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Bimmers 'R' Us, Inc. is an independent automotive repair shop that specializes in exclusive BMW service. We are dedicated to providing quality service by educated and informed technicians, positive customer relations and prices lower than the dealers.

Bimmers 'R' Us provides complete BMW repair services to all BMW makes and models (including Mini Cooper) and is an authorized Dinan dealer for a four state region. The company has aligned itself with other referring sources in order to provide towing services, auto upholstery, and paint and body work etc. to the customers of Bimmers 'R' Us.

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3 Reviews

  • Leah1 year ago

    NOT a reputable BMW repair shop. Don't waste your time. Spend a tad extra and go to a BMW dealership. Bimmers R Us will suck every bit of time and money out of you. Don't risk it if you LOVE your BMW.

    2008 BMW X3
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  • RedeemedUltimateDriver4 years ago

    For the past ten years I've been using the same authorized BMW service dealer to service my 330i. For the past three years I witnessed the service deteriorate. It appeared the business had plunged completely into the concept that "what is best for the customer may not be best for the immediate profit margin." Carefully thought out risk management decisions probably proved to them that to show your customers you really don't care about them, has nothing to do with a decrease in customer base, loss of confidence or reduced confidence in the product from dedicated customers and possibly sacrificing the reputability of the brand deterring future customers. I have been deterred by this business and will not return for service.

    Enter Bimmers R Us. Like a breath of "small independent business fresh air," Bimmers R Us put me back on the right track of believing that the product was worth keeping and possibly buying again. The owner Greg with his very energetic, competitive and also sincere and compassionate way of reassuring me that Bimmers R Us would repair my vehicle correctly and at the same time not clean out my checking AND savings account doing it, took me to another level of belief in the BMW product and immediately brought me to a place of a loyal Bimmers R Us customer. His staff, Jack and Steve are very different from the people I communicated with at the other service dealer who appeared very cautious and robot-like as they spoke to me, almost like they may have been microchipped to track their conversations with customer's to make sure they didn't show too much real human concern for your very expensive problem. Anyway, I take my car to this new facility in the Maplewood area where I have been taking my car for years. They charge me $130.00 for diagnostic, keep my car for a or so and then call me on the last day to tell me that I needed a transmission and it would cost $7000.00. I thanked them, hung up the phone and cried silent tears while at work sitting at the front desk for everyone to see. Good thing there was no one present. I'm a very financially responsible human being and realize if you can't afford to service one you shouldn't drive one, but I haven't had a permanent job in five years so I can't afford to get another car and take the chance of buying someone else' problem and incurring a car payment and having to pay sales tax buying a more dependable new GMC or Chrysler product, so I want to keep the car I've had for six years. I have kept the car maintained throughout those years so I know how it works. After the tears dried I called some local service dealers I've known about for years, but trusted my service dealer too much to switch. I called Bimmers R Us on a Friday, spoke to Greg who said I could bring my car by on Saturday morning (Bimmers R Us have Saturday hours, another perk) and get it checked out. I took the car in the next morning and I sat in the waiting room while they checked out my car. Greg came out, sat next to me, looked me in the eyes and said "We'll do everything we can to make sure you don't have to spend thousands to get your car fixed." They didn't charge me for the diagnostic. I went home feeling so relieved. I came back a few days later to pick up my car and my bill was less than $1000.00. Greg kept his word. This independent service dealer did what he knew was best for the customer and for the product. You see, Greg is a racer so he has a very competitive spirit and knows these cars probably better than some of the Germans do. He appears to understand that if a company promotes a product as "The Ultimate Driving Machine", whether you can still afford one or not, there should be someone available who cares enough to fix the machine correctly. I love this place. Their service people even function like a pit crew. They show a real urgency in getting the vehicles in the service area (they have limited space) quickly and getting them serviced efficiently (service men come out to talk to you too). I've watched them, they're shouting and pointing and moving quickly. This wonderful little business in South City is your best choice for everything that is desired and required in a BMW service dealer. Stellar repair service and customer service. Bimmers R Us also sells vehicles. The Saturday I was there for repair, for an hour and a half, I spoke to a customer who purchased a 5 series from them and has no issues with the vehicle. This customer came in just to get wipers replaced and stayed around because he likes the staff so much. If I decide to buy another BMW I will call Bimmers R Us as well. They have limitless talents and if you're a CEO of a major corporation, or part of the 90% like me you should still want to have the best service for your vehicle. I recommend Bimmers R Us for all your BMW repair needs.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Diane Werth8 years ago

    I was very pleased with the service at Bimmers R Us. The staff was very friendly and the service was both reliable and affordable. I particularly appreciate that I did not have to endure the pomp and circumstance that some of the local dealers performed while enlisting basic service needs.

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