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Factory trained and certified by BMW of North America. We provide complete service and repairs on all BMW products. We breathe, eat, and live BMW only!

122 Reviews

  • Michael Tompson
    Michael Tompson1 year ago

    I had a transmission issue on my 7 series. I though that I was going to have to junk my car. I took my car to Cars Unlimited and in no time the tech called and told me he connected the scanner and the issue and then did the repairs (upon approval), he also test drove my car to double check. I'm driving my car again. I can't express the professionalism, knowledge and the kindness of the staff all working here. Thank you all.

    2015 BMW 740i
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  • Keith Schmidt
    Keith Schmidt3 years ago

    Mohammad is a fantastic mechanic, and an incredibly honest one. His work is always exceptional and his care for his customers and their vehicles is second to none. I go way out of my way to continue taking my cars to him. Highly recommended.

    2014 BMW 328i Xdrive
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  • issa  ishaq
    issa ishaq3 years ago

    Its very rare to find a mechanic who knows exactly what he is doing and backs up his work. Mohamad is that guy. Extremely knowledgeable with BMW cars. He knew exactly what was wrong with my car, and he fixed it perfectly just like he promised to do.

    I am extremely happy with the way I was treated and the way my car is performing after the repair.

    2013 BMW 535
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  • Hasan Alqetrani
    Hasan Alqetrani3 years ago

    Very friendly staff and very helpful. Mohamed is a very smart and hardworking man, he knows his stuff about cars and he's very honest. He fixed my car and it ran beautifully. Don't go to anyone else for BMW!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Judith Buycks
    Judith Buycks3 years ago

    Mohammad the owner of Cars Unlimited is a unique man in today's auto diagnosis and competitive auto repair/service world. Some/most shops, that I have experienced, are not as conscientious and compassionate as he is about his efforts to achieve excellence in service. That mean his first and main priority is to satisfy the customer, secondly he does an accurate and through diagnosis of your car and thirdly he gives you a fair price for his service. He knows BMW's.

    2018 BMW X4
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  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore4 years ago

    I'm totally speechless! This is by far the best service that I've had in Michigan. Prices are great, and the service is the same. Most repair shops milk you for every penny they can get, but this repair shop is very reasonable, professional and caring. I'm a female and sometimes get taken advantage of by repairmen, but this was an experience to take the time to write about. Very Grateful!

    2006 BMW 750 LI
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  • Blake Icabone
    Blake Icabone4 years ago

    This is the best place in the detroit metro area for bmw maintenance. Very fair prices.

    2016 BMW 340xi
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  • Malek
    Malek4 years ago

    The service at Cars Unlimited is great! Through my experience with Mohamad I've come to know that he is well experienced and straight forward. I always trust that my BMW is good hands when i drop it there for service.

    2008 BMW 535xi
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  • Mohammad Nasser
    Mohammad Nasser4 years ago

    I’ve been coming here for several years now and I’ve been given nothing but a world class experience every time. I’m always treated kindly and in a professional manner. Fair rates and always done in a reasonable time, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my car work!

    2006 BMW X5
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  • anthony harrell
    anthony harrell4 years ago

    Fantastic service! Honest and fair pricing I trust cars unlimited with my Bimmer everyday of the week! Thanks guys!

    2009 BMW 328i
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  • BMW x5 diesel
    BMW x5 diesel4 years ago

    Mo has that rare combination of honesty and skills to provide services for all BMWs, and he does it for half the cost. In SE MI, where the BMW dealers are the lowest rated in the entire country, Mo stands out head and shoulders above. He has been servicing my BMWs for 6-7 years and never have I ever felt that I have paid exorbitant amount for any maintenance. The quality and the advice has always been spot on. So, if your BMW is out of warranty, I cant think of another place to go to in MI/OH.

    2012 BMW X5
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  • Yolanda Blocton
    Yolanda Blocton4 years ago

    Mohammed is Awesome! He's very compassionate an professional. He did a great job with fixing my car an went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. Highly recommended

    2014 BMW 535i
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  • Robert Lodge
    Robert Lodge4 years ago

    Mr. Muhammad has been very helpful in helping me solve my BMW 750 LI issues. I have had several repairs that would have cost an arm and a leg at the dealership. Fast, efficient and courteous.

    2009 BMW 750LI
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  • Dreau
    Dreau4 years ago

    Best place to take your BMW. Muhammad knows everything about these cars and goes above and beyond to get your car fixed right. He is also one of the most honest person that I have met, great guy

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Alfred
    Alfred4 years ago

    I recently relocated from Munster Indiana to Canton Township Michigan. I check the internet for a BMW repair shop in the area and found 2 that said they specialize in BMW repairs. One shop was near my house and Cars Unlimited was 5 miles away. My first thought was to develop a relations with the nearest shop, however they performed mostly oil change services for all makes and model vehicles and I was not comfortable with that. So I chose the shop that specialize in BMW's only (because I very very particular about my 32 year old car!!) and glad I did. Mohammad the owner is quite knowledgeable and I was completely satisfied with the customer service aspect and of course the repair work performed by him and his team and would highly recommend Cars Unlimited for any repair work on your BMW. Thanks to you and your team..

    1987 BMW 325e
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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan4 years ago

    I had a great experience with Muhammed servicing my car. While discussing some of the issues and concerns I had with my car, he let me know what items that were previously suggested by the BMW dealership were worth or not worth getting fixed, repairs that need replacements, and various free services (i.e. lubricating different hinges and squeaky suspensions). Based on his years of experience and contacts within the industry, also recommended a do's and do not tips to help take care of my car. Overall, would recommend him and Cars Unlimited Auto Repair shop.

    2008 BMW 328xi
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  • Gee
    Gee5 years ago

    I had a wonderful experience. Very professional and I love the work done on my vehicle.

    2009 BMW X5
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  • Katherine
    Katherine 5 years ago

    Absolutely the most wonderful repair shop experience EVER! Muhammad is Amazing. His knowledge, honesty, integrity, and love for BMW's are unmatched by any dealership mechanic you'll find anywhere. If you're in the Detroit area and you drive a BMW, it would be crazy to go anywhere else. I was in the area for work when I got the dreaded "ABS & 4x4" light combo and it turned out my baby needed ALOT of work, but I had to leave in 2 days for another job and drive all the way to Texas! Not only did they take my car on a weekend, but Muhammad stayed late to finish all the work on time, & didn't even charge for a few of the repairs. I had absolutely no problems on the way to Texas and it's been 6 months since I had the work done and I am still absolutely thrilled with all the repairs Muhammad did! Thank you sooo much for the awesome work you do and the caring customer service from Ursula! I will definitely be back any time I'm in the area!

    2004 BMW X3
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  • Dreau
    Dreau5 years ago

    Muhammad is great mechanic and even better guy. He is honest and fixed a lot of problems with my car without even charging me! I will definitely take my car back to him if there are any problems in the future. I highly recommend! 5 stars!

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Edwin
    Edwin5 years ago

    I have known Muhammad from Cars Unlimited for several years now. I came across Cars Unlimited after repeatedly getting ripped by BMW dealership for overpriced and sometimes unnecessary repairs. We own a 530i, 330i, 325i. Since I met Muhammad, the owner and the hands on mechanic of Cars Unlimited, my three BMW's was maintained by him. Very knowledgeable and precise. His passion and love for BMW is unmatched. He worked on my cars just if they are his own cars. His pricing is very reasonable. Sometimes no charge for some repairs. His office staff, Ursula and Leah, were also helpful.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • bob myers
    bob myers5 years ago

    I posted a review about my 1st experience, in Oct 2018 with Mr Mohammad where he replaced my water pump common issue with BMW's. Yesterday Dec 13 2018 my car was difficult to start and the service eng light came on. Not knowing what the problem was and if I could drive normally. I went to Mr Mohammad's shop, he was tied up so I waited about 20 minutes. He then ran a quick check, I had bought gas the day before codes indicted misfires. He cleared the code and advised me to put in gas dryer, you will not find better customer service than this. If you have a BMW that needs service do yourself a favor and have Mr Mohammad at Cars Unlimited repair your BMW, I have found him to be both knowledgeable and ethical.

    2011 BMW 335xi
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  • Evan P
    Evan P5 years ago

    Mohamad's attention to detail really makes this place stand out. I took my recently purchased BMW to his shop to address a few concerns and for some preventative maintenance. He knocked it all out much quicker than expected and even buttoned up several things I would've never noticed without charging me. Hands down the best experience I've ever had with a repair shop. If you're on the fence about taking your baby here. Dont be. Your car couldn't be in better hands.

    2004 BMW 330CI
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  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 5 years ago

    Was looking for a shop that only works on BMW and I stumbled upon Cars Unlimited Auto Repair.

    I got my BMW diagnose quick and Mohammad gave me a great price on the work! Quality work at a great rate! Will definitely be coming back.

    2007 BMW 550i
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  • Whitney
    Whitney5 years ago

    I have a 2014 BMW 750 LI, took my vehicle there and was having coolant leaks, oils leaks, etc. Took it to two shops prior, they couldn’t figure it out. Thank god I found Mohammad at Cars Unlimited, I believe he could build a BMW in his sleep. He did amazing work with reasonable prices. I’d never go anywhere else. Staff was hands down the best customer service I’ve experienced from a car shop.

    2014 BMW 750 LI
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  • Matthew
    Matthew5 years ago

    I took my 2010 M6 to Cars Unlimited, he did SMG work. Mohammad is extremely knowledgeable if you have a BMW. I would suggest taking it to him. He and his crew would definitely get the work done. Great mechanics!

    2010 BMW M6
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  • Bob Myers
    Bob Myers5 years ago

    The CPO warranty was finished and the water pump failed, so decided to look for an independent BMW shop, met Mr Mohammad the owner, and also chief mechanic, of Cars Unlimited, I found he has a great passion for all things BMW, also extremely knowledgeable about BMWs I found Mr Mohammad to be a straight shooter, he changed out the wp, and did oil change, on Tuesday, he also caught brake fluid was past due he flushed the brake fluid for me on Friday while T waited. Cost was less than dealer quotes. If your BMW needs work and you have not found a reliable shop give Mr Mohammad a call 313-274-2323.

    2011 BMW 335i xdrive
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  • Verter
    Verter 5 years ago

    Mohamad is one amazing tech! He knows his cars from the bolts to the outside of the car! I would highly recommend him and Cars Unlimited on any and all BMWs in the Michigan area! The ladies in the front are very nice and helpful as well!

    2005 BMW 545i
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  • Theodore Nowak
    Theodore Nowak5 years ago

    After a series of miserable experiences at the Ann Arbor BMW Dealership, I decided to look elsewhere for the service my BMW needed. I found Cars Unlimited and was optimistic based on the reviews found here. This optimism proved to be well founded.

    Mohamad greeted me as I walked in and within seconds I was struck by his passion for and knowledge of BMW's. He's a honest, family man who just plain and simple loves BMW's. He's worked on them all his life, and will continue to do so for the rest of it. This passion drives him to root out and remedy every problem he sees like an artist perfecting an artwork. To me, he embodied every quality a perfect mechanic should have.

    Despite his attention to detail, the work he did was fast, efficient, and fairly priced. He didn't nickle and dime me for everything he fixed, rather he did some repairs for free, just because the problem bothered him. For example, he lubed my clutch because it was squeaking (for free), and topped off my oil (for free) because it was a tad low.

    All in all I had a wonderful experience, and would not only recommend but rather urge others to let Mohamad work on your car. If you're an honest customer looking for help, he's your man.

    2004 BMW 330i - E46
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  • Francis O'Neal Thomas
    Francis O'Neal Thomas 6 years ago

    I have known Mr. Mohammad for about 3 months. I can't believe I have passed his place numerous of times before. Until the day I called and researched a BMW specialist. My God, his knowledge was unbelievable and so precise. I had to go and see for myself. His staff is so attentive to the customer. The place is like a home with southern hospitality. I am HIGHLY satisfied with all the work that Mr. Mohammed had performed. He even goes over and beyond my expectations. This is the only place that I will be taking my 750li to. The prices are very good. I mean, why drive a BMW when you can't afford the up keep on it. I have total faith in him and his staff. They are so nice and comfortable to talk with. He is exceptionally damn good at what he does. Go there and see for yourself. He is AWESOME! This is the ONLY place that I will be taking my BMW to. This is guy smart and guarantees his work.

    2006 BMW 750LI
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  • mike
    mike6 years ago

    My family and I had an excellent experience working with Mohammed and Ursula at Cars Unlimited. They provided quick, knowledgeable service, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else driving an E46 chassis!

    1999 BMW e46
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  • Amanda H.
    Amanda H.6 years ago

    I had exceptional service when I came, and great experience. He could answer any concern, and could fix any problem. Mohamad is the only good BMW repair shop I came to. I went to multiple shops, and got multiple answers. It was guaranteed that no shop I went to would fix the many problems my car had. But Mohamad gave me one answer. Will defiantly be going back.

    2013 BMW M6
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  • Steve
    Steve6 years ago

    He knows BMWs better than the technicians at the dealers. He does good work and does it right the first time. When I had an issue with my engine thermostat 2 other shops couldn't resolve, he fixed right away. Best place to go for BMW service

    2009 BMW 328xi
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  • Mike
    Mike6 years ago

    If you drive a BMW in SE Michigan then you need to know Mohammed. He has a real passion for these cars. He only works on BMWs! That's it. Nothing else! He knows these cars.

    I went to him because I was sick of stealerships over charging for shoddy work. Mo fixed my oil filter cooling housing leak, changed my plugs and coils, and transfer case maintenance. He even saved me from a $3k oil pan replacement. The car drives great at over 130,000 miles! It came out to be a little more than I thought it would be but the cost was fair overall.

    You will like working with Mo. He will explain everything to you and stands by his work. He took pics of everything he found and sent them to me. He even worked over the holidays to get my car back to me. My only wish is that he isn't located in/closer to Ann Arbor.

    2008 BMW 535Xi
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  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones6 years ago

    Very Honest Service

    2017 BMW 330i
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  • Christopher
    Christopher6 years ago

    Mo is one of the best BMW technicians in the state, if not the country. I know most of the independent BMW shops in southeast Michigan as well as the guys at Erhard, and I cant tell you that they regularly reach out to Mo for advice when they can't figure things out.

    If you were getting brain surgery, which Dr. would you want to do it? The same rule applies here, and pricing is more than fair.

    Mo not only owns and runs the business, but his 2 hands do nearly all the work. So when I read about customers who gripe because things didn't go as planned, all I can say is some customers don't deserve the expertise Mo provides. You can't please everyone, and some people shouldn't own a BMW, period.

    Respect his time, know that his work is worth every penny, and find comfort knowing that he will treat your BMW like it deserves to be treated, with respect.

    2001 540i Automatic

    1993 850ci Automatic

    1991 850i 6-speed

    2001 BMW 540i, 850ci, 850i
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  • Gama Hernandez
    Gama Hernandez6 years ago

    I brought my 2013 335i for a service and I could not be anymore pleased with the results. Mohammed is family guy who will treat you like his own family. After talking to him for 2 mins , it is so clear he has a passion for what he does. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he is about bimmers. It certainly is a peace of mind knowing there is shop near by that is not only trustworthy but also affordable.

    2013 BMW 335i
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  • Peyman Aghssa
    Peyman Aghssa7 years ago

    This is my second review for Cars Unlimited, I did one 3 years ago and I continue to be a loyal customer. Cars Unlimited under the leadership of Mohammad has continued saving me time and $$$ by providing a top class technical service at a very reasonable cost. Cars Unlimited used OEM parts any time I needed service for my 2000 BMW 323i or my 2005 BMW X3. My cars are 17 years old and 12 years old with 245,000 miles on one and 130,000 on each and both cars are in great shape thanks to Mohammad and his team. I have recommended Cars Unlimited to many friends who own BMWs and they have all been very happy with the referral. If it wasn't for Cars Unlimited being only a few miles from my work with their technical expertise and great prices, I would have sold my cars years ago had I had to pay the dealership prices and their monkey around. I wish the best for Mohammad and his expert team and highly recommend him to anyone with a foreign car specially a BMW that is his expertise.

    2000 BMW 323i
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  • RG
    RG7 years ago

    Mohammed lives and breathes BMWs. He does good and honest work every time, he won't let you down.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Gabrielle Gray
    Gabrielle Gray7 years ago

    I was having injector/acceleration issues with my BMW x5 and when I took it to Muhammad the car wouldn't act up (of course). He cleared the computer on the car, and gave me some advice on BMW maintenance. He suggested that I wait to see if the issue reoccurs before dumping money into it. I haven't had any issues since and I would recommend Muhammad any day! Very honest and trustworthy man who really cares about his customers rather than simply making money.

    2005 BMW x5
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  • Tyler
    Tyler7 years ago

    Muhammed is an absolute expert on dealing with BMWs. He is not only knowledgeable, but has very competitive pricing as well. I've been going to him for the last few years and plan on continuing to do so going forward. Keep up the great work!

    2006 BMW 325xi
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  • Beonka Dreher
    Beonka Dreher7 years ago

    I have been going to Mohammed for over two years now. Every time I take my car there, he is helpful and educates me on what's going on with my car. He is honest and forthcoming with all information and I never feel like I am talking to a mechanic. I feel like I am talking to someone who genuinely wants to help me. He understand that life happens and he make sure that he gives you the fairest price for all repairs. I have had oil changes, spark plug replacement, coils, and even headlights repaired. Every time he has amazed me with the price and speed that the repairs have been completed. I would recommend that anyone who is in need of maintenance or repairs go here and avoid the hassle and the overcharging of the dealership.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Ken Chambers
    Ken Chambers7 years ago

    I bought my first BMW ever and was beyond excited to have one, the first time I took it in for service was at a BMW dealership I had to have the brakes serviced, oil change , the micro filter's replaced and some up to date navigation discs for the navigation system. I wound up spending well over 1000.00 dollars that day (ouch) so I began to search for BMW repair shops in hopes to get some savings on service and repairs in the future, that's when I came across Cars unlimited and I began to read some of the reviews about the shop and all I could find was happy satisfied customers that bragged about the pricing and quality repairs performed by Mohamed and his techs. I went in the next time my car needed service and got to meet Mohamed I was very nervous at first about anyone besides a BMW dealership touching my baby but Mohamed reassured me with his years of experience training certifications and his passion to work on these vehicles. I've since been going to Cars Unlimited for all my service needs, Thank you Mohamed for taking care of my Bimmer keeping her in tip top shape and don't even think of retiring yet us BMW owners need good guys like you!

    2007 BMW 750 LI
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  • Emily
    Emily7 years ago

    I brought my car in to Cars Unlimeted with the expectation that I would get the repairs and then sell it immediately. Back story: my brother-in-law sold me this car during my divorce from his brother (I know, probably not the best idea, but I was desperate and trusted him). After 6 months of driving it, multiple problems started happening and I figured I was screwed. I planned on doing the minimum and getting something more reliable.

    Mohamed immediately put me at ease and we went through everything. During the course of the week that he had my car, he communicated with my regularly to give me updates and let me know the progress. He repaired more than a dozen issues and did some long neglected maintanence. He was able to save me money at every turn.

    In the end, I decided to keep my lovely little car! Knowing that I have an honest, skilled mechanic has given me such an incredible peace of mind. Mohamed is a gem and I pray he never retires!!

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Moe El-Rifai
    Moe El-Rifai7 years ago

    I had a few questions regarding my BMW 335i, believe it or not, Mohamed was able to help me answer all of them. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommended taking your car to unlimited.

    2009 BMW BMW 335i
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  • Rola Emanuel
    Rola Emanuel7 years ago

    I am compelled to writ this review because for the first time I've come across a trustworthy mechanic! Not only is he very well versed with BMW, but he is not out to get in your pockets! For me it was really refreshing to take my BMW to someone who isn't just trying to take my money and actually fix what is wrong with my car.

    2003 BMW 325Xi
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  • Larry
    Larry7 years ago

    I have been coming here for 3 years. Always great service and a great experience. Muhammed is very knowledgeable.

    2005 BMW 530i
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  • jeff
    jeff7 years ago

    great service came in got fast muhammad knnows what he dooing

    1998 BMW 740il
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  • Karen Brooks
    Karen Brooks 7 years ago

    Once Mohammed seviced my car (a number of years ago) I have nave never let anyone else touch my baby. He is honest and helpful with all my questions.

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cars Unlimited and Mohammed.

    I will never take my baby the BMW dealer again.

    Thank you.

    1998 BMW Z3
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  • Kelly trudell
    Kelly trudell7 years ago

    Awesome service, gave me a deal of a lifetime. Saved me a lot compared going to the dealer. Thank so much for the fast service as well... Wonderful!!

    2002 BMW 3 series sedan
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  • gwendolyn gadulka
    gwendolyn gadulka7 years ago

    Every time I have gome in with my father they have done exemplary work. For every time I have brought it in the staff has been friendly and efficient from the time I dropped it off to the time of pick up. The mechanic even tells us what was wrong and shows us the parts and explains what they should do not what they where doing. I would recommend taking you BMW here great work and exemplary staff.

    2001 BMW 528i
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  • RPW
    RPW7 years ago

    Gentleman! Second to none!

    2013 BMW 750
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  • Ebony
    Ebony7 years ago

    This service provider is one of the best. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. He took care of my battery problem within a day. I will definitely recommend anyone with a BMW to consider his services.

    2008 BMW x5
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  • Maleece Barry
    Maleece Barry8 years ago

    Look, Mohamed is GREAT! Great all around, he is talented, thorough, honest with a sense of humor. I neede many thing services on my 2003 745i BMW and came across this shop by looking online and reading thr reviews. Thank you so much for all the reviews - it was extremely helpful!! My engine light was on, I was overdue for an oil change, i needed my coolant flushed, and about 2 other things were going on including one of my windshield wipers has stopped working. Let me tell you, don't cut corners, nor go to a dealership - JUST TAKE YOUR CAR THERE. He tells you thoroughly the problem with your car, shows you parts (I found out the last oil change resulted in the place putting a smaller cheaper filter in my car, Mohamed showed me the difference). I'm a female and this is very helpful! Also, he fixed my windshield wiper free of charge amongst other things. And another important aspect - its reasonably very affordable!!.....thank goodness. I won't be going any other place for my BMW repairs. Heck he owns a BMW too, that should tell you he is a Master with repairing them :-). I had an extrememly good experience!

    2003 BMW 745i
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  • kathy
    kathy8 years ago

    I found Mohamed very honest, efficient and professional. My car was finished in 2 days without breaking my pockets. He showed me exactly what was wrong with my car also showed me my old parts he replaced compared to the new parts and patiently explained in detail why my x3 was having issues. He is the only person I trust to work on my BMW.!!!

    2012 BMW x3
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  • David Conley
    David Conley8 years ago

    After purchasing a car from a private seller and experience was unsatisfactory , I took the car to Car Unlimited and the owner was very patient, answered my questions, gave me good counsel, and good service and most importantly the car actually ran better after servicing.

    2004 BMW x3
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  • Jon Root
    Jon Root8 years ago

    There are plenty of shops I would trust to work on my BMW, but very few I trust to not hit me in the wallet when doing so! Cars Unlimited is the exception to every "stealership" and repair shop horror story. The owner, Mohammed, is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough when evaluating any issue. Looking at the itemized bills they've charged me less than I've been quoted at the dealer for parts, and the labor hours were well under the Bentley Manual number. This is an high-integrity shop!

    The only downside is that the volume and quality of work they do will usually mean that the car is with them for 2-4 business days. This is literally the only 'downside'. Good things come to those who wait!

    When I had my fuel pump replaced recently (the original OEM unit went out to lunch at 167,000 and 11 years - causing intermittent no-start issues) the car had a FIERCE oil leak that I had the parts to fix, but hadn't gotten around to. Mohammed didn't hold the car hostage over the issue; informing me of it and trusting me to take care of it myself when I said I would (and I since have).

    Highs: Price, Quality of Work, Service, Attitude

    Lows: 2-4 business days, even with parts on hand

    Verdict: If you've got an off-warranty BMW there isn't a better value shop in Southeast Michigan (from my experience). I'd be surprised if there's a better value for BMW service in the Midwestern United States.

    2004 BMW 330i
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  • Angela
    Angela8 years ago

    Mohammad does great work and has the most fair prices around. I took my truck to another shop prior to Cars Unlimited and they told me I needed an engine. I decided to shop around and I spoke with 3 different people from 3 different cities and they all referred me to Cars Unlimited. I couldn't even believe such a great reputation Mohammad has by word of mouth. Anyhow I had my truck towed to Cars Unlimited right away and Mohammad told me it was not the engine and saved me at least $1700.00

    As long as I own a BMW or Range Rover I will forever be a customer.

    This guy is the God of BMW'S......

    2006 BMW x3
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  • Kianna
    Kianna8 years ago

    I love this place! I love his passion for what he does & how honest & skilled he is. My first visit & service I knew to go nowhere else but here! Very professional & reasonable

    2008 BMW X3
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  • Ken
    Ken8 years ago

    I have gone to this repair shop twice now. Mohammed is as honest as they come. I'm not taking my car anywhere else unless he directs me to. I trust him that much. He loves helping people and it shows. Unfortunately, with all good people there are those that try to take advantage of his good intentions. When they can't use him they try to abuse him through ratings. I am so happy that I can read between the lines. If you are an honest person who is not trying to take advantage of someone who REALLY wants to help you, and your car is out of warranty like mines, then look no further.

    2009 BMW 535i
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  • Kelley
    Kelley8 years ago

    I have taken my to Cars Unlimited several times and have been very satisfied every time. The owner is very knowledgable, he already has a good idea what is needed with just a little discussion. The service is very PROMPT!!! I always get my car back the same day and many times without having to leave it but just have a short wait to be done. He is honest, professional and knows his stuff!! I have never had any issue with repairs, never have to return for a revisit. Car is always fixed the first time and is done right. He gives good advice on what can be done to care for my car. I won't take my car anywhere else. Cars Unlimited has my business exclusively! If you want quality, prompt, professional service you need to go to Cars Unlimited for all your car repair and maintenance needs.

    2006 BMW 530xi
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  • Jamil
    Jamil8 years ago

    Great place to take your car for maintenance and repairs. I've had my BMW serviced here multiple times since the factory warranty expired. Their service is just as good as the dealership and much more reasonably priced. Mo has a number of plaques on the wall for all of the training and awards he's received from BMW. Each time, he's been able to quickly diagnose the problem with my car and fix it in a timely fashion without emptying my wallet. I highly recommend bringing your car here. You won't be disappointed.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Nina M.
    Nina M.8 years ago

    I have been to this shop on a few occasions, and everytime I go Mohhamed is WONDERFUL! He gets right to the problem, very knowledgeable with BMW's because he worked at one for 14+.his prices are reasonable, he is pleasant to talk to, and gets the job done well..... And fast! I will definitely recommend him to other people. P.s. Every review isn't accurate, some peopl just post things to be malicious. Glad I didn't believe some of the bad reviews, and decided to go. As long as I have my BMW I will go back to him. He is a good man..... Really!

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • Vanessa
    Vanessa8 years ago

    Mohammed is the best in the state. I returned to MI in search of a mechanic and this guy has all types of awards on his Shops wall from ……..BMW (WOW) He is a genius. Recently I towed my husbands BMW in after putting the engine oil in the wrong place, He assured me all would be well, explained to me the process and even offered me breakfast. Mo fixed my car and even deducted the price of the rental for the day as an early birthday present. Who does that!? He is a sincere, educated, preventative maintenance type mechanic with a heart of GOLD. I thank God I can trust my cars to him. Keep up the awesome job Mohammed. God Bless your life and Business.


    2006 BMW 745
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  • M. Saeed
    M. Saeed8 years ago

    This shop is focused on certain cars BMW,BENZ, and RANGE ROVER a honest and great job is what i expect from a mechanic and i finally found the right place. this person is a very talented and skilled mechanic and knows what he is doing, its like going to the dealer but not burning your pockets!

    2004 BMW X5
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  • Ojas
    Ojas8 years ago

    Purchased my 2007 BMW 335i Coupe from a private seller in Toronto in December 2007. Kept it in the Garage for the whole winter. Started driving this summer but always felt like car had no pick up. After doing some intensive research about Independent BMW mechanics found this shop. BMW is in Mohammad's DNA. During inspection he showed me all the aftermarket parts and work needed to be done. CAN$ being down lately he was still cheaper than his Canadian counterparts. He did an excellent job and my car runs like a stallion. He will always be my BMW man even if I need to drive 1.5 hours from Sarnia,ON

    2007 BMW 335iCoupe
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  • James
    James8 years ago

    I've been coming to Mohamed for a few years now. I own three BMW's. He treats them all like they were his own. He LOVES these cars and it shows in his work. The price is always fair and the repairs are top notch. He's the best!


    1998 BMW 740iL
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  • Cruz
    Cruz8 years ago

    I had a bad experience at the dealership that I won't mention. A friend referred me to this place. And I'll never take my car anywhere else but here. The owner is an honest straight shooter. He took the time to explain all my options and never pushed me on maintenance/repair items I didn't need. Repair was performed quickly at a reasonable price compared to the dealer. He even took the time to clean and detail some of the interior problem areas. Going that extra mile is a lost art in the service business. And that extra care is a very welcome courtesy. He knows, lives and breathes BMW. My car is in good hands.

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Syed
    Syed8 years ago

    I've known Mohammad for the past 6 years and since I got to know him, have never gone to anyone else. Mohammad was trained by BMW Factory and not Dealer, this is a HUGE difference. He is direct, to the point, and very reasonably priced. BMW to him is a religion and he does not work on any other cars. I have gotten all my maintenance done by him, and even sold my old car to him. Now that my sister has also bought a BMW, Mohammad is the only one we trust with our cars. If you own a BMW, and care about it, do yourself a favor and go to Mohammad. Even the dealer (Erhard) send cars to him that they can't diagnose.

    1999 BMW 318ti
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  • Carl Jackson III
    Carl Jackson III8 years ago

    Owner is a great and knowledgeable guy. Always too time to explain the problems and options for any repair. He didn't just force me into repairs. Always provided detailed service receipts and old parts. Every issue always resolved. Thank God I have not seen him for a while, that means my car is running well! :-)

    2002 BMW 745 Li
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  • Ibbi
    Ibbi8 years ago

    Having problems with your BMW? Sick of being over charged and scammed? If yes, you NEED to come here and meet Mohammed!!

    The ONLY guy I trust with my car. Mohammend is firstly, Honest and second, Great at what he does. He will never cheat you like all other places, and is VERY knowledgeable about BMWs - he is great and everyone in Metro Detroit should definitely go to him. I had my car "inspected" by him before purchasing, this is the level of trust you can expect. Can not think of any other place to take my car to but him, for anything. He knows BMWs inside out, no exaggeration. The top quality everyone looks for when driving a Beamer is TRUST - Visit him today if you are having any issues, you will not regret.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • Charles Elias
    Charles Elias9 years ago

    In California I literally had "a friend at BMW"...a very close friend. As a consequence my car was very well cared for at a lower than market cost. My experieces at Cars Unlimited have been remarkably similar to the service, skill, attention and cost that I have enjoyed in previous years dealing with my friend in California. I came to the right place as a stranger and now I feel at home again.

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Kandy
    Kandy9 years ago

    Excellent customer service,explain in detail what need to be repaired for your car,provide services on time.

    2006 BMW 315xi
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  • Harinder
    Harinder9 years ago

    Great service, honest, and up front! Prices are very fair. Dealer like service! Will definitely go here again and recommend to anyone looking for top of the line service for their BMW without the dealer price.

    2009 BMW x5
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  • Rodney Benifield
    Rodney Benifield9 years ago

    Great customer service was delivered by staff. Very professional and honest.

    Price was below dealer cost.This shop truly respects its customers and provides quality work.

    2005 BMW 545i
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  • Jamall Sims
    Jamall Sims9 years ago

    Woke up and car wouldn't steer, only had the car for about 8 weeks and didn't know anything about BMW maintenance. Just have happened to drive by and see the sign (in other car) and had the car towed there. Mohammed was very helpful and very straightforward. He told me he could fix my power steering hoses for about $300. I asked him to install new rotors and brakes and service the engine while he had it and was able to do that for just over $900! Very knowledgeable and professional, Mohammed and Steve at Cars Unlimited are highly recommended.

    2003 BMW 525i Sport
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  • Ehab
    Ehab9 years ago

    I moved my business recently across the street from Cars Unlimited, and the place looked busy all of the times. I decided to give it a try with my car there because not many shops know BMW. I was very happy with the service and all of the problems were solved. The best part was dealing with honesty of the owner and he even told me from where to get the part with a good price (Most shops will get it and make money on it). I will not take my car anywhere else and if you have BMW, this is the right place to go to. 5 stars.

    2004 BMW X5
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  • Andy
    Andy9 years ago

    I discovered Cars Unlimited after my 745Li sprung a leak 704 miles from home. First and foremost, I had no idea that the closest BMW Dealer was in Ann Arbor, but who needs a BMW Dealer when you have a competent, knowledgeable, trustworthy BMW authorized mechanic that offers better results than the dealer. I wish I could take Muhammed to Huntsville. He is the most affordable and economic mechanic I have ever met in 18 years od owning BMWs. If you take your BMW anywhere else you are making a mistake. I say again, Cars Unlimited is the best qualified, most knowledgeable, trust-worthy, and efficient repair shop in the Detroit area! This is a 10 Star shop!

    2005 BMW 745Li
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  • Panos
    Panos9 years ago

    I was in Dearborn, MI for a business trip. I woke up at my hotel to a dead X3 and a temperature of 3 degrees. I thought it was the alternator since the lights and radio worked. I came across Mohammed and his shop Cars Unlimited and explained the situation. He gave me 3 tow companies to chose from. I called the first one and like they said, they were there 25 minutes later. They tried jumping it, it worked and I drove right to Cars Unlimited. Even though Mohammed's shop was jam packed due to the weather, knowing my travel situation,he fit me in and replaced the battery. Not knowing much about cars, if he told me it was an alternator and a big expensive job, I would have done it. But his honesty is proven by diagnosing my problem and fixing it. Great service, friendly and HONEST.

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Alex
    Alex9 years ago

    Mohamed is very kind and respectful. When I talked to him about my bmw, he got the diagnosis right the first time. He is very knowledgeable about bmws. I totally recommend Mohamed. I would also give him two thumbs up!!!!!

    2009 BMW 750
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  • Ariel
    Ariel9 years ago

    Mohammed is amazing & he is very knowledgable of everything BMW. I come here to get all of my maintenance done as they are very affordable, much more affordable than the dealership and not too mention personable. He explains everything he bills you for as well as reminders for other maintenance. I'll never go to the dealership!

    2004 BMW 525i
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  • H. Sam
    H. Sam9 years ago

    Excellent customer service,explain in detail what need to be repaired for your car,provide services on time.

    2008 BMW X5 3.0si
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  • Desheil L Echols
    Desheil L Echols9 years ago

    I have been a customer for the past five years. As a single mom I am quite apprehensive with having my truck serviced and if I will receive honest service. However, Muhammad has consistently been nothing but professional, trustworthy and reasonable whenever my truck needs repairs . I can always drop my truck off in the morning before work and he has it repaired by the end of the day or if I need a loaner he has established a relationship with Enterprise. So I am able to purchase a loaner for a reasonable rate. After the repairs, he always shows me the old parts he removed and where the new parts were repaired.

    Muhammad treats me with respect and ensures I am satisfied. I am indeed grateful to have an awesome mechanic . It makes a difference!!!!

    2005 BMW x5
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  • Hakan celik
    Hakan celik9 years ago

    I am so glad to to meet mohammed ,very friendly and honest. He answwerd all my question and very good mechanic. I will go there all the time.thank you mohammed.

    2006 BMW 525i
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  • Mrs. kolacki
    Mrs. kolacki9 years ago

    The service here is all great. We have our cars in for service numberous times and always are back in a timely manner. He is very reasonable and great work is always done. Great business owner and great customer service. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

    2005 BMW X3
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  • Garvin
    Garvin9 years ago

    No one wants their car to break down on them while traveling- But, Mohammed at Cars Unlimited was able to my car, quickly diagnose the problem, and get it fixed even though he was already backed up with work.

    It's a pleasure working with a shop that is primarily interested in getting the job done right!

    2006 BMW 760li
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  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel9 years ago

    Mohamed and Steve are the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I always wanted to enjoy driving a luxury BMW, unfortunately like many I couldn't afford brand new. Finally I bought a used one BUT got screwed really bad by a local used luxury cars dealer and within the first two months realized it was going to be a cat and mouse game to have them fix my issues(Oil leaks & Transmission). That dealership avoided me and my phone calls like the plague. Thank God I heard about Cars Unlimited, and finally my dream has come true. My major oil leaks have been fixed for under $1,100(Other BMW shops quoted over $4,300). Cars unlimited replaced my ailing transmission(150k miles) with one under 30,000 miles for a great price. My 7 year old BMW 750li now drives like new.

    I highly recommend Cars Unlimited. Honest, Reasonable and Passionate about their work!

    2007 BMW 750Li
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  • John R
    John R9 years ago

    If you're looking for a honest, professional repair shop for your BMW look no further than Cars Unlimited in Dearborn, MI. Cars has serviced my vehicle for the past 6 years and I have never been disappointed with the workmanship. In fact I drive 40mins to get to Cars and although there are more conveniently located repair shops, I know the job will be done right at a fair price when I bring it to Cars! Recently I brought my car in for the front thrust arms. In addition to fixing this Mohammad also repaired the driver side power seat and didn't even mention it. Thank you Cars!

    2003 BMW 4.4i X5
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  • James B
    James B9 years ago

    I have been taking my BMWs (01' 530, 09'X5) to Cars Unlimited for the last five years. I would highly recommend Cars Unlimited. BMW certified parts are used and the repairs and maintenance are done correctly. I have never had an issue or a complaint. I have always found Cars Unlimited to be highly conscientious and fairly priced.

    2001 BMW 530
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  • T Colbert
    T Colbert9 years ago

    Where do I start. My wife and I both have bimmers. My 745li and she has an X5. They are both older cars and they are at the age where things are always going wrong. Engine, Transmissions, Suspension etc. These guys have been a lifesaver. Always giving me the right diagnosis the first time, at a very fair price. Never plays the add on repairs game. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

    2003 BMW 745li
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  • Shawn White
    Shawn White9 years ago

    This guy is awesome. His service is spot on and his customer service is impeccable. He is very thorough and loves what he does. When it comes to BMWs or foreign cars Muhammad is the God of repairing these and I am now a customer for life!!

    2004 BMW 330i
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  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M9 years ago

    Blown trans. on my daughter's car. It was a nightmare for me but Mo took care of me and my family once again. He went over and above on this one. Very reasonable pricing and very honest to work with. I recommend him and his shop frequently to others. Thanks Mo!

    1998 BMW 540I
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  • Kent
    Kent9 years ago

    Cars Unlimited is an excellent place to get your BMW serviced. A good friend referred me to this shop in Dearborn. Muhammad and Steve has done oil changes, brakes, replaced battery, and transmission fluid change on my 5 series xi. All quality work and very knowledgeable about BMW vehicles. Thanks Muhammad & Steve for outstanding service at a reasonable price.

    2008 BMW 528xi
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  • ICE
    ICE9 years ago

    My experience at cars unlimited is and has been a wise and blessed decision. I've always had my cars serviced at the BMW dealership under warranty, but once the warranty is over you learn the dealership is not you best friend. About 5 years ago I heard about Muhammed at Cars Unlimited and took my 5 series there to replace my alternator. To be honest I was very skeptical about leaving my baby there because my car was always serviced at the dealership. A day or 2 later I picked up car my car with a brand new BMW battery and alternator and my car was as new as the day I purchased it. Since then I have not returned to any dealership for any service. I just had my 7 series serviced recently and my experience was excellent . The service and prices here beats any BMW dealership in the area. Cars Unlimited is a true blessing when owning a BMW vehicle. They are honest, Reliable and most of all affordable.

    2006 BMW 335i
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  • Vera
    Vera9 years ago

    If you are looking for a great mechanic to work on your BMW, take it to Mohammed at Cars Unlimited. He is the best around.

    Mohammed (and his assistant Steve) have serviced my car from standard maintenance to mechanical problems for awhile now and I have always been pleased with his honesty, commitment and service every time. He won't change parts just to change them or sell you parts you don't need. He is extremely knowledgable on these vehicles and has earned my trust. As long as I own a BMW I will never take my car anywhere else.

    2003 BMW 325xi
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  • farouk
    farouk9 years ago

    I dont know what to say.......mohamed is the best price the whole nine yard, no corner cuting oem parts best best... thx moe

    2005 BMW 330ci zhp
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  • Joshua Hinman
    Joshua Hinman9 years ago

    I really don't know we're to start moe and Steve over at car unlimited have made owning my car a dream lets be honest dealerships charge way to much and I work at one !!! Lol! But my point is I've had issues with My and never has he broke my wallet ! And I've done my research he has been 35% less than anyone else.

    Plus it doesn't hurt that there is nothing he and Steve don't know and can't do or won't do for you!!!!!!

    You Beemer needs works this is we're it needs to come ill always own a BMW and moe will always be my guy!!!! It's in his DNA !!!!!!!!

    Joshua Hinman


    2003 BMW 745li
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  • Val C.
    Val C.9 years ago

    In one word EXCELLENT, Mohammed was most knowledgeable in his craft,I would certainly recommend him to other BMW owners.

    2006 BMW x5
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  • Tim S
    Tim S10 years ago

    I was referred to Cars Unlimited by a friend and I will never take my BMW anywhere else. Not only is the owner Mohammed an expert on BMWs of all years and models but he and his staff are courteous and above all fair. The first time I took my 5 series to him, I had just come from one of the local BMW dealerships where I was given a laundry list of all the repairs and replacements that were "absolutely necessary". Mohammed did a full and complete inspection of my vehicle and not only did he determine that I needed fewer then half of the services the dealership recommended but the services he suggested I needed were half the cost. I strongly recommend you consult with Mohammed and his staff before taking your car anywhere else, especially a dealership.

    2004 BMW 530i
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  • Doug
    Doug10 years ago

    I needed a new place to take our "baby" and I am so happy I found Cars Unlimited! It is most rare to find the combination of knowledge, skill, passion, timeliness, and affordability that this establishment offers. I am absolutely delighted in every aspect of the work and customer service and I cannot say how long it has been since I have felt so positively and strongly about a service type establishment. If your BMW needs service, please do yourself a big favor and go to Cars Unlimited in Dearborn!!!

    1996 BMW Z3
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  • Joshua Barnes
    Joshua Barnes10 years ago

    Very good service at Cars Unlimited. Mr. Muhammad is knowledgeable, friendly and the prices are very reasonable. Will continue to bring my X5 here. I recommend CU to anyone!

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Keith
    Keith10 years ago

    I met Mohammed just before he opened his shop. My first impression was that he was knowledgeable, affable and honest. After 8 years of servicing my 328 and 528 my first impression has proven to be more than accurate. The service I receive is professional, and affordable. Mohammed performs only the service my car needs with no add-ons, or pressure to do something just to pad the bill. He has more than earned my trust. I would send anyone I know to Mohammed, and rest assured they would be treated fairly.

    2008 BMW 528I
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  • Kathleen & Avery
    Kathleen & Avery10 years ago

    We were referred to Cars Unlimited by a friend who had been having his BMW serviced by Muhammed for several years. He has turned out to be a God send, no question. We have been taking our BMW 525i to Cars Unlimited for over 4 years now, and have never been disappointed with the service we received. Muhammed is the most trustworthy, honest individual we have ever done business with. He does exceptional work and is extremely knowledgable when it comes to BMW's. Our vehicle has over 120,000 miles and runs like it did the day I drove it off the lot. If your BMW is out of warranty, this is the shop to take it to. You will not be disappointed with the service or the cost. Without a doubt we have saved thousands of dollars since we stopped going to the dealership for service. We will never go anywhere else for our BMW repair.

    2006 BMW 525i
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  • T. Yu
    T. Yu10 years ago

    The owner of the shop is passionate about BMW. Price they charge is very competitive. I will use this shop again if something needs to be fix in the future.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Tony S
    Tony S10 years ago

    If you are looking for a reliable independent shop for your BMW service, this is the place. I have been a customer for several years now, having work done on two different 3 Series I've owned. From regular scheduled maintenance to needed repairs, owner Mohammed (and team) has consistently performed solid work. Very honest, fair, and extremely knowledgeable BMW Technician. This is not a place where a mechanic "claims to know" how to work on BMW's. This a certified BMW shop. OEM parts are used and short cuts are not taken. In my experience, nothing is performed that is not needed and is always thoroughly explained. I have recommended Cars Unlimited to other BMW owners and will continue to be an ongoing customer.

    2006 BMW 330 xi
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  • Keith Morris
    Keith Morris10 years ago

    Had SMG concerns with my M6. Looked and found this shop to do the work. Meet owner on first visit and was assured that I would be taken of. I must say that these guys are BMW OEM factory trained. No short-cuts here. Work was honest, fair and priced within reason. I'm giving a review because Cars Unlimited are BMW and Range Rover specialist, not just a import repair shop.

    So 5 stars goes out to this repair shop for knowledge of the cars they service, price and customer service. Thanks. A very happy customer. Go Cars Unlimited..!!

    2008 BMW M6
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  • Ak
    Ak10 years ago

    Took my car again for the 2nd time, this time my CCV has got blown due to the harsh winter we have this year. regardless, the car was smoking clouds behind me and by the time I got it to Cars Unlimited, my car was dead.

    Over all my experience was pleasant, I had my CCV and a complete tune up done and the car ran like it was new.

    Cars Unlimited, use brand new original BMW part and informed me about every little fix they did, more then that they also found a few stuff that was messing with my fuel economy and replaced them with my permission at a very very minimal price.

    over all best BMW shop in town, they are BMW certified, know their stuff well, honest and prices are very reasonable ... let's just say that I paid way below dealer prices and I'll definitely keep going to them for any BMW issues

    2006 BMW x5
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  • Animesh
    Animesh10 years ago

    Cars Unlimited really blew my expectations out of the water.

    The owner, Mohamed, and his staff (Steve) did a fantastic job overhauling my 528 that was falling apart. From replacing a stuck fan clutch to completely overhauling the suspension, cooling system, emissions system, electrical system and steering problems, the car is now tight in the corners and hard off the line. The car stayed at the shop for a month but the repairs were done in a very timely and professional manner. Mohamed will not change any part until he explains to you why he's doing what he's doing and why it will benefit me in the long run. He also only uses original BMW parts. Mohamed's integrity and honest business practice will take him far in this business. His experience as a factory trained BMW specialist and extensive work with supercars in the past will leave you more than pleased with his work.

    I would recommend Cars Unlimited to ANYONE with a BMW - just go into the shop and give it a try.

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • Damon
    Damon10 years ago

    I have been dealing with Cars Unlimited for about two years. I had a 2007 750 LI that had quite a few problems. Muhammad was always honest about and was over 70% cheaper than the dealership. He does great work, and I can't tell them difference in quality from them and the dealership. Now that I have the new body style, I still go to him for all of my services. This place is definitely the best shop for BMW's. I highly recommend Cars Unlimited to anyone looking.

    2009 BMW 750 LI
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  • Geary Baroni
    Geary Baroni10 years ago

    I was having issues with my battery holding a charge. BMW Dealer told me $400 to $600 to replace battery. I had the work done at Cars Unlimited. Mohammed was very professional and treated me like a valued customer. He tested my battery and advised me it had to be replaced. He also tested the alternator / volt regulator to ensure they were operating correctly. My bill was less than $300. I strongly recommend Mohammed and Cars Unlimited.

    2004 BMW Ci
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  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.10 years ago

    I just wanted to publicly acknowledge my appreciation for all the work Muhammad and his crew have done on my E90 over the past few years. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Peyman Aghssa
    Peyman Aghssa11 years ago

    I discovered Cars Unlimited 7 years ago and I am So happy to be their loyal customer. They have done amazing work on both my BMWs at a fraction of the dealer cost. They use OEM parts and their knowledge of BMWs is excellent. Mohammed, the owner is a pleasant guy and works with you even on the toughest jobs. They have cone through for me many times and saved me lots of $$$ s. If it wasn't because of Cars Unlimited, and I had to go to dealers, I would have sold my 2000 323i long time ago. Thanks to Mohammed and his team that car is 14 years old with 215, 000 miles and still drives like it was brand new. I recommend Cars Unlimited to anyone.

    2000 BMW X3
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  • Hakeem
    Hakeem11 years ago

    Cars Unlimited is the best BMW repair shop period. They are professional, skilled and very knowledgeable. I will not take my BMW anywhere else. When I purchased my BMW I also purchased an after market warranty. What a waste of time and money. Cars Unlimited workmanship is so exceptional I have never had to use the warranty. Thay have really superseded my expectations. Cars Unlimited thanks for being honest, reasonable, exceptional and professonal.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Barry Foster
    Barry Foster11 years ago

    I would recommend this shop over the Dealer any day,fast honest and very professional service. This shop did a diagnostic on my moms car to find the problem, within 2 days from drop off got call that car was running and ready, very very reasonable prices on genuine BMW parts and Labor 100% satisfied.

    1997 BMW iL
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  • John P
    John P11 years ago

    There really is no other place that can compare as far as service. Mohamed is in a class all his own and is one of the kindest, hardworking repair men you could ever have touch your BMW. I have visited him three times now and each time he and his staff have done an amazing job. He takes the time to tell you what he did and shows you all the parts he replaced and what was wrong on the part that needed replacement. His prices are extremely fair and he is one of the most honest mechanics I know. If you want your BMW fixed properly and done with confidence, this is the place to go. I am thankful they exist.

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Cook
    Cook11 years ago

    Unlimited is the most professional and honest BMW repair shop around. Great service and suffice. Very responsible and accountable. Affordable as well!

    1992 BMW 325i
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  • Mitch A.
    Mitch A.11 years ago

    Not only is the service very professional, but also affordable. After going to a couple different facilities who gave high estimates I finally found a honest shop that can be trusted and knowledgeable in BMW repair.

    2008 BMW M5
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  • Earl Shaw
    Earl Shaw11 years ago

    I thought my engine was blown in my truck and thanks to Muhammed and his honesty he saved me not hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars. If you have patience, this is the place to take your vehicle and I say that because they are so thorough that it takes a little longer than the dealer , but in the grand skeem of things you save thousands of dollars,

    2004 Land Rover hse.
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  • Earl Shaw
    Earl Shaw11 years ago

    Muhammed is the greatest most honest mechanic I have ever dealt with. If anyone has a car then you know how important it is to deal with an honest mechanic, no words can describe that. If It's broke he will tell you no extra stuff included and If It's a piece of cake he will put you at ease, I respect that!

    BMW 650i
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  • Linda Jaber
    Linda Jaber11 years ago

    The service was exceptional and professional. You are treated with utmost respect; detailed description of services needed are presented prior to service. The owner appears to be very well qualified, knowledgable, trust-worthy, and efficient.

    2010 BMW 650
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  • Ahmad
    Ahmad11 years ago

    Honest guys and very knowledgeable in their trade. the prices is also reasonable and way below the dealer. He's definitely my new bmmer mechanic from now on.

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Kenneth Griffith
    Kenneth Griffith11 years ago

    The guys at cars unlimited are honest and helpful. I am glad the website helped me find out about them.

    2006 BMW 745Li
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  • mary
    mary11 years ago

    honest and fast service.

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