The Auto Works

28797 Norris Road,
Bozeman, MT 59718 US
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European auto repair excellence! We specialize in BMW service and repair for Bozeman, MT drivers.

2 Reviews

  • Karla
    Karla1 year ago

    We were so impressed with The Auto Works last summer when we were visiting Montana. They were able to accurately diagnose our BMW oil level sensor problem over the phone late on Friday, scheduled an appointment for first thing Monday morning, and had the correct part ordered and delivered by the time we got there. Within a couple of hours, they had the problem repaired, the oil changed and a complete check finished. Plus Tami patiently dealt with our frustratingly slow extended service company over the phone. This team is so professional, and they have the largest and cleanest auto repair shop I've ever been to. VERY impressed...and these weary travelers were so grateful!

    2015 BMW 320i Xdrive
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  • Tim Melvin
    Tim Melvin5 years ago

    Two other repair shops could not get my car started or detect the problem. Had it towed in to Auto Works and within 30 minutes of arrival they had it running again. Had subsequent repairs and they always solved the problems promptly. Tim is the Guru of BMWs for the North-Western US.

    2007 BMW x-3
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