Gerardo's Foreign Car Service

640 Hyde Park Ave
Roslindale, MA 02131 US
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Gerardo's has been in business servicing BMW cars for over 40 years. We can service all of your BMW vehicle repairs, from simple oil change, tune ups, or regular maintenance, to full overhauls of your entire BMW and it's components.

Our advanced diagnostic system is similar or better in comparison to BMW dealerships. We protect your investment, while the BMW dealerships tend to capitalize on your misfortune.

  • We use only OEM original parts and top diagnostic equipment for analyzing and servicing your BMW.
  • For over 40 years, we have served the Boston area with Dealership-level service on all foreign autos.
  • Gerardo's also accepts most standard and extended warranties.

2 Reviews

  • Edward rodriguez
    Edward rodriguez8 years ago

    I was broken down in Dedham with a busted radiator and called AAA. The tow truck came and I was heading to the dealer to spend allll my money. The tow truck driver then suggested I give Gerardo's Foreign Car Service a chance in Roslindale. He told me he serviced his Range Rover there and they were very fair. So I decided to take his advice I had heard of them before but had never brought my vehicle anywhere else other then BMW gallery. They got me in replaced my radiator and thermostat and had me on the road same day. Now I will take my car nowhere but Gerardo's.

    2002 BMW series
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  • Anthony
    Anthony8 years ago

    Gerardo's Foreign Car Service was recommended to me by a friend of the family. I was reluctant to bring my car to a shop that I did not know. After bringing the car, I was relieved to learn they knew their stuff when it comes to BMW repair.

    I had an obscure sound that was coming from the front end, the dealership told me I needed to replace everything, but Gerardo's nailed it down to one simple broken rotor on my brakes! It cost me far less, and the dealership. Well, I don't bring my car there anymore - Gerardo's accepts my warranty just the same, but they give me better service! So why pay more!?

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