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Lerich Motorsport is proud to be Northeast Ohio's only authorized and stocking Dinan Dealer. Since 1999, Lerich Motorsport has been providing quality service for BMW and Mini vehicles. Formerly Millennium Motorsport, we still provide the same quality service for BMW/Mini vehicles with our dealer-level capabilities for scanning and coding today's computer-laden vehicles, as well as servicing select other European marques. From general maintenance to custom and aftermarket installs, we do it all.

Located near the border of Hudson and Boston Heights inside the Boston Commons gated facility, you can be sure your vehicle is safe and secure when you leave it with our professional staff. Our satisfied clientele includes everything from highly modified track cars to your everyday car.

Walnut blasting intake valve cleaning for direct injection engines is now available as an on-site service, as well as mounting and Road Force balancing wheels and tires with our state-of-the-art Hunter equipment.

We offer honesty and quality general maintenance services for your car, and we take a forensic approach to diagnosing your vehicle to ensure it gets the proper repair every time.


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39 Reviews

  • Jeff George
    Jeff George5 years ago

    First off, if you ever see a poor review about these guys, ignore it. People are a-holes with agendas, I can’t see these guys doing anyone wrong. They would prefer take a loss on a car than have their integrity questioned.

    To the review: The guys at Lerich Motorsport are amazing. Hunter (office manager and gentleman that generally picks up the phone) is extremely knowledgeable and patient with customers. I called with a list of preventative maintenance I was interested in performing as my car just hit 60,000 miles. Hunter was very straight forward about what he thought should be done, and what could be excluded. In making these determinations, Hunter factored in the labor that would already be absorbed in doing other maintenance tasks. The end result is getting maximum bang for your buck.

    During this back and forth, Hunter spent 2-3 hours on the phone with me discussing the project. He gave me an itemized statement prior to starting the job, and they came in on budget. Bill, the mechanic that worked on the car, did an amazing job. He is a very nice guy; and more than happy to take the time to explain what is going on with the car. He will give his honest assessment on maintenance items required and that he would wait on.

    I drove from 2 hours away for LMS customer service and reasonable pricing, and I will do it again moving forward. I value their opinion, and trust them with my car, money, and safety. If you have a BMW, go here. If you have a BMW out of warranty and are not a millionaire, you have to go here. They make owning these amazing machines off warranty possible for the average guy.

    2011 BMW 335is
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  • Chris
    Chris 6 years ago

    Customer service was incredible. Lerich Motorsport goes above and beyond to explain everything any what they plan on doing with your vehicle. They do not pressure the customer for doing more work that is not necessary at that time. Hunter is the service manager and sets a new bar for dealerships to follow. They even made a mistake on a quote for my service and when the part costs came in higher, they honored their word and I only had to pay the original amount. How refreshing is that in these times. I highly recommend them.

    2011 BMW 328 xi
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  • Paul DeRaimo
    Paul DeRaimo7 years ago

    I live in Erie, PA and was looking to purchase a 2007 Z4 3.0Si from a local dealership in the Cleveland area. After reading several reviews of Lerich Motorsport, I contacted Tom Lerich to schedule a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle. Tom was able to schedule an appointment within two days. He performed s comprehensive inspection and supplied me with a detailed list of issues that were found with that car. There were actually a couple of major issues, that were a deal breaker for me. Tom was professional, courteous and thorough. If I wouldn't have had the inspection performed, I would have been stuck with $3,000 to $4,000 repair bill. I asked Tom to keep an eye out for another Z4 for me. I'd have no reservations dealing with Lerich Motorsport in the future. Five star recommendation!

    2007 BMW Z4 3.0SI
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  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed7 years ago

    Did not have service done here, but consulted with Tom (owner) and he was fantastic. It was regarding a new purchase. If I do need work done, I will definitely call Lerich Motorsport. Thanks for your help!

    2010 BMW 328xi
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  • Dave Elliott
    Dave Elliott8 years ago

    I bought my car at 110,000 miles. I discussed the restoration of the car with Tom and he was very informative as to what I should and (this is the important part) should not do to get the car to an excellent road condition.

    I have driven the car for 8,000 miles since it was squared away. The car is perfect. Everything was done in a good and workmanlike manner and it runs like a top. The best part about working with Tom is his personal interest in your type and style of driving and what his suggestions are for you and the car. He knows these cars and his advice is valuable.

    He has worked on other BMW's I own and all the work was flawless.

    2005 BMW 330xi
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  • John Niemczura
    John Niemczura8 years ago

    Lerich Motor Sports is my go-to place for all things BMW and Mini. They are very good at what they do, honest and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Lerich Motor Sports whether you need a repair, want to improve performance or just have a question.

    1999 BMW M Roadster
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  • Eric Hider
    Eric Hider8 years ago

    As many others have said here, Tom Lerich offers a pretty amazing service and BMW repair center. I found him on the net and based on the reviews rolled the dice to have some major work done to many aspects of my vehicle. Initially, I found Tom's knowledge of BMWs inner workings actually exceeded two dealers that I had used prior as well as another established "BMW Guru" in Novelty Ohio. (I worked for over a decade as a sales engineer in the automotive design business). I also found Tom's prices to be much more fair as compared to anyone. It's now been over a year (my car has almost 150K miles) and there have been no surprises or shortcomings with any of the repairs done by Lerich. I can't say the same thing from my other "expert BMW mechanic" experiences here locally. As a side note, this is the very first mechanic / BMW review I've ever posted anywhere. That's how impressed I am with Tom, his service, his support and above all, his expertise!

    2005 BMW 545i Sport Model
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  • Lauren
    Lauren8 years ago

    I just need to brag a little more. I left a review after my first visit and now, two years later, called Tom yesterday for more help with my car. Just a battery and oil change, but he asked if I had AAA (yes) and then offered to come to my house (~3 miles away) today and jump it for me! You can't buy such good service! Tom is so knowledgeable about BMWs that I wouldn't go anywhere else. You can tell he loves what he's doing and easily shares his knowledge and offers suggestions. His prices are very reasonable and he'll tell you prices as you talk about what the car needs. He helps prioritize what to do first and what can wait. I'd trust any job to him. I thought this kind of service was a thing of the past -- boy was I wrong!

    2001 BMW CIC (convertible)
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  • vic
    vic9 years ago

    These guys are great!




    -Daily updates

    -friendly staff

    I had Lerich install Eibach springs and a Dinan shockware tune. They also worked on a tune issue i had after installing a stage 2 JB4 chip from Burger. They were priced very reasonable and kept me updated daily with what was being done to the vehicle. I will be coming back to them in about a month for more upgrades.

    2011 BMW 550i M SPORT
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  • Lon Herman
    Lon Herman9 years ago

    Tom Lerich and his team did an outstanding job assessing and repairing a significant number of wear items in my BMW. Tom proposed different options based on priority and cost, and worked with me to select the best way to go for me and my car. The work performed was priced fairly, completed on time, with absolutely no surprises.

    Over the years, I have had my BMWs, Porsches, VWs, Saabs, Mercedes-Benz, and other marques serviced under warranty by dealerships and then often by independent shops. My experience with Tom and his team ranks among the best I have ever had. My wife's 328xi wagon will go in next. I recommend Lerich Motorsports to any BMW owner seeking to repair or upgrade their BMWs.

    2008 BMW E92 328xi 6MT
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  • Steve Turk
    Steve Turk9 years ago

    Sadly I am not a customer of this shop because I live 3 hrs away but I would highly recommend Lerich Motorsports to anyone who is looking for standup honest service.

    Due to my love of German vehicles and being relocated multiple times I sadly have had many of my vehicles in many different shops. In this time I have never received the service that I received when I contacted Lerich Motorsports. I have never written a review of a shop before but I felt it was necessary due to the outstanding service I received. If you are in question of which shop to take your car to please stop and give Lerich a call. (Long story ahead)

    I was recently purchasing a 1999 BMW 528it off of Craigslist in Cleveland OH. I live 3hrs away from there and I wanted to have a BMW certified shop inspect the vehicle before I made the purchase. I called 2 BMW shops in the Cleveland area to arrange a paid inspection but they were reluctant to help. I was a very disappointed. My third call was to Lerich Motorsports. The owner of the shop Tom Lerich picked up the phone, which means something to me. I explained my situation and he said he would be happy to help and inquired about the purchase. He then spent 30 minutes to talk with me about the car and what to look out for. I was blown away with his willingness to help knowing that I will not be able to take my vehicle there for future service. Tom agreed to have the vehicle inspected if I could have the seller drop it off during the week. He told me the typical price of an inspection but said if they see a red flag early that they would not charge me. Thankfully the seller said that he could drop if off Wednesday. I made arrangement with the shop and they said they could fit it in by the end of the week. (I was purchasing the vehicle on Saturday) Unfortunately the seller did not drop the car off until Friday morninf. Lerich still squeezed it somehow into their schedule. I spoke with Tom and Ethan multiple times throughout this ordeal and they were outstanding. Once they got the car they did a 3hr inspection and reported all they issues they could find. Big issues and small issues. They were very informative, helpful, and most of all honest. I have never felt this way about a shop before. My only wish is that I could live closer to them to have them service all of my cars. I did buy the car and could not be happier with their service.

    It says a lot that a company would bend over backwards for someone knowing that they will not be a future customer. I was and still am blown away by this. Please if you have issues with your current shop or just need someone honest to look over your vehicle give Lerich Motorsports a call. You will not be disappointed.

    Tom and Ethan, you are awesome. Thank you so much. I hope to meet you sometime.


    Steve Turk

    1999 BMW 528 it
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  • Tony O'leary
    Tony O'leary9 years ago

    Had first experience for several service items-was referred by another customer. Work was excellent, car done on time and price very reasonable. All questions fully and competently answered-I give top rating.

    2009 BMW 528
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  • Gary Applebaum
    Gary Applebaum9 years ago

    Tom saved me over $6,000.00 when Dave Walters BMW wanted to pull my engine, & rebuild the valves for a leaked coolant pipe underneath my 8 cylinder engine. Tom knew of a aftermarket kit to fix the leak. He's my new mechanic !

    2004 BMW 645ci
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  • J J Soukup
    J J Soukup10 years ago

    This BMW is almost 25 years old. It runs great and looks good for its age. Lerich Motorsport

    has done a outstanding job taking care of the old car. Recently I had a cooling system issue.

    They insured that it was done completely 100% right. Being as old as it is it took a little time to get all the hoses but they got them all. If you are looking for an expert BMW shop this is the one to visit. This is a Five Star garage. Jim S Bath, Ohio

    1990 BMW 325i
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  • Sunny D
    Sunny D10 years ago

    Seemed knowledgable and transparent on the phone. Was able to provide a reasonable price quote off-hand without delay and schedule a visit within the week. Gave me a number of options regarding why there was a vibration in the front of my car before he began working on it to let me know what he was looking for. After all was said and done, he told me I had some time before I absolutely needed to get things taken care of and gave me a price quote of the future work. I would recommend to others and will be going back in the future.

    2004 BMW 530i
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  • CW
    CW10 years ago

    Found Tom via this website, was looking for an indy shop to do a PPI for a long-distance CPO purchase. Tom was great to deal with on the phone in advance, walked me through the known issues with the HPFP on the n54/n55 engines. Once I had a deal agreed to with the dealer, Tom suggested that he could perform the PPI in advance of my making the trip out to pick up, which made my life a lot easier. Tom sent pictures, followed up with a verbal and written report. While I can't vouch for actual work performed (the car checked out clean) I would certainly recommend Tom as someone who knows how to treat customers right!

    2011 BMW 335i
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  • Jim S
    Jim S10 years ago

    My BMW's only go to Tom's shop in Hudson, Ohio. No matter what the issue is they can find it and more importantly have it repaired in a very professional manner. For the past 14 years this is the only repair shop I use. Reasonable, Professional, and more importantly HONEST.

    1993 BMW 740
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  • Kevin
    Kevin10 years ago

    Discovered Millenium/Lerich on this website. Took my new [to me] BMW in for routine maintenance. Could tell right away Tom and his crew were solid. Great techs, honest, and fair. Very satisfied, and they will continue to get my patronage.

    2010 BMW 335xi
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  • David
    David10 years ago

    Tom Lerich is a BMW savant! My local BMW dealer diagnosed my BMW X3 with a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head, so I decided to get a second opinion. After researching the internet I came across Lerich Motorsport, in Hudson Ohio. Tom took the time to do a proper diagnosis; he repeated all the BMW test procedures and even did a smoke test that the dealership did not do. He discovered the problem was just a cracked air intake boot, not blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. Tom is extremely professional, honest, and knowledgeable! Lerich Motorsport has all of the latest test equipment, service procedures, and access to OE parts to fix your BMW properly. I would drive 400 miles again (round trip from my house in Michigan) to have Tom service my car.

    Thank you Lerich Motorsport! You have a new customer for life. -September 2013-

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Fred
    Fred10 years ago

    Tom is one who knows his way around bmw's ....His work is beyond impressive. Im glad I found Tom. His work if thorough, fast and pricing is fair. Im a customer as long as I drive my BMW!

    2007 BMW M-package
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  • Lauren
    Lauren10 years ago

    I found Millenium/Lerich Motorsport on THIS website -- and after reading all the reviews, I took a chance. I called and asked him for a second opinion after a local BMW dealership gave me a $2000 estimate (as a woman, I felt like I was being ripped off royally). Tom spent only about 20 minutes looking at my car and sliced through that estimate. He took out what I didn't need ("you don't need new rotors"), told me what could wait, and advised me about what I should do now (exhaust sensor, oil level sensor) and then suggested flushing and replacing the brake fluid. He took my car a day later, and it was done in 3 1/2 hours. I have found my Dream Mechanic! Tom is professional, personable, very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves working on BMWs. The only thing I'm upset about is that I didn't find him sooner! He's got a customer for life. Give him a try -- it's worth the drive from wherever you are.

    2001 BMW 330CIC
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  • Pamela Petrus
    Pamela Petrus11 years ago

    I recently took my 2002 BMW Z-3 to Tom to be diagnosed as the car kept loosing power. A call to a local BMW dealership (who had tested it) gave me a quote for a list of problems that was astronomical! I was terrribly annoyed after paying 2 diagnostic fees and it seemed to me that they were going to start replacing senors etc. until they come come up with answers as to why the car was loosing power and intermitent warning lights. Tom did a fantastic job not only determining the problem but keeping the car and test driving it to make sure it was in perfect running order before letting it out of his shop. The repair costs weren't even close to what the dealership had quoted me. Tom is a very honest, experienced and dedicated technician. It's hard to find these days. Long story short - if you have any issues with your BMW, Tom is the techincian to go to!!!

    2002 BMW z-3
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  • Murali
    Murali11 years ago

    Tom is excellent. He is knowledgeable, and very good with his repairs.

    2005 BMW 325xi
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  • Ray
    Ray11 years ago

    Tom @ Millennium knows the in and outs of BMWs and is willing to help in any way possible. By far the best value for your $ when servicing the BMW brand and I continue to refer him to my BMW driving friends. New, certified or used, take it to Tom for the best honest service around.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Tog
    Tog11 years ago

    I have been using Millennium Motors for about a year now. I find Tom to be not only knowledgeable, but competent and good value too. I would recommend him highly.

    2005 BMW 325Xi
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  • Bob Powers
    Bob Powers11 years ago

    I've known Tom personally for about 20 years, and he has a true passion for his craft, and constantly strives to be the best at it. He's a consumate professional, and always treats people well, as they should be. When you're taking your higher end automobile for repair or upgrades, you need to trust the person's judgement, and you'll want to take it to someone who's in business for reasons other than just to make a profit. This is why he's a true professional... meeting and exceeding people's expectations.

    Oldsmobile Aurora
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  • Jason K.
    Jason K.11 years ago

    I have known Tom for many years and can say without a doubt he is one of the most knowledgable BMW techs in the business. I have relied on Tom and his expertise when buying multiple BMW and Mercedes vehicles and know any problems I have will always be solved. His passion for cars and his customers is second to none and makes taking your car to the dealer a thing of the past. He is trustworthy, honest and upfront about what you are dealing with and will tell you like it is. If you own a BMW, Mercedes or any European car for that matter, take it to Tom. You won't regret the service and will definitely not regret the price.

    Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
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  • Luke
    Luke11 years ago

    Honest diagnostics, honest work, honest prices and a great ride. This summarizes my experience with Tom and my '99 740i after 1.5 years of ownership and 30,000 miles.

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  • Mark
    Mark12 years ago

    After many years of given bad service at the dealer I was recommended to Tom at Millennium Motorsports. Since then he has serviced all of my vehicles that have been BMW's, Range Rovers, Mercedes, and Porsches. He is the absolute best service professional I have ever dealt with. I have recommended him to all of my friends and family and have gotten nothing but rave reviews. He is a car enthusiast and keeps up on all the latest auto trends and is knowledgeable on even the most high end models. He recently made many modifications to my BMW M6 which included suspension and some other performance enhancements. I would have been in no way comfortable in have a dealer do this work as Tom has had many years experience in performance and racing to get this job done. You are doing yourself and your car an injustice by not going to Millennium Motorsports!!

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  • jesse
    jesse12 years ago

    I have really appreciated Tom'sBMW service. He is knowledgeable and is very fair

    which refreshing after dealing with dealerships. If you need service I would highly recommend Millennium Motorsport


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  • Scott Farley
    Scott Farley12 years ago

    Tom is an upfront guy who I trust with all my vehicles. I am so glad I found him in our area due to the lack of intelligent shops to go to for German Vehicles. I highly recommend him, free feel to look me up and ask directly.

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  • Nicole & David Alexander
    Nicole & David Alexander12 years ago

    You need someone fair, knowledgable and flexible for you car needs? Well, then you need to contact Tom. He has been servicing our cars for the last 4 years and I have been so impressed with the convenient turnaround time and fair pricing that he has to offer. He's honest and will tell me that if I need to change my brake pads or if there is still time that I can wait. I like that and appreciate someone that won't take advantage of someone that is not all that car savvy.

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  • Jim & Angela
    Jim & Angela13 years ago

    We have been using Tom's services for the past 5-6 years. He has serviced our 325i, our two (2) 740's and our GMC. Without a doubt he is by far the best service man in the area. We refer to him as BMW Tom. Professional, knowledgable, and treats us fair. We have had our cars, (when needed), delivered to him. We really don't trust anyone but Tom. As a matter of fact we purchased a car from his mother and are very pleased with it. Give Tom a call, if you can't find the shop you must be blind its easy to find.

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  • Courtney
    Courtney13 years ago

    Millennium Motorsports has literally been a Godsend for myself and my 1995 BMW! I am not a typical (if there is such thing anymore?) BMW owner, lets just say there is a lot of penny pinching these days but this wonderful company has allowed me to be able to own and drive the best motor vehicle in existence.

    I have had many recent terrible experiences in the past with multiple shops around NE Ohio who "claim" to be specialists- but just end up doing more damage and make one wish to own a domestic ride (well.... not that bad but pretty darn close) and I honestly was about to give up in the Beemer dept. and go American until I was lucky enough to run into this hidden gem located in Hudson, OH. They are rapid, honest, fair, and do a wonderful job. Not to mention the knowledge about the BMW is off the charts.

    Thank you, Tom & Millennium Motorsports for getting ol' Bessy back on the road just in time for Christmas... *Smiles*

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  • Joshua Payner
    Joshua Payner13 years ago

    At last I have found a competent, and honest mechanic! I started using Millennium Motorsport (MMS) six years ago when the shop I typically went to was dishonest with me. Since my first visit to Tom's shop I was impressed with both his knowledge of vehicles and his honesty.

    I hit a sharply inclined driveway a bit quickly and suddenly my car had a clunk... it sounded as if the exhaust was knocking against the bottom of the car. I told the shop I regularly used for both myself and my business fleet what I thought. After looking at the car on the lift for a bit they informed me that I needed to replace my front tie rods. Something about that did not seem right seeing as how my car had about 32,000 miles on it at the time.

    I took my car to Tom for a second opinion and he assured me that the sounds I was hearing was indeed the exhaust knocking on the undercarriage. Tom then told me that all I needed was a quick tack weld to fix the exhaust hanger/J hook. Tom fixed my car in five minutes when the "other shop" wanted to change hundreds of dollars worth of parts.

    Since that day he has performed service on four of my personal vehicles, and three of my families vehicles. I have been so thouroghly impressed with MMS's quality of work, customer service and fair pricing I even changed my companies fleet service over to Tom.

    Not only is Tom a "BMW Wiz Kid" but he is also good with my Japanese, and Domestic vehicles as well. Tom and Millennium Motorsport are grade "A+" and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants fairly priced, honest auto repair.

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  • Tom Mendosa
    Tom Mendosa13 years ago

    NO sign on the road No sign on the building?? Went down to see you and could not locate the business??

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  • Philip E. Fritz
    Philip E. Fritz14 years ago

    I have a 2003 X5, and was recently told that I needed some work completed to ensure the vehicle would operate safely. A good friend of mine referred me to Tom, and since he himself is a car enthusiast, I trusted his opinion.

    What surprised me was that Tom Lerich of Millennium Motorsport was even better than he had stated!

    Tom was extremely knowledgeable about my issue; he took the time to explain it to me in detail, and was helpful in getting it scheduled right away, and according to my schedule.

    When I visited his shop, he took the time to answer my additional questions, and when he told me the final bill, I was beyond relieved. His pricing was affordable, his service was impeccable, and I could not give a higher recommendation for Mr. Lerich’s work. He will certainly be getting repeat business from me, and he earned it.

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  • Mark Hudak
    Mark Hudak14 years ago

    I'm so glad I found Tom @ Millennium Motorsports. As a BMW enthusiast, now with two 3 series in the fleet, Tom has provided excellent service and maintenance work, now several times on both vehicles. I'm impressed with Tom's professional approach to resolve needed repairs in a timely, complete, fair and honest fashion. Toms knowledge of BMW's is impressive, and the commitment to complete customer satisfaction has been refreshing.

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  • Eric Doner
    Eric Doner14 years ago

    Tom is easily the most fluent BMW professional technician in Northeast Ohio, and possibly in the U.S. His work is thorough and flawless. He is customer-focused and unfailingly fair in his pricing.

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