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6910 Old Statesville Rd, Ste. B,
Charlotte, NC 28269 US
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The team at BCH Imports may be brand new to the Charlotte region, but we're veterans in the automotive industry.

We're located right in the heart of Charlotte, just ten minutes from the center of downtown, and we've literally got a race track in our backyard, The Metrolina Expo, where many events are held.

Why Choose BCH Imports for Your BMW?

The BCH Imports team specializes in BMW repair in Charlotte, NC. Our repair shop is equipped with specialized diagnostic equipment not generally found outside of a new car dealership. Many studies have shown that you will save upwards of 30% or more by using an independent specialty shop verses a dealership service department. Their expensive buildings and extensive advertising campaigns simply don't allow them to compete.

Our shop is home to master certified technicians who are dedicated to providing you only the highest level of service for your vehicle. We use GT-1 and Autologic diagnostic equipment to accurately recognize your problem the first time so that the correct repairs can be made.

Some of What We Offer at BCH Imports

  • Secure Facility - Security Cameras and Fence
  • 20% Off Labor for BMWCCA Members
  • State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Equipment
  • ASE Master Techs
  • Programming (flashing) and Software Updates for BMWs at Dealer Level
  • Electrical, Electronic And Computer Repairs
  • Complete Automotive Pre-Purchase Checks
  • Manufacturer Maintenance Schedules
  • Safety Inspections

After Hours Appointments Available Upon Request

24 Hour Tow Service from Independence Towing
Rental Cars Available Through Enterprise Rent-A-Car


  • These guys ROCK! I saw their commercial and decided to take my BMW 750 in for a repair that I had taken to 2 other independent shops and they were unable to resolve. After my experience I dont think I will be going anywhere else. They were very knowledgeable about my issues and their prices were EXCELLENT! I highly recommend if you take your car there.


Awards & Affiliations

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10 Reviews

  • Penny Carraway4 years ago

    I have been with BCH Imports since they opened shop at the Old Statesville location. I have dealt with Brian and some of the other service attendants there, and I have always been satisfied!! ALWAYS! I would absolutely recommend their services to freinds, family and/or strangers! You just can not beat the customer service or their prices!!

    Penny Carraway

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Michael Reynolds5 years ago

    Bryant and his team at BCH has change my mind about Independents they simply treat your car like its their own. My BMW sat most of the fall and winter months; I had some really serious issues with an oil leak I needed a new thermostat and had a myriad of other issues. I called BCH and spoke to Mike on the phone and explained my issues; I also mentioned that I received a quote from them over a year ago and they said they would honored it! I'm not sure what shop would honor a quote a year out needless to say I was really impressed. These are not cranky guys who hate coming to work they love BMW's and it shows with their incredible knowledge and craftsmanship.

    "I whole heartedly recommend BCH your BMW independent search is over Bryant and his team simply has best independent BMW shop in the carolinas."

    2001 BMW 325 xi
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  • Frank Hamelly5 years ago

    Had a coolant leak. Byrant and team diagnosed in no time and had a new radiator ordered and installed within 4 hours at a great price. Excellent service! Even gave me a loaner to drive so I wouldn't have to wait at the shop.

    2002 BMW 330cic
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  • Joe H.6 years ago

    I have taken all 3 of my BMW's (M3, M5, 4.8is) to Bryan and Tom to work on them and I have been very happy with their work. They know what they are doing and very customer focused. I had an issue with my M5 for years where I had two separate BMW dealer shops (West coast and Charlotte) look at it and never resolved until I brought it in to BCH imports. I have owned BMW's for over 20 years, and am really glad to be able to take my cars to BCH and know they they will do a great job.

    BMW M3, M5, X5 4.8is
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  • Javis Gantt6 years ago

    4 out 5 stars ++++

    I just moved to charlotte and needed to find a new shop. I had my valve cover gasket replacement at the shop for $286 compared to Hendrick BMW attempting to make me pay $435. These guys will definitely be my new shop .

    Talk to Bryant if you go there he is very respectful, and gives great customer service.

    I only had 2 problems a staff error bc of a new staff and the waiting part

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  • Meg7 years ago

    These guys are straight forward, do the work fast, and do a great job.

    True, they may not be the cheapest, but they're not the most expensive, either. I don't expect bargain basement pricing for solid quality workmanship and honest estimates that I can trust.

    I've been a couple times now and I really like them a lot. They truly are a pleasure to work with whenever there's a problem with my car. My most recent visit was my blower fan - what I thought would be around $600+ turned out to be less than half of that.

    They've earned my loyalty.

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  • Shaun7 years ago

    Great experience with these guys. Fair pricing, strong knowledge base on e39, e46, M cars and newer cars including e90 and so on. Dealer equivalent diagnostics (gt1, etc) as well as custom programming options for mods. They also have no issue with customers sourcing parts, but will ensure you don't make a mistake with poor quality knockoffs. Will be bringing my e39 M5 back to Tom and Bryant for anything I can't handle myself.

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  • Matt H7 years ago

    Great shop....Excellent service and fair labor rates. Needed new front control arm bushings and Tom offered to press my powerflex bushings into an extra set of mounts he had and I could come back at my leisure to have them installed. Very personable as well. Thanks Tom and Bryant

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  • Mark Hatfield7 years ago

    We are VERY pleased with the work completed by the techs at BCH Imports! When our 2001-325xi wagon hit 150,000 miles, we decided to bring her in for a complete overhaul: fluids flushed, new sparkplugs, belts...the works plus a pesky oil leak! We priced the local dealership and 2 other import shops. BCH beat all 3 with regards to price! But how would they measure in service? Needless to say, we'll be back!!! The credentials of these guys alone are beyond convincing: we're talking Master Automobile Techs plus awards for achievement in over 20 BMW service training programs. They certainly know their stuff! In addition to getting the Inspection II, Tom pinpointed the leak in the oil filter housing, and he was able to diagnose, have parts delivered, and in place before the day was out. Excellent pricing, knowledge, and efficiency will keep us coming back to BCH Imports!

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  • shannon8 years ago

    For an independent service facility, they are about as good as it gets. Very good service, fair prices, great value. I measure the quality of a company not only by how well they do the work, but by what they do when things don't go right the first time.

    I've been taking my 2001 740i to their shop since the summer of 2010 when they first opened.

    Aside from routine service, my 740 has experienced failures typical of that particular (none of them inexpensive to repair) - radiator, water pump, alternator, brakes, etc.). In all cases the problems were fixed right the first time.

    Most recently, I brought the car in fix another problem (oil leak). Unfortunately, the work they performed did not solve the problem. I brought the car back to let them know. After further investigation they determined the problem was actually a new problem and was not mis diagnosed and that in fact another engine component was the source of the leak. Unlike other shops which would have tried to make excuses and argue that this was a new problem, they went ahead and fixed it and apologized for missing it the first time.

    Bryant, Tom and Tyler all share a common attitude - fix the problem in the most efficient way possible and do what's right for the customer. Can you find a shop with a more plaques and awards, attitude and espresso? Yes. On the other hand, you'll be paying for it and your car won't run any better as a result.

    I still drive the 25 miles each way to have them service my car. That alone should say something about how highly I regard these guys and the shop they operate.

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