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We take the hassle out of car repair at half the price!

Former Stutz Volvo Master Mechanics - Get your Volvo repaired for half the dealer rate. Pick up and drop off service. Day, night and weekend hours available.

1 Review

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez2 years ago

    Let me start off by saying I was rave imports first customer when Ryan mcshay was working at rave imports since Ryan left the place has gone to down hill ,the quality of work has been poor the customer service has been poor the owner Dave Kaplan is a dishonest person, and when a job isn’t done right and the cheap aftermarket parts he uses fail ,he will blame it on your car or something else ,and not warranty the parts or the work . I recently went in to replace a right rear axle and the cv boot ripped in less than 30days dave had me bring the car in told me the part was under warranty and that he would order the part to replace under warranty, 4 days passed after dropping off my car and after calling the shop and leaving voicemails, I never received a call back so I went into the shop Dave told me after the part was under warranty and that he was going to replace the part decided to change his mind and tell me he would not warranty the part after charging me over $500+ for a cheap remanufactored part from parts intentional on my bmw that he would not warranty the parts because I had a spare tire on my car and over sized wheels , which Was on the opposite side of the axle damaged , funny how when I originally Dropped my truck off for repair dave never said one word about my wheels and decided to take my money but the minute there was a problem my wheels were the problems but not when he decided to take close to $500 from me in the first place to fix the axle ,brought dave into court and said my car had a bunch of problems and on top of the had the nerve to countersue me for just taking a look at the ripped boot which mind you I provided him a video and picture of the ripped boot before hand , this guy is rude always in a bad mode and not a people person stay away from this place as it has gone down hill since Ryan left the shop. The owner Dave has gone up on the shop flat rate and is just as expensive as the dealer , I recommend going to the dealer which has a nice waiting area and can provide you with a loaner and make better experience for close to the same price and you will never have an issue on warranty , and don’t be fooled with the discount coupons he sends in the mail because if you call him on the phone and tell him you have a coupon and ask for a price on a job he will over price the job by the amount of the coupon quality work isn’t alway honest work and there’s a 50/50 chance either the cheap aftermarket parts he uses will fail and he will give you no warranty or give you a hard time, I've delt with rave imports for 7 years and Ryan mcshay was the heart and soul of rave imports .since Ryan left to go back to work for 128 Volvo in reading the place has gone down hill I recommend bringing your Volvo’s to there and ask for Ryan mcshay to fix your car stay away from this 1 man shop dave Kaplan is the receptionist And mechanic and simply cannot do neither of the position well you’be been warned

    2005 BMW X5
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