed to do the job anyways. So, we set up an appointment to have them look at the car. I showed up and the folks at the front desk greeted me and got all my information and the information of the car. This process was very thorough, most independent shops don't do this, I appreciate all the detail that goes into it. After about 45 minutes they walked me out into the shop (again most shops don't let you go into the shop). I couldn't believe how clean the floor was. The shop foreman showed me on a screen the inside of the "intake ports?" They had a camera called a "boroscope?". Again I couldn't believe an independent shop would have such a device. But we could see as clear as day the excessive carbon buildup. So they gave me a ride to work (again another cool perk!) performed the repairs on the car. I told them it would be hard to get a hold of me as I would be in meetings all day. They asked me if I had a cell phone and if I could receive text messages (Wow, Seriously? the dealer doesn't even do that). So throughout the day I would receive these little notes on my cell phone keeping me up to date of what was going on. At the end of the day they came by to pick me up. When I came in they showed me some pictures of the process as well as a before and after pictures of the actual job. They even emailed them to me so I could have a record of it. I couldn't wait to get into the car and drive it and what a difference it made. That weekend I took a drive through the Shenendoahs just to enjoy the car. I hope I don't have to see them again soon but I will not go anywhere else.

    2007 BMW 335i
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