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We have been serving Charlotte and the surrounding community for over 17 years, we have factory trained and ASE certified BMW technicians, we offer free shuttle service, state of the art service facility, we can save you at least 30% off the local dealers!

We use only BMW factory parts, all work guaranteed, try us once and you will never go any place else.

Our customers swear by us, not at us.

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9 Reviews

  • Christopher5 years ago

    Gary, Russell and Dewayne,

    I want to express my sincere appreciation to MBV for the excellent repair work performed by you and your staff on my 2008 BMW 750i. The service that MBV provided was an efficient, pleasant experience from the first phone call. Your shop handled the entire repair with absolute professionalism. Your patience in dealing with the Warranty Company is to be commended and your ongoing communication was refreshing, I felt fully informed all the way through completion. You have earned a loyal customer and a reliable source of referrals. I commend you and your techs on providing tremendous service and exceptional attention to detail at reasonable prices.

    Thanks for the A+++ service. I will take every opportunity to recommend your shop at every chance I get.


    C. Shelvin

    Charlotte NC

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  • Duane Burnette6 years ago

    With my 2003 530i broken down and undrivable, I was limited on towing coverage. My regular BMW technician is in Wilmington, NC which was too far, so I searched the web for a closer BMW tech shop and found MBV in Charlotte, NC.. I scoured the website and the reviews so I thought I would try them out. It so happened that the guys' name who answered the phone was the same as mine! An omen? Maybe. I was imressed with their professionalism and courteousness, not to mention how well my 530i runs now. It needed a new battery and alternator, which after installation has much more power and is stronger at the green light!!! Thanks MBV for a great job!

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  • N hanson6 years ago

    at last I found experienced BMW technicians in Charlotte.

    having an older BMW 635 all the other independents seem to have a bunch of 20 year old kids working on cars no wonder they couldn't fix my car

    No substitute for experience, they have been in business longer than most of the tech that have tried to fix my car

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  • T.K.6 years ago

    Ifyou own a bimmer,you need to use these guys in charlotte

    while passing thru charlotte on a trip i had a major problem on my car.

    they got me back on the road in a few hours and at a reasonable price.

    they even had a driver take me and my wife to a resturant for lunch and picked us up after.

    this coud have gone very badly as you can imagine but these guys are great

    wish i had them in my home town

    thanks MBV

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  • g,knapp7 years ago

    they could have taken me for a lot of money,

    I went to these guys with an estimate from the local dealer (lets call them Hendrick) i was prepared to spend the money and just wanted a second opinion,

    they took the time to explain and show me on my car what was needed and what was overselling by the dealer.

    spent only half of the dealers estimate.

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  • Blake7 years ago

    I dropped my vehicle off at 7:30 a.m. as requested, then didn't get to it until after lunch, so I was starting to get anxious to know if my vehicle was going to be ready the same day as I was told. He later called me after correctly dianosising the problem and told me the part was on back order for 2 days and he would have it repaired my closing time the same day that the part arrived. In the mean time, after losing faith in the local dealer (Hendrick) and being raped by the pricing of the local dealer, I have the upmost faith in them. They ended up completing all three things I wanted done to fit the figure that I had in mind that was fair without me even having to discuss it with them. I contacted Russell and I am thrilled that I can finally trust someone to be fair in the automotive industry without looking after the all mighty american dollar. Thanks again MBV!

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  • Craig Hill8 years ago

    2004- 745IL. 76,000 miles. I had a problem with my 745i smoking excessively at idle,

    i had taken it to the local dealer 3 times for this problem at each visit it cost me several hundred dollars and they could not resolve the problem,after the check engine light came on i called them only to be told the best thing i could do was to replace the motor for $18,000.00 or trade it in.

    I called MBV for a second opinion and was told they had seen this before,

    i took it in for them to have a look and they had it fixed in about an hour for $145.00. A faulty pcv vent valve had to be replaced.

    I wish i had gone to them first.

    I will never be going back to the dealer.they just wanted to sell me a new car

    or spend a lot of money for an engine that i did not need.

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  • Robert Hanson8 years ago

    Had a problem with my 2002 BMW X5 smoking out the exhaust,

    the Hendrick local dealer gave me an estimate for repair of $3000.

    I called MBV and they gave me an estimate of about $800.00 but said to be accurate they would need to look at the vehicle,

    I took it in the next day and the actual repair was $475.

    They could have taken me for the $800 and i was ready to pay that.

    not too many in the business that are that honest

    they have my business from now on and i will refer all my friends with BMW's

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  • Ted Winsonlow9 years ago

    found these guys in the yellow pages in Charlotte

    found them to be very sharp and on top of their game,

    they saved me a bundle over the local dealers estimate.

    i have reffered a lot of my friends to them.

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