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10822 Pineville Rd,
Pineville, NC 28134 US
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Carolina Motorwerks specializes in all engine and drivetrain repairs including:

  • Cylinder head repairs
  • Head gasket replacements
  • Complete engine rebuilds
  • Oil & Coolant Leaks
  • Engine oiling systems
  • Engine cooling (radiators, hoses, pumps, etc.)
  • Fuel pumps / lines
  • Fuel injectors
  • Carburetors
  • Jetronic fuel injection systems (BMW & Mercedes-Benz)
  • Transmission replacement and rebuilding
  • Clutches
  • Fluid flushing
  • Differential repair and replacement
  • Drive shafts and axles
  • Wheel bearings / hubs
  • Clutch slave and master cylinders
  • Accessory belt and engine accessories (alternators, tensioners, belts, etc)
  • Electrical sensors, relays, and components
  • All engine and drive train related parts!

Our expert ASE certified staff is able to diagnose and repair all engine, transmission, and drive train / power train problems as well as perform regular maintenance with speed and precision required by todays leading edge automotive manufactures. Most common repairs are able to be completed the same or next day! Carolina Motorwerks also houses special computer diagnostic systems for BMW's from 1988-present, and all OBD-II engine management systems. Our BMW software is able to not only read pre-OBD-II systems, but also airbag and SRS systems.

Carolina Motorwerks services BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, MINI, Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, as well as exotic vehicles including Lotus, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc.

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2 Reviews

  • Dieter Schmitz
    Dieter Schmitz7 years ago

    I have taken my 535i to Carolina MotorWerks (also known as Carolina Tire) since I purchased this vehicle. I am a German on assignment in the U.S. with Continental tire from Hanover, Germany. The team at Carolina resembles the shop I take my car back in Germany to Autohaus B & K in Burgdorf.

    I saw their electronics, infrared alignment services and interviewed their technician. It all checks out well.

    Vielen Dank Carolina, tun Sie großartige Arbeit.

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  • Allison
    Allison8 years ago

    I've been looking for a European shop for my auto repairs on my BMW 5 series. I met with Jim the owner and Andy his master mechanic and European auto technician. They figured out a nagging window problem and brake light issues I've been having that no one else has been able to find. Everything works great, priced right and I have found my new BMW service center in Carolina Tire & MotorWerks.?

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