Bavarian Autosport

672 West Boundry,
Perrysburg, OH 43551 US
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BMW repair facility in Perrysburg, Ohio, serving Toledo, Northwood, Sylvania and Bowling Green, OH.

5 Reviews

  • Alok Ahlawat
    Alok Ahlawat2 years ago

    Please stay away form this place. They do substandard work and when the work breaks down they charge you for doing the same thing over again and that too at an inflated price. Here is my experience:

    3/17: replaced water pump, paid 720 for it (gave me an estimate for fixing oil leak for $435 plus tax at this appt that I decided to wait on).

    7/18: replace water pump again in just over a year. Said that BMW makes them such that they keep breaking down.

    3/19: Fixed the oil leak and charged me 832 plus tax (original estimate

    435 that's double in 2 years).

    3/19: coolant leak (third time in 2 years. charged 553 plus tax).

    4/19: replaced pulley drive belt. This broke down within 2 days after he had done the coolant repair. Find it hard to believe that this was a coincidence since he had mentioned that everything looked good at the last repair; paid 960 for him to fix it.

    5/21: replaced water pump again and charged me 918 for it and also gave me an estimate for fixing oil leak from oil cooler/oil filter for 967. He had done the same repair less than 2 years ago and it broke down again!

    This seems to be a pattern with him. Charge customers each time for work that they had paid for previously and if it was done correclty would not break down again. Not to mention his lack of respect. Please do yourself a favor and stay away form this place.

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Joe
    Joe4 years ago

    Alternator went while 500+ miles away from my mechanic. This shop was close so I used them. Part was covered under warranty and my mechanic shipped it to this shop.

    Install rate was way above national average and not quoted until part was shipped which exacerbated an already unfortunate situation. Would not recommend.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Dean
    Dean8 years ago

    I have been taking my BMWs to Bavarian Autosport for almost 30 years. Have always received superb service at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend Rick and his team.

    1999 BMW 740i
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  • Umit G.
    Umit G.10 years ago

    I have been receiving an exceptional, great service from Rick and his team last six years. Very professional, courteous and completely customer satisfaction focused service. Very rare to find this level of quality service with a complete honesty, trust and reasonable pricing.

    2004 BMW X5
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  • Brian
    Brian11 years ago

    Rick and the team at Bavarian Autosport took care of my 530I for over 6 years. It currently has 223,000 miles which is a testament to their technical expertise. Their pricing is reasonable. The operation is clean and professional. I recently moved to Northern VA and wish I could drop my car off at Bavarian Autosport.

    2002 BMW 530I
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