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Welcome to Huntoon Motorsports – Your Ultimate Destination for BMW Excellence

At Huntoon Motorsports (formerly Joe's Auto Service), we're not just about service; we're about enhancing your entire BMW experience. Nestled in the heart of the automotive community in the Northeast, our facility is a sanctuary for BMW enthusiasts seeking unparalleled service, expert performance tuning, and a team passionate about all things BMW.

Our Services:

Comprehensive BMW Maintenance: Trust your prized vehicle with our expert technicians who specialize in BMWs. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, we ensure your BMW performs at its peak with the same attention to detail you'd expect from the factory, yet with a personal touch that only Huntoon Motorsports can offer.

Performance Tuning for BMW Enthusiasts: Elevate your driving experience with our bespoke performance tuning services. Whether you're gearing up for the track or enhancing your daily drive, our tuning experts employ the latest technology and techniques to unlock your BMWs potential, delivering performance that's as exhilarating as it is reliable.

Expert Diagnosis and Repairs: Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, our BMW specialists swiftly identify and address any issues, ensuring your vehicle receives the precise care it needs. We're committed to using only OEM or superior-quality parts, ensuring your BMW remains authentic and performs flawlessly.

Why Choose Huntoon Motorsports?

Passion for BMW: Our team lives and breathes BMWs, ensuring that your vehicle is handled by enthusiasts who understand your passion and your car's intricate details.

Customer-Centric Approach: At Huntoon Motorsports, you're more than just a customer; you're part of our community. We provide a transparent, friendly service experience that keeps you informed and your BMW in top condition.

Cutting-Edge Facility: Our workshop is equipped with the latest BMW diagnostic and tuning equipment, ensuring that we're always ahead of the curve and your BMW receives the best care possible. Join the Huntoon Motorsports Family.

Whether you're seeking routine maintenance, performance upgrades, or expert advice on your BMW, Huntoon Motorsports is your trusted partner. Visit us and experience a new standard of BMW service, where your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and the performance or your BMW is our passion.

Contact Us:
Explore our services and schedule your next BMW experience at Huntoon Motorsports. Reach out to our friendly team today and discover how we can elevate your BMW journey.


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68 Reviews

  • Ernest Fernandes
    Ernest Fernandes1 year ago

    Joe is a great and knowledgeable guy, I would recommend him to all my friends.

    2010 BMW 750 li xdrive
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  • Lawrence Boateng
    Lawrence Boateng 1 year ago

    Joe is awesome on BMWs. He makes them feel so good to drive around. Save yourself the hassle and talk to him about your BMW. Best shop for your car repairs. Salute Boss.

    2011 BMW 335i xdrive
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  • Frank Mantino
    Frank Mantino1 year ago

    I consider myself a car enthusiest, and really love my vehicles. Several years ago, I needed to get the valve stem seals replace on my 650. This is a big job, but was required to pass Mass emissions as the car would smoke heavily at times. I entrusted my car to Joe, and the repair was performed. The car performed better than ever, and is still running flawlessly.

    My 535 through a check engine light, that indicated an issue with the valvetronic system. Once again I entrusted my ride to Joe....and once again a perfect repair was completed. Joe's shop is almost 40 miles from my house.....but I would not even consider bringing my cars anywhere else. Happy New Year to Joe and his staff, you are all rock stars!

    2015 BMW 535i
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  • Rick Kramer
    Rick Kramer1 year ago

    Joe and his staff are truly amazing.

    Our X5 broke down on the I90 Mass Turnpike. My wife called and triple A, wanted to take her to NH (over 50 miles away) for a triple A certified shop. After searching Bimmer forums for a reputable shop nearby -Joe's Auto stood out as my best bet. One quick call and the X5 was being towed to Joe's. Joe did a quick assessment and gave my wife a timeline for repair (next day service). He swapped his own coolant reservoir into our car and pressure tested the car. Of course my wife needed a place to stay. Being closing time, the receptionist offered to drop my wife off at local hotel for the evening. On top of all that Joe's Auto picked her up with the fixed X5 the next morning. They even took the time to give the vehicle a once over for any other potential problems. The service we received was exceptional, above and beyond and provided my wife the piece of mind to continue on her trip to Maine. Joe's Auto is a cut above and a small business locals and travelers can count on!

    2009 BMW X5 3.0
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  • Chawnee
    Chawnee1 year ago

    Joe went out of his way to find 4 tires for my Jeep when everyone else was out of stock. He worked with me to get it done before a road trip and didn't break the bank. I would highly recommend working with him and could not be happier with the service.

    2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
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  • Mike Ramona
    Mike Ramona4 years ago

    I highly recommend Joe‘s Auto Service. Very impressed with the outstanding level of knowledge and the service was hands down the best Joe really knows his stuff and he has a great team. My repair was done in an hour and it did not break the bank. We will be using Joe for all our regular services. Very friendly and happy to help and answer our questions. Thank you Joe and your staff!

    2013 BMW XI
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    I appreciate your review, Mike! Glad to help you out with your X1.

  • Justin Delinois
    Justin Delinois4 years ago

    I have had a lot of problems with this bmw, I’m a college student second year, bought the car to be cool and to have a nice ride, bought the car for too much money, used my accident money, I bought the car and it came with a lot of issue, I went to joe he gave me an amazing price of 400 dollars to replace my A/C compressor with a used one I bought , and then months later down the road the ac compressor went and I took it back he charged me 800 to fix it with a brand new one and it’s still running since, then I brought the car for him to change my whole valve cover and he did an excellent job and then I ask him to do another job equaling 440 dollars and he did I, I asked him if I can pay him later and he said yes but I feel bad I couldn’t pay him because I’m a college student and have no money and am jobless rn because of the car, I still have the car but it’s put me into debt, but regardless of me being in debt joe is amazing and I recommend him to anyone who wants their car done right and who wants their car to be fully alive. When I become rich I know I’m going to owe all my money to joe for being an amazing person and amazing friend.

    2010 BMW 535i
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Justin, a great kid who wanted a nice BMW to be cool at school! Glad I can keep the costs within your budget range!

  • John F
    John F4 years ago

    Had a right rear tail light electrical problem. Tried new bulbs and sockets - no luck. Stopped by Joe's @ 10 AM. Discussed problem. Joe said "can you leave it now?" I said I will be back in 1 hour. Before I left Joe noticed a "noise" coming from under the hood. I said it sounds like a water pump bearing to me. Joe immediately said "no", its the idler pulley and belt tensioner. Joe said he can replace them at the same time he repairs the tail light. It will take until tomorrow to get this done. I drop the BMW off at noon and Joe says he will call tomorrow when the car is done. My phone rings 5 hours later... My BMW is all ready much to my surprise. Rear tail light electrical problem and 3 pulleys and tensioners replaced. about speedy service... Joe found and repaired/replaced several burnt grounds on the tail light assembly. Lets be clear...anybody can replace parts...a real mechanic repairs...Joe is the real deal. The thought of buying a new tail light assembly scared me. Joe repaired mine and saved me $$$. Bring your BMW to Joe's for service and repairs because he is the real deal.

    2002 BMW 530I
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Glad I could help you out quickly, John! I appreciate your review.

  • Steve
    Steve4 years ago

    Expert Technicians are few and far between to say the least, however Joe operates on another level.

    Both my girlfriend and I drive BMW 328s and on numerous occasions has he been there for us in every way. As we're very busy individuals, time matters. His approach spares the stress and removes the inconvenience when servicing our vehicles.

    Whether it be electrical issues, on-board computer errors or engine troubleshooting, his understanding and mastery is mind blowing. His knowledge leaves nothing short of the word 'Guru' in mind and that's what I need when it comes to trusting someone with my vehicle.

    A massive thanks Joe, for your expertise and professionalism!

    2011 BMW 328i Xdrive
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    My pleasure Steve! I’m grateful to have customers like you!

  • larry
    larry4 years ago

    Joe's is a phenomenal cost effective alternative to dealer service. The price is right. Appointments are quick. The work is first rate. Joe's is the best place to bring a BMW (or Mercedes and Porsche) in central Massachusetts.

    2014 BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Larry! I appreciate this review! Always a pleasure.

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D5 years ago

    Found Joe here and have been taking my 1er to him for oil changes and brake fluid flush since I got it last summer. I haven't had anything major done so far but it is good to know I have a mechanic that knows what he is doing.

    Btw, when I was there in April he said the shop will be moving to Leicester in May. I don't know the exact address. Call before going.

    2013 BMW 128i
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Glad you found us, Jeff! We have moved to a larger, nicer place located at 81 Huntoon Memorial Highway,

    Leicester, MA 01542. Come by!

  • Josh
    Josh5 years ago

    Joe was great communicating with me through the repair process. Was very up front and honest with the cost and what needed to be done with my BMW. Would absolutely recommend Joe to perform any work on BMW! Thanks again JOE!

    2013 BMW 528i
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    My pleasure, Josh! Hope to see you again.

  • Mark Manseau
    Mark Manseau6 years ago

    I started out using Joe’s Auto Services with a simple oil change for my BMW Z4 to see how the service and cost would be. I’m now on my 3rd year with Joe and I have him servicing our Volvo, Honda, and the BMW. He’s really great at diagnosing problems and finding the least costly way to fix what ever it is. I wouldn’t bring our cars to anyone else knowing Joe is by far the best and most affordable auto service garage in the Worcester area.

    2003 BMW Z4
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Mark, I appreciate your loyalty and trust in me, not only with your Z4, but also with your other family cars!

  • Hendalee Wilson
    Hendalee Wilson6 years ago

    I've been bringing my car to Joe for a few years and am headed back soon for maintenance. Joe is a good man and a master technician. He has fixed problems with my vehicles for a good price that other organizations told me would be wildly expensive. Joe also has taken the time to educate me about my car, so I understand the how and why. Joe's Auto Service is the only place I bring my BMW. Do yourself a favor and try Joe first. You will be thankful.

    2006 BMW 525i
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Hendalee! Always a pleasure seeing you and working on your 525. Thank you for the review.

  • Heather
    Heather6 years ago

    I came to Worcester for a business conference. On the way in to town in the early evening, I hit a huge pothole on Exit 25b and damaged a tire badly. Made it to hotel and found Joe's website. I called and expected to leave a voicemail. Got Joe directly. What a great surprise. He was able to order the tire the next morning, AND mount and balance it within an hour of my arrival. I can't say enough about Joe's customer service, integrity and overall pleasure to do business with. He also went out of his way to educate me and show me how to check for tire wear. I sure wish I lived in the Worcester area so I could bring my car in for regular service at Joe's. Go to Joe's Auto Service you won't regret it. Thank you Joe!!

    2011 BMW 328xi
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Heather, I’m glad I was able to help you out in a time of need!

  • Shawn
    Shawn6 years ago

    My dealership sent me an email telling me it was time for a 60K mile service with oil change, plugs, etc. I was also getting a warning that my rear brake pads were worn. They had replaced them less than a year ago and I was a little surprised that they needed replacing already. My car is out of factory warranty so I got some pricing on what needed to be done and quickly decided to find an independent mechanic. In looking online, Joe's business came up frequently and with great reviews. I called and spoke with him a couple times and came up with a plan. When I took it in for an oil change (amazing price) he showed me my brake pads and rotors on the inside...they were trashed. Outside pads and rotor faces were ok. It seems the dealership installed new pads on bad rotors which ate the new pads. It was then I found out I needed all new pads and rotors....long story short, Joe did a full brake job, replaced the plugs and coils, performed an oil change and replaced those stupid security lugs on my wheels all for about $500 less than the dealership wanted for just a brake job! I now have proper "BMW brakes" and it runs better than when I bought it. When you combine the great price with the fact that he uses the right parts and really knows what he's doing it's an all around win. I should mention that I have a premium extended warranty on my car which covers almost everything except wear and tear items. I could still go to the dealership for major things with this warranty but I won't. Joe's Auto Service has earned my business and I'll be sending family there soon. No more dealership trips for me!

    2014 BMW 320xi
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Glad to have you as a customer, Shawn. It’s great to work with happy, satisfied customers like yourself!

  • Rich
    Rich6 years ago

    Let me start off by thanking Joe and his guys in my opinion for the best automotive service I’ve received in my life. Not only did Joe repair my BMW that had SMG problems he went over the mess up that the last mechanics did on my car. Sudbury BMW and another local shop had my car for months without a clue what to do with a BMW equipped with SMG. I truly regret not bringing my car sooner to Joe's Auto Service. The service and price are truly unbeatable #1 in BMW service in the state of mass by far. Joe thanks again!

    2004 BMW 5 Series
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Thanks Rich, your review means a lot.

  • Sarunya
    Sarunya 6 years ago

    I am so thankful I found Joe's Auto Service on this website. He knowledge and professionalism is second to none. He is also very honest and straight forward guy with good sense of humor. I got a my X5 few weeks prior to come to his shop. My car have leaking engine oil and coolant problems. He found other problems and was able to fix everything within 1 day! I was so impressed. Another place told me will take at least a week or two and will cost me way more than Joe’s price.

    I am a very happy customer and will not take my car elsewhere. Highly recommend Joe's Auto Service! I drove about an hour to see him and totally worth it. Joe, you got another royal customer! I already told all my friends about you.

    2005 BMW X5 3.0
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  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor6 years ago

    My 3 Series was off the road for 10 months as I disputed a dead engine with BMW (only 2K miles out of warranty) BMW wouldn't respond to my calls for help but my local BMW dealer was happy to replace my engine for $17,500.00, On a recommendation I took my car to visit Joe's Auto Service, this guy is amazing with outstanding integrity. He had a replacement engine in my BMW for a fraction of the BMW price. I will have no one else work on my car in future. Its a one hour drive but its worth it. I am not related to Joe in any way, I'm simply one of his many happy customers.

    2011 BMW 328 X Drive
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Always happy to help customers like you, Mark, save money from the dealers!

  • Don B
    Don B6 years ago

    Bid on a car at auction, won. Didn't know what the car needed. Joe was honest, reasonable and got me up and running. Best mechanic experience ever. Would highly recommend Joe's Auto Service!

    2006 BMW 325xi
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Thanks for the great review, Don! Glad I could help.

  • Dave & Sherry Hannan
    Dave & Sherry Hannan6 years ago

    Joe has done a great deal of work on both of my BMW's (335i convertible and 328 sedan) and his service is 5 stars! Joe is not only FAR cheaper than a BMW dealer, but uses the same parts and stands by his work. The quality of the work and the customer service is unmatched. Both of my cars are out of warranty and therefore service costs are outrageous. If i didn't have Joe I would be trading in my cars for something newer and certainly nothing as nice of a car class as I have now. Pricing 5 stars, Service 5 stars, Quality 5 stars, efficiency 5 stars! Give Joe's Auto Service a call!

    2007 BMW 335i Convertible
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Great customers, I appreciate your review, Dave and Sherry!

  • Michael Offen
    Michael Offen7 years ago

    Drove 2 hrs and met Joe. My car needed Secondary Air Injection repaired. This is the only man I would take my car to! Don't judge him by the location!! He knows his BMW's! A more honest and knowledgeable person you will not find!! Go to Joe!!!!!

    2004 BMW 545i Sport
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    Joe7 years ago

    Any time Mike great ride great guy.

  • Jane Logan
    Jane Logan7 years ago

    The best and only mechanic , to have work on your car.

    2001 BMW 325it
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Jane, awsome lady

  • Donna
    Donna7 years ago

    My car needed quality service fast as the fuel pump needed to be replaced. My first contact was the BMW dealership and when I got the price I know I needed to seek another place for service. I found Joe and my new BMW mechanic. Joe is great and I will take my car there for any repairs. He did a great job and was in constant contact with me through the service. And what was as good, the repair cost me almost 50% lower than the dealership. I am hoping my car will last another 10 years and Joe will make that happen. His repair shop is GREAT and I will recommend him to all my friends with a BMW.

    2006 BMW X5
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    I’m glad I could save you money with your X5, Donna!

  • Michelle
    Michelle 7 years ago

    Went to Joe's to ask about a problem with my car. Never have been there before. Took the time to figure it out when nobody else could. Nice guy very friendly and definitely knows what he is doing. Highly suggest him!!!

    2006 BMW X3
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Glad I could be the one to fix your X3’s issue, Michelle! Thank you!

  • Jane
    Jane 7 years ago

    Best mechanic, I have found to properly repair a BMW. Honest and one of the nicest individuals , I have ever met!

    2001 BMW 325it
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    Joseph Jreige3 years ago

    Jane, always a pleasure seeing you!

  • Steve
    Steve7 years ago

    We had a minor problem traveling from ny to Canada. Found Joe online. He couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful and we were on our way on a few minutes. A really nice and unusual experience.

    2012 BMW 328i
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    Joe7 years ago

    Happy to hear everythings OK. Thanks

  • Edgardo
    Edgardo 7 years ago

    The only guy I would let work on my 2011 bmw 328i

    2011 BMW 328i
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Ed

  • Bree Hall
    Bree Hall8 years ago

    AAAAA++++. Couldn't be happier. Great customer service and knowledge. Don't trust my car to anyone until now. Thank you Joe!!

    2007 BMW 335i
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Bree hope all is well

  • Kristen
    Kristen8 years ago

    I was having some real issues with my BMW. Warning lights flashing on and off indicating suspension, battery, engine, and more. From time to time the car started running very rough to say the least. I knew I was looking at some big time money to fix this if I took it to the dealership. I called my dad for some advice and he said he found an independent mechanic online in central mass who had excellent reviews. So I called and Joe and he got right back to me. I dropped the car off and he called me the next morning and said the car was fixed and ready to be picked up. The cost was very reasonable and for the work that he did would have cost me a lot more money at the $tealership. Joe is a top notch mechanic with a passion for BMWs. I will be a repeat costumer whenever I have problems with my car. He is a good guy who loves his work and is honest and will not rip you off. On a side note, my boyfriend has a 650CI who will also be using Joe if he has any problems with his car.

    2006 BMW 330xi
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thank Kristen hope all is well

  • Naz
    Naz8 years ago

    I am thrilled to find such a fine BMW mechanic. The dealership gave me an estimate of $1200 for an oil change, break flush, air filter, rear break pads and rotors. Joe fixed my car and even passed my inspection for $660. Joe is a BMW professional, and he knows what he is doing. He is really punctual as well. When I dropped off my car in the morning, he told me my car would be ready around 4pm. He called me at 4:05pm! I am so happy that my diesel BMW is in his good hands, and no longer have to concern myself about the dealerships excessive charges. My car runs like new again. I highly recommend Joe's services to anyone with a BMW.

    Thanks for everything, Joe! You are amazing!

    2010 BMW 335d
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Naz hope your BMW is well

  • Anil
    Anil8 years ago

    I visited Joe for inspection and an oil leak and his service is awesome and pricing is very cheap when compared to other service stations and dealer around Framingham. I felt its worth while to drive for 30 miles and get my car repaired by Joe. He is friendly and knows in and out of BMWs. After that I visited couple of times for minor issues and he didn't charge for that. I will definitely recommend to visit Joe to get your Bimmers epaired

    2007 BMW Z4 3.0i Roadster
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Anil hope your Z4 is doing well

  • James Bonds
    James Bonds8 years ago

    My hood release cable snapped,no matter what I tried,I could not get in!The engine was ticking and the car needed a oil change bad. I called the BMW dealer they told me that they could fix it for $800! I called Joe,he told me to come down and he'll see what he could do,Joe fixed the hood and changed the oil and only charged me $40! That Guy is AWESOME! I will truly give Joe all my business and refer friends as well. Thanks Joe,I really appreciate what you did for me,I can't thank you enough!

    2002 BMW x5
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    joe7 years ago

    Great guy and hope your car is good.

  • Ed
    Ed8 years ago

    My X5 had left front end problems with a fairly loud creeking sound, so I took it to BMW dealer. They came up with a $ 3800.00 repair fee. My secondary warranty company refused to pay for it as they could not agree that the left front strut was worn out. So, I had no where to go. About 2 weeks later I was pulling out of my residence when the rear differential blew out. Had it towed to BMW. 3 days later I was quoted a price of $ 3100.00. BMW would not repair and only wanted to replace with a new one. Frustrated I searched online and found Joe's Auto. Called him at 10 am, had the vehicle flat bedded and by 2 pm he had the differential out contacted the warranty company and it was fixed. Then after that I asked him if he could fix the "mystery" noise in the left front end. He spent about 30 minutes or more, found the problem and now my X5 is noise free. So, left front end noise was less than $ 400. compared to $ 3800. from dealer. Yes there was nothing wrong with the left strut. Joe knows his BMW and other vehicles I saw there. He is a hands on guy and will interact with you and explain in detail what problem your vehicle has. Excellent shop. Honest and very reliable. Don't waste your time with dealers..

    2007 BMW X5 4.8
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks ED very good customer and friend

  • Steve Stockwell
    Steve Stockwell8 years ago

    Had my X5 in at the local BMW dealer for a world class inspection. Came back with a 6K+ bill to straighten out the car. Went to see Joe and had the worked performed for about 2/3 of the dealers bill and this included stuff the dealer didn't notice but would have had to been done. I am sure the dealer would have tried to tag me for another 2-3K in add on charges. My X5 runs like a brand new vehicle. Joe went over and above to get it done right. Won't take my BMW's to anyone else from now on. Joe is the man and deserves your business.

    2005 BMW X5 4.4i
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    Joe8 years ago

    Steve came to me troubled with his E53 X5 bright red truck that I know he loved so much and did not want to get rid of it so I gave him a deal to fix it that he could not refuse Because i'm not just in it for business but also this is my hobby and passion to help people with there vehicles. Don't settle for dealer or other independent garage estimates bring it here before anything.

  • Faz
    Faz8 years ago

    Joe's Auto Repair 21 Intervale St Worcester is my best auto repair shop in Worcester area.

    Bottom Line: I am extremely pleased with Joe's, and the pricing is FAR better than at the dealer service area.


    My BMW is a 2002 325xi, had reverse gear fail with 170k miles. Gorgeous car and I dint want sell or junk it yet. My visit to a dealer service asked for over 6k for new transmission, dealer service pricing seems designed to convince you to buy a new car.

    After looking at web sites and reviews, I called Joe's. I had a long chat with Joe and it became clear that he knows a LOT about these cars and also has the right perspective.

    Repair pricing is WAY better here than at the dealer, and I am pleased with his attitude, service, timeliness and work. I got a new Transmission and lots of little things taken care of in 3 days. I'm going back next week for some AC compressor work and oil seals replaced.

    I actually feel lucky finding a high quality independent and honest mechanic. Now I can retain my beautiful classic Bimmer

    2002 BMW 325Xi
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks Faz great customer and now great friend.

  • Goutham
    Goutham8 years ago

    This guy is a life saver. I had my car running smoothly for a while before i got SES light for increased emissions. i immediately brought in my car to this guy and checked and told me that my secondary air on bank 2 was blocked. this is a common problem with these cars but what makes me more than happy is that i put my car in the right hands to work on it. this guy Joe knows BMW's in and out. now comes the best part, both of us had a time constraint, i had to move to Maryland for my job and had only 3 days and 4 nights to do my valve stem seals with all of his prior commitments. so agreed and on the last day of his work which was a sunday he had his nephew's christening at 1:45pm and he was working on my car until 1:30 and he was the god father at he christening. he still managed to finish my car and i know it for sure he was late for the ceremony. i had to tell all of this just to prove his work ethic and commitment. we are just good friends now. thanks you Joe for all your help and look forward to seeing you soon.

    2004 BMW 545i 6 speed
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe8 years ago

    Gotham....I will never forget what it took to get you back to Maryland...But it felt good that you put trust in me to finish and get you home. Now he comes from there on business trips to get his car serviced now that's dedication.

  • artie
    artie8 years ago

    Joe is a great guy,very helpful with my car problems.He put a new coolant pipe in my car and also did a valve seal job on it.I was very impressed with his work and the way he treats his customers.I have been dealing with mechanics for years,believe me when I say joe is the best around.Can not thank him enough for the help he has been.thanks again joe there is nobody better then you

    2006 BMW 750li
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    Joe7 years ago

    Thanks hope your BMW is good.

  • Jogi
    Jogi9 years ago

    Joe is the best mechanic ever. He saved me thousands of dollars over years. His work is 100 times better than dealer; so if u throwing ur money down the toilet at dealer I insist please give a try to joe. He is very accomodating even on early Saturday mornings. He gurranttes his work and even if u have some issues other than what he fixed it he take good cares of those too with out any charge.

    he is also man of his words and very very honest guy. He is family man and treats you same way.

    I m never taking my bimmer to anyone other than joe.

    thanks for great work joe!

    2007 BMW X5 4.8i
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    Joe8 years ago

    Thanks Jogi

  • eric
    eric9 years ago

    Joe is a great guy providing a wide variety of services and is very flexible. His prices are significantly better than dealerships.

    2005 BMW 330i
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    Joe8 years ago

    Eric comes from Boston to save big $$$$ on repairs and also is a good friend now. Thanks

  • Patrick Hill
    Patrick Hill9 years ago

    Joe's auto service is the best BMW service I have had since moving to the worcester area. They area very reliable and will work with you. The best part about them, is that it's a lot cheaper than going to the dealer. I I highly recommend them for BMW service and maintenance.

    2001 BMW 530i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe7 years ago

    Great customer and good guy thanks PAt

  • Karen
    Karen9 years ago

    Wow Wow Wow... Joe's Auto Service is over the top in expertise, communication, affordability, and service to his clients. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have the gem that Joe is for servicing my favorite car! My BMW has been awesome, but it's out of warranty and I am so happy to have found an expert mechanic to keep it in tip top shape for many years to come! Thank you Joe, you are simply the best.

    2008 BMW 528xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe8 years ago

    Karen your the best its always a pleasure to help out, She has referred me to all her friends that means a lot she has trust in my work to pass on to her friends.

  • Athena
    Athena9 years ago

    Found Joe's Auto through this website and was impressed with the reviews. I called on a Saturday at 3 pm and Joe asked if I could bring the car down that day (which never happened with the dealer). He replaced all 6 coils at a fraction of the price dealer would have charged. There are a few more things I need to have repaired on my car and I plan to bring my car right back to Joe when the time comes. I would get depressed even at the thought of calling the dealer for anything. So glad I found Joe...A great mechanic who know's BMW. Good bye dealer....Hello Joe!

    2007 BMW x3
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    thanks so much...

  • Arjun
    Arjun9 years ago

    Great service. Called and made an appointment for the next day. Quick service and also explained how everything worked. Had a broken ABS sensor and he fixed it up.

    2001 BMW 540i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Thanks Arjun hope the 540 is running strong

  • Jim B
    Jim B9 years ago

    I bought a used 09 328i from a dealer and had only the 60-day/5,000 mile warranty required by the state Lemon Law. On day 70, my transmission crapped out! I found Joe's garage online, saw the great reviews and figured I'd give him a shot. All I can say is that I'm glad I did! Joe's a great guy and knows his stuff. He put in some hours trying to fix the transmission to save me some $$, but once it was clear that the entire transmission needed to be replaced, he did the legwork online to find a used replacement for me. I bought the used transmission and had it shipped directly to his garage and it only took him a little over a day to swap out my junk transmission with the one I ordered. This all happened right before Christmas, so I was dreading the final bill, but Joe's price was VERY reasonable and saved Christmas for my family. If I had a dealer do this work I would have easily spent 5x, 6x, possibly 7x as much. The guy even gave me a ride home (saving cab $) when I stopped by the garage one night to check in.

    - Great guy

    - Great mechanic

    - Great pricing

    I'll be bringing my BMW to him for any/all work I need done.

    Thanks Joe!

    - Jim

    2009 BMW 328i xDrive
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    What else could I say other than Wow thanks so much Jim. Very good guy ran in a very tight situation was glad to help out and guide him to a very good and low cost experiance. See you again hopefully service

  • Kenny Tran
    Kenny Tran9 years ago

    Awesome, Awesome experience! My 99 528i was not running due to driving while over heating. Brought it to Joe to discuss our options. We felt very comfortable with his knowledge of BMW's and decided to swap out the engine and clean up years of bad work by other shops.

    Present day, the car is running great and can't be more happy with the work.

    Kenny Tran

    Worcester, MA

    1999 BMW 528i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Great guy great car could't see him put it to rest so I gave a price he can't back down from and now he has his BMW back on the road and thats all that counts a happy customer and now good friend.

  • Chris B. Williams
    Chris B. Williams9 years ago

    I really appreciate the service, and quality of work provided by Joe. He treats your vehicle as if it were his. I also love that he gives you all the facts about your repair.

    Joe is a CLASS ACT!!!!!

    2009 BMW X5
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    MY MAN CHRIS B.WILLIAMS came from new york to get his truck fixed by me that means a lot your a class act and good friend aswell...see you again!!

  • Jose
    Jose9 years ago

    I found Joe on craigslist of all places and have been grateful I did ever since. Because of my work schedule he actually had me meet him at his home. Nicest guy in the world and great mechanic. Hes saved me a couple of headaches and hundreds of dollars. His work is top notch and I wouldnt trust anyone else working on my car. I highly recommend going to see Joe for ANY automotive problems. Even if your not local trust me itll be worth the ride.

    2003 BMW 745li
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    thanks Jose see you again

  • Bob D
    Bob D9 years ago

    Joe does a great job explaining and showing you the work that needs to be completed. His prices are very fair. My car is going on 100k so it's great to find a reliable experienced person that can keep my M running great!

    2008 BMW M3
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Thanks Bob..Coolest M3 around and that follows the owner too awsome to deal with and we both click on motorport topics glad to help out Bob, see you soon.

  • Sam
    Sam9 years ago

    Joe's a top notch expert mechanic that knows not just BMW's but all cars. I call him the car whisperer. He has always been able to find the problem and deploy the correct solution and a timely matter. I would recommend him to anyone from a basic oil change to complex problems.

    2006 BMW 530xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Sam Sam Sam thanks...your a top notch friend.

  • Chris B. Williams
    Chris B. Williams9 years ago

    Joe did a TREMENDOUS job with my vehicle. Aside from his quick service, I really appreciate his customer service. He takes the time to explain the details of what he did. He works on your vehicle as if it is his! He has a customer FOR LIFE!!!!

    And his prices are unmatched.

    2009 BMW x5
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe7 years ago

    Very very good guy hope all is well bro.


  • Tom
    Tom9 years ago

    I found Joe through this website and decided to bring the car in for some overdue maintenance work based on the reviews. Joe does all the work himself and is very friendly. He will be straight forward with you and tell you what needs to be prioritized. Joe really came through when I had a coolant leak recently and had the car towed to his shop. The car was fixed the next morning and was up and running again in no time. Great guy, great service - will come again!

    2004 BMW 325xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Thanks Tom see you again

  • Paul
    Paul9 years ago

    I highly recommend Joe's Auto Service. I purchased an e30 convertible this past fall and was searching for a good mechanic to go through it and fix a number of things that are typical with 27 year old cars. I happened to find Joe and gave him a call. His knowledge of BMW's old and new is extremely impressive. He did a ton of work to my car and his price was more than reasonable. I will let no one but Joe work on my BMW.

    If you need you car worked on then call Joe, you won't regret it!

    1987 BMW 325ic
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    thanks Paul I even stored his E30 at my shop for no cost...great customer..

  • Valerie
    Valerie9 years ago

    I have a very busy schedule, and needed a problem fixed with my truck ASAP. I was more than lucky enough to find Joe by searching online. He got me in THAT day, fixed my issue with my truck, and also fixed my spare tire! He is an honest, extremely knowledgable, and very fair-priced mechanic. I was and am completely satisfied, will be using him from now on as my mechanic, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

    2004 BMW X5
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    thanks anytime happy to help any BMW customer..

  • gary
    gary9 years ago

    I had my BMW x3 serviced on 11/20/14. Joe was very personable and answered all my questions in regards to my x3 before any service was performed. The big BMW store wanted more then double to do the same job that Joe did.

    I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality service at a very reasonable price using the highest quality parts. Thanks again Joe!!

    2013 BMW x3. 2.8
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    And thank you Gary very good friend...

  • Labinot bucolli
    Labinot bucolli9 years ago

    Let me start off with saying if I didn't meet joe, my car would of been sold a long time ago. This guy has helped me with everything on my car. Saved me thousands of dollars. He knows his cars I mean all his car. If anyone needs a mechanic I highly recomend going to see joe . I'm happy 100 % with joe and I can trust him as a person. As long as he's working on cars I will b going to him.

    2006 BMW 330i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Leb thanks and I know you put your BMW in my hands anytime it has a problem and that means lots thanks see you soon

  • Diptam
    Diptam9 years ago

    It was a truly extraordinary experience working with Joe to straighten out a bunch of expensive 'post 100k' issues on my X3. To roll up in short:

    1. Joe delivers at or above the quality that we expect from a BMW showroom's service center for half or well below their price.

    2. Joe doesn't beats the bush, he hits the nail right in the middle. I had a miserable experience lately at a showroom (with a rattle noise and shudder on bumps)- Changing A, Tweaking B,Tightening C where as the problem is with Z. Joe gets to "Z" at the first attempt without wasting your time, energy, and money.

    3. Joe gets you OEM parts and does quality work at lightning speed. Joe is highly committed and I always got my car back within the timeframe promised by him.

    Already recommended Joe to my close friends and relatives and would gladly recommend to anyone!

    2008 BMW X3
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Diptam my Jaw hit the floor...but your right thats my job to make you love your BMW...thanks good friend..

  • Wendy Carter
    Wendy Carter9 years ago

    My husband has known Joe for awhile. He is a great mechanic and great friend. Always there for his customers, getting the job done right with out over pricing and ripping people off. He truely cares about his customers and their cars. He has all the equipment to service highend vehicles and WILL find what the problem is! Professional advice and service with out the hassle of going to a dealer.

    * He even let my husband take his BMW to work so that he wouldnt miss a day of work due to our BMW needing to be fixed!

    2006 BMW 535xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joseph Jreige9 years ago

    Great people great familly god bless you guys thanks WENDY

  • Kevin
    Kevin9 years ago

    Joe is a great mechanic, I love doing business with him. He knows what he's doing and he's great at taking care of his customers.

    Ever since I found his shop online, I kept coming back for other repairs. He's honest with you, and he will give you a detailed and visual run down of what is wrong with your car and also of what he has fixed in your car. He will even compare the old and the new part to you, just so you know that work was done. AND when it comes to pricing, he is fair and he will try to do the best he can to work with your budget or limit.

    I recently had my shocks, springs and sway bar link replaced from him at a awesome price. My budget was really low at the time and I knew going to the dealership would cost me a fortune. Joe was able to get me oem parts for my Bimmer at a really affordable price and gave me a great deal for the entire work. I could definitely say that save about half the price I would've spent somewhere else.

    Joe will take care of you

    2003 BMW 325xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Great customer and now great friend, see you next time Kevin. Thanks

  • Mary
    Mary9 years ago

    I've had my car for a year and been seriously screwed by the used car place I bought it from, Their mechanics, the import repair shop I found, and the warranty company. I had just about had it when I now found Joe and I am so so happy. He has helped with my car's diagnosis, deal with the old shop and warranty people, and is now my go to for knowledgeable, affordable BMW repairs, starting with a new engine lol. I would HIGHLY recommend Joe to everyone who owns a BMW. The shop isn't the prettiest from the outside like a previous review said but its all about who's inside that counts. I trust him with my car and I know he stands by his work.

    2003 BMW 525i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Was glad I helped out Mary you needed it and the poor BMW needed it too.

  • jose
    jose9 years ago

    Joe fixed my car when the shop I was using for the last 20 yrs. botched a crank sensor replacement.Joe is a very good tech and he knows BMW's, and he's available when you need help.I will always bring my BMW to Joe.

    2001 BMW 330ci
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Was glad I helped out José needed it a great person like this does not need to be taken advantage of. No one does that's why I bring dealer service at more than half the price and I love BMW. See you again José. Thanks

  • Tom
    Tom9 years ago

    I found Joe's shop online when I was searching for a reasonably priced experienced BMW mechanic. When I walked to his shop I took a look in and I was ready to turn around and walk out. But remembered the old saying of "Don't judge a book by its cover.

    I took my vehicle in and asked Joe to assess the problem I was experiencing with my vehicle. He quickly diagnosed the problem and told me what needed to be done. His pricing was very reasonable for major engine work and when he completed the work the engine ran smoothly.

    I was able to monitor the progress of the work almost on a daily basis and without a doubt, I could tell he knew his way around every component of the engine. He was passionate and methodical about his work and took the time to explain in detail what he was doing and most importantly honest about what was necessary to replace and what not to replace.

    I would recommend Joe Auto Repair to anyone who is looking for a reliable and reasonably priced repair shop which goes the extra mile for its customers.

    2001 BMW 740IL
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    The extra mile goes a long way, Tom is a good friend now. One of the best looking 740iL I ever seen and it's my job to keep it running for him. Thanks Tom see you again.

  • baffour
    baffour9 years ago

    Joe was recommended to me by a friend when i could no longer afford the exorbitant pricing of Wagner bmw of shrewsbury. i have had several work done on my car ranging from oil changes, thermostat replacement, some spark plug related issues that kept my car from driving in optimum condition. He has been very accommodating and very reasonably priced. since the first time getting my car serviced with his shop, i have recommended him to all my friends, those that drive imports and those that drive domestics as well. he's an honest and reliable mechanic, that says a lot as there aren't many of those left anymore.

    2007 BMW 530xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Great to deal with and always calls for advice, thanks Baffour see you again

  • Sean
    Sean9 years ago

    Joe has saved me thousands, on top of that always finds exactly what is wrong, not replacing unnecessary parts and gets straight to the issue. No one else i have ever brought my BMW to (including the dealer) has been even close to as much help as Joe. If your in central Ma, or anywhere for that matter, do yourself and your wallet a favor. Have Joe take care of it, you wont be dissapointed.

    2003 BMW 330i
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Sean Loves his car and it's my job to keep and help him loving it. Thanks Sean see you soon.

  • Jay ng
    Jay ng9 years ago

    Joe is honest and knows hell of a lot in the BMW market! He has serviced my M several times and has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. He knows what he is talking about and will not lie to you ! I recommend him over any bmw specialist !

    2006 BMW M5
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Thanks Fastest M5 around lot of work needs to be done Jay loves tuning his M5 always welcome...

  • Gerry
    Gerry9 years ago

    All I gotta say is, it took joe 10 minutes to tell me my issue I've had for months that no one could figure out. Worth the drive and worth every penny, believe me when I tell ya.

    2008 BMW 335xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Coming from Rhode Island too have me check his car means A lot for me and was glad everything worked out. Hope too see you again. Thanks

  • Ralph
    Ralph9 years ago

    Joe has serviced my car several times. He always does a great job for a much lower price than the dealer. One time while waiting for parts to arrive, he cleaned my engine, gratis. I live 40 minutes away so the pickup and delivery made the service hassle free but I never got to find out whether he has doughnuts at the shop.

    2005 BMW 325xi
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Great person and I even pick up his car and deliver it because he is an un real customer and now good friend thanks again Ralph see you soon. Thanks.

  • Mike
    Mike10 years ago

    Best BMW service I ever had, better than the dealer and way cheaper. Joe fixed a problem in my M5 that the dealer couldn't find saved me thousands of dollars. I would recommend everyone to go to this shop he has all the BMW tools needed to fix BMW. amazing. thanks River St Auto and especially Joe.

    2010 BMW M5
    Was this review helpful?
    Joe9 years ago

    Comes from Fitchburg to service his M5 which means A great deal and also I give him great deals like the rest of the people who are just looking to keep up on there BMW he comes every time to just say hi from Fitchburg. see again Mike thanks.