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We specialize in BMW repair, service and maintenance in Oxford, MS.

7 Reviews

  • Paul "Doc" Provenza
    Paul "Doc" Provenza3 years ago

    In response to JH, it's too bad you don't understand why customer supplied parts can't be installed.There are specific specifications on the required battery, type and install procedure. Some specs have to be read on a BMW specific scan tool. Installing the wrong one will cause issues.There are also legal issues that can be involved with doing what you asked. The price was fair and I would had had my tech install the special, light as feather battery in your vehicle.We aren't for everybody with these vehicles, as we strive for the very best.Good luck on your future servicing and repairs....

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones4 years ago

    My son is a student at Ole Miss and I am in Texas. Recently he had a generator fault. Spoke to both Doc & Karen and I feel they gave me an honest opinion and good advice over the phone about how to manage repairs on my son's BMW. Ultimately they referred me to a shop in Memphis and they recommended a towing company to get his car there. I appreciate that they took time out of their day to help me and feel they would be my go to shop if I lived in the area.

    2006 BMW 750LI
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  • JH
    JH4 years ago

    Just called Doc's Bimmer to ask about registering a battery for my daughter's car. He told me he would sell me the battery, install it, and register it for around $300. I informed him that I would order the appropriate battery and have my daughter bring it in and just wanted him to install it and register it. Now his story changed: "We'll I really cant do that, I just had eye surgery and the Doctor told me not to be lifting anything heavy" Really?... How were you gonna install the battery that you wanted to sell me? Are your batteries special and light as feathers??? I thought I'd give it one more shot... How much to just register it? I'll have someone else install it. His response: "Well' I don't want to get involved in that" Guess what?... your not gonna get involved with my wallet either, my daughter's car is never going there!

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Jon Person
    Jon Person4 years ago

    They regularly service my car and have for years. They are always fair in their pricing and their repairs and service always last. They are extremely thorough and experienced, and often catch problems before they occur.

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Betty Moody
    Betty Moody4 years ago

    I luv Doc and Karen, they are brutally honest and very affordable. My car is driving the way it was designed and if ever I need any more work done, I'm calling the "Doc", because if they can't fix it, they WILL recommend the ROADSHOW! Now that's honest.

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • charner bolin
    charner bolin7 years ago

    Loved Doc and Karen...took great care of my daughters car far from home!

    2006 BMW X3
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  • mike aponte
    mike aponte7 years ago

    good guy,knows a lot about mini's and i trust what he says i need.for my mini

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