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The Little Garage specializes in BMW repair and BMW service on Long Island in Huntington, NY.

Since our inception in 1974, The Little Garage has been privately owned and fiercely dedicated to providing the kind of superb, responsive, personalized BMW service that can only come from an independent dealership alternative.


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11 Reviews

  • Tony Manougian
    Tony Manougian1 year ago

    Thank God for The Little Garage. I had an issue with my BMW 750 overheating and went to a big name local BMW dealership on Long Island, they told me I most likely warped the heads in the engine block and my head gaskets were leaking, I would need a new engine. I heard about the Little Garage from a friend and I called them, they told me to tow the car from the dealership to their shop.....long story short, they figured out it was the water pump and nothing else. Thank you Thank you Thank you. The last of a dying breed of trustworthy mechanics.

    2016 BMW 750
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  • Resham Vaid
    Resham Vaid1 year ago

    Sucked in all my money and left me at such a vulnerable place where I can’t even afford my car for further repair. Shows no consideration even though I got major repair done 8 months ago and gave him $15000 worth of business. My car has been shutting down and got it towed to him. He diagnosed it and couldn’t find anything and reprogrammed my car and charged me $800. 3 days after shut down again. Paid another $300 got towed again and this time he charged $900 and changed central module. Car still shutting down and he said he doesn’t know what is wrong with the car. 40 years of experience? What a disgrace they are to mechanics.

    2013 BMW 528i xdrive
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  • Peter
    Peter3 years ago

    Great service I would highly recommend for any bmw owner. They have a very clean, big shop with experienced technicians. The customer service is professional and they are very honest. Peter was the technician who worked on my bmw and provided me with great service, showed me the parts that he replaced and had no problem taking the time to explain to me in detail the work that he performed. I see a lot of reviews saying that they are expensive but the truth is if you own a bmw you should know that repairs are going to be expensive no matter where you go. The reason you may end up spending more at this shop compared to a cheaper one is because they will not cut corners. They will take the time to do the job right and in the long run that will cost you less money. For example I had an oil leak fixed by a different shop and they repaired the leak but did not bother to clean up the oil that had sprayed all over the engine compartment which is corrosive to all of the rubber hoses and made it impossible for me to monitor for more leaks. The little garage would never halfass a job like that and you may pay for the extra time in labor they had to spend cleaning the oil from the affected area but that's because you get what you pay for. They are not the fastest to get your car in and out of the shop because they are very busy and worth the wait.

    2007 BMW 335i Coupe
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  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan3 years ago

    The Little Garage did a wonderful job fixing my 1984 BMW 325e. The oil leak coming from my engine has stopped. The repair was done quickly and their prices are great. Thank you.

    1984 BMW 325e
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  • Arthur Elmes
    Arthur Elmes5 years ago

    The Little Garage is by far the best repair shop I have taken my BMW to. Matt and his team are skillful and professional, and always go the extra mile to help customers. I have taken my 330i to The Little Garage several times over the past few years, and the car is running better than ever -- with over 200,000 miles on the clock! Required maintenance is always completed to the highest standard, and preventative maintenance is identified and prioritized. I would strongly recommend The Little Garage to anyone with a BMW or Mercedes.

    2001 BMW 330i
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  • Dey
    Dey6 years ago

    My friend suggested The Little Garage and for obvious reasons Matt and his team walked me through the items i would need. They helped me prioritize my repairs in a way that made me feel safe and secure and within my budget! I recommend this auto repair shop to anyone looking for honest and quality auto repair.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Bruce
    Bruce6 years ago

    I have been working with The Little Garage and Ace Auto for the last ten years with a variety of cars. I have never had an issue with the service. In fact, the service is what keeps me coming back. Matt knows that I need my car for work and my kids need their cars and i have never had to wait. As for those complaining about the prices, labor is less than a dealer and the parts are less than a dealer and are OEM. They are guaranteed if they fail. BMWs are not an inexpensive car to maintain. IF you dont have the tolerance for the cost of maintenance, drive a Honda. And then Ken at Ace will take good care of you.

    2002 BMW X5
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  • Michael
    Michael7 years ago

    Have had a similar experience to many on here. Went to Matt early on when I first got the car. I found over time that the cost of the parts got increasing more expensive from a mark up perspective. Also found that Matt would frequently authorize work to be done before consulting with me. Rarely walked out of there under 1K.

    At one point he told me that perhaps I should considering selling my car if i couldn't afford it. Nice.

    2000 BMW 740i
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  • Chris
    Chris7 years ago

    I used The Little Garage for my PPI. I found the inspection they did to be incomplete, missing several issues, and it was extremely expensive. If a shop can't do a comprehensive inspection of a vehicle at a reasonable price imagine what their service must be like.

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Sam
    Sam12 years ago

    Best Place! I have had nothing but the best experience at the Little Garage. I have been driving my 1984 325e for over 12 years and Matt has kept it in perfect condition for me since the day I got it and I have about 200,000 miles on it. Matt's services are so convenient - he has even picked me up at the train station on the way back from NYC so that I can pick up my BMW when it is at his shop being repaired. He always diagnoses the car when I go in and lets me know what I need before he does anything. He knows I am on a budget so he lets me know what needs to be done now (if anything) and what can be done later. I never write reviews, but I read 7/28/11 and 2/27/11 comments below and had to say something - they must be going to a different Little Garage than me, because Matt and the Huntington shop are amazing - and I would never think of going anywhere else!

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  • Ken W.
    Ken W.14 years ago

    I used The Little Garage for many years until I moved out of state. They became the only shop I trusted to work on my precious BMW320i. Very professional, and knowledgeable about my automobile, Matt and his staff always found a solution to the problems an older machine falls victim to. I wish I had this type of service where I now reside.

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