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Servicing all Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo or any other import car, truck or van in Mooresville, NC. For over 28 years we have provided the best BMW repair and service to motorists in Mooresville, Cornelius, Kannapolis, Hickory and Charlotte, NC.

BMW advanced diagnose with programming on all BMWs. We have been working on BMW for over 30 years and have all the tools needed to repair your car properly. We have our own machine shop so work stays in-house to keep the quality top notch.

Taylor’s Sport-N-Import Service co. auto repair service company has all the equipment necessary to diagnose electronic automotive issues. Taylor’s garage has earned a reputation for being able to correct tough problems that have caused other shops to simply give up. Taylor’s can perform 30K, 60K, 90K and all other major automotive services required for vehicles to stay in tip-top operating condition.

We are open from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday. Come see us today for all your BMW repair needs!

Meet Our Team

  • Keith Taylor


    Keith Taylor is the owner with 45 years experience and has been ASE certified since 1986.

  • Jason


    Jason is master certified for 5 years now and has over 64 hours in class for BMWs and Mini Coopers.

1 Review

  • Brandon
    Brandon6 years ago

    I took my vehicle to Keith at Taylor's. I let him know that my intention was to sell the car, and I wanted to fix a few things prior to selling the car. We reviewed the things that I wanted to do. He said that he would do a free 29-point inspection on the vehicle to find any mechanical issues. We also discussed clipping in a few trim pieces and replacing weatherstripping and trim around a window. He wasn't sure what the price would be on the the window trim, so the last thing I told him before I left was that if it was over $150.00 to call me, if it is less to go ahead and replace it. I received a call two days later that my car was ready, and the total was $328.00. I went to the shop to pay for the repairs and pick up the car. After paying, I went to inspect the car, and the window trim was not replaced as we discussed. Basically, Keith said that he forgot. Then I looked at the bill. He charged me $88.00 for a oil change (reasonable for a BMW), about $96 for a diagnostic (which he said would be free), and $126, to replace plastic clips on three trim pieces (seemed ridiculous). I asked him about the window trim, and he said that he could not take care of that for me. I would have to buy the part for around $150, and he would do the labor for free for the confusion. In short, the repairs I thought cost $328, would now cost almost $500. I thought the whole experience was unethical, and that he should have done the repairs he agreed to. I will never do business with this shop again. I have never worked with a shop that didn't write down what needed to be done, and communicate the repair costs accordingly, so you can make an educated decision. They took no responsibility for not keeping their commitment even though he admitted that our discussion on the repair expectations took place just as I described.

    2002 BMW 325i
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    Keith taylor2 years ago

    First I told him we would do a 29 point inspection for free and we did, Doing diagnostic's on the car is not free. The plastic clips were order from the dealer then installed, the door molding from the dealer was 145.00 for the part and I was told not to exceed 150.00 on the trim. the car had a loud knocking noise in the front of the motor that we found was the timing chain and we quoted the repair. customer want to patch up the car so he could sell to someone and when I refused to do a patch up job that when the customer got mad. So I said I would install the door molding for free if he paid for the part no he wanted me to paid for the part and install it for free. When I refused to he got madder, the bottom line he's going to sell the car as is when the repairs are more than the car is worth and did not like me telling him so. customer has no moral standard and is looking to rip off someone that's unsuspecting.