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456 West Jericho Turnpike,
Huntington, NY 11743 US
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The Little Garage specializes in BMW repair and BMW service on Long Island in Huntington, NY.

Since our inception in 1974, The Little Garage has been privately owned and fiercely dedicated to providing the kind of superb, responsive, personalized BMW service that can only come from an independent dealership alternative.

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6 Reviews

  • Michael4 months ago

    Have had a similar experience to many on here. Went to Matt early on when I first got the car. I found over time that the cost of the parts got increasing more expensive from a mark up perspective. Also found that Matt would frequently authorize work to be done before consulting with me. Rarely walked out of there under 1K.

    At one point he told me that perhaps I should considering selling my car if i couldn't afford it. Nice.

    2000 BMW 740i
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  • Chris8 months ago

    I used The Little Garage for my PPI. I found the inspection they did to be incomplete, missing several issues, and it was extremely expensive. If a shop can't do a comprehensive inspection of a vehicle at a reasonable price imagine what their service must be like.

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Sam5 years ago

    Best Place! I have had nothing but the best experience at the Little Garage. I have been driving my 1984 325e for over 12 years and Matt has kept it in perfect condition for me since the day I got it and I have about 200,000 miles on it. Matt's services are so convenient - he has even picked me up at the train station on the way back from NYC so that I can pick up my BMW when it is at his shop being repaired. He always diagnoses the car when I go in and lets me know what I need before he does anything. He knows I am on a budget so he lets me know what needs to be done now (if anything) and what can be done later. I never write reviews, but I read 7/28/11 and 2/27/11 comments below and had to say something - they must be going to a different Little Garage than me, because Matt and the Huntington shop are amazing - and I would never think of going anywhere else!

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  • Jay5 years ago

    I use to go to Matt (owner of Little Garage) all the time....when he was honest, humble and less greedy. Over the last year or two - they've been telling me to replace things on my car unrelated to the actual problem which I was having. Not only that, they would quote me on parts and charge them up to 100% more in price than if I were to just go get the parts myself from etc. Their hourly rate has also become expensive meanwhile there are plenty of shops with lower rates.

    I have stopped going to them and found another BMW specialized mechanic a little further away but more honest, lets me take my own parts there which I purchased for less, and 1/3 less of their hourly rate.

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  • joe5 years ago

    BEWARE!!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. A simple alternator replacement turned into a $1700 job. They told me I needed to replace my radiator because it was leaking. My O2 sensor light went on immediatly after i picked my car up.

    Two months later, I went back becuase my alternator was leaking. I asked them to check it and instead they changed my water pump and a whole lot of other parts without even asking my permission. I had the parts checked they changed and they were all in perfect shape. They wanted to charge another $1500 dollars and refused to return my car even though I didn't want them to this additional work. They settled for half of the bill.

    I had the car checked by another mechanic and the O2 sensors were fine, they disconnected my o2 sensor so I would go back to have them changed this first time I went there. Real scum bags! They have 36 years in business ripping off the public. WATCH OUT TRUST ME!!! The smallest job will turn into a serious bill I gaurantee it.

    P.S. My car is still leaking antifreeze. $2200 later, they changed all the most expensive labor intensive part to up the bill. I found the leak and it is a $17.00 aux fan switch that antifreeze is leaking from.

    P.S. They overcharged by aproximately 35% on all the parts. I found all the same exact oem parts for 35% cheaper without even searching around. They are suppose to get the parts cheaper than me, I am not a reatailer. They are banging people out on the work and makeing a killing ripping people off on the parts too! WATCH OUT!!!!

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  • Ken W.7 years ago

    I used The Little Garage for many years until I moved out of state. They became the only shop I trusted to work on my precious BMW320i. Very professional, and knowledgeable about my automobile, Matt and his staff always found a solution to the problems an older machine falls victim to. I wish I had this type of service where I now reside.

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