Sports Car Garage

1461 S 13th St,
Omaha, NE 68108 US
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European auto repair specializing in BMW service in Omaha, NE.

3 Reviews

  • Daniel Kritsberg
    Daniel Kritsberg 4 years ago

    Needed help while just getting settled into Omaha. Looked online for a import shop with good reviews. John helped my BMW get back on the road and running smooth and didn’t charge me a dime. I never met the man and I was not referred. He lives up to his reviews. The guy knows his imports and when my Bimmer needs love again I will definitely bring bringing back to John and crew at Sports Car garage.

    2010 BMW 328i
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  • Linda L Lonn
    Linda L Lonn12 years ago

    I have been taking my cars and sending friends to the Sports Car Garage since the middle 70's when my brand new Volvo was not getting proper care at the dealership. Another new Volvo owner, in the dealership service waiting room, said her husband and she had bought a used Volvo for their daughter going to college and it ran better than their brand new car. The used Volvo had been serviced at the Sports Car Garage. That was the last time I went to a dealer. I have been happy with the service from John Martin the owner, and George for some 33 years! We now take our Mini Cooper there. If I had any questions, John always dealt with me honestly and fairly. Living more than an hour away from Omaha, it would be a waste of time to go anywhere else.

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  • J. Rae
    J. Rae13 years ago

    Since taking my car to sprots car garage

    every thing under the sun has gone wrong. The day I picked it up after having a "noise" fixed. I turned my car over and the thing jumped around like it was in a bounce house. The owners response was "what do you want me to do about it" !!???

    I took it back three more times to him saying the problem still is not fixed and he seemed to not give two sheets. So here I am this morning cathcing a ride to work while my pretty little bmw sits in a grovery store parking lot!!!!! a month and a half later. I dont feel I can take my vehicle to him due to the fact he could care less that my car was worse off then when I left it!!! bad service I am having the time of my life with what he left me with!!!!

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