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BMW repair and service specialists in Tulsa, OK.

With years of hands-on BMW repair experience, our team of BMW technicians are able to tackle any BMW service needed, from simple oil changes, to complex overhauls. Bumper-to-bumper BMW service is what you get from the experts at Benzin Motor Works.

Open Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Stop in today for your next BMW maintenance repair.

9 Reviews

  • Jeremy Grisham3 years ago

    I took my 535i to Benzin for what I was fairly sure was waste gate rattle and a service engine soon light, accompanied by a 30FF low boost pressure error code.

    After keeping my car for three days, they said the error code and check engine light were KO longer present and my boost pressure was just fine. They then said the rattle was not the waste gates, but was from the hydraulic valve adjusters. They said waste gate rattle only occurred after the engine was shut off. What?!

    They then said I would have to take the car to the dealer to have it fixes. When I questioned this they admitted they had not had the proper training on the E60s, and didn't have the tools required, even though they advertise as a full service bumper-to-bumper service shop specializing in BMWs.

    They took $200 for diagnosis, did nothing to my car, and admitted they weren't trained to work on it in the first place.

    By the way, I later confirmed the rattle was from the waste gates, and the N54 motor does not have any issues with hydraulic valve adjusters or lifters rattling.

    To accept a car for service and charge the customer when you knew you weren't properly trained to work on it is in my opinion dishonest and poor customer service. I'm very disappointed. I won't be back and I'll never recommend Benzin to anyone else.

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • Mary Penn3 years ago

    I have owned my Z3 for 2 years now. Initially, I did not take it to Benzin but then they were highly recommended by others and the BBB. They have serviced my car every since from basic things (oil changes) to major things (60,000 mile service, oil leak repairs, etc.). Each and every time I phone, they are courteous and do their best to work me in. Pamela is wonderful at the front desk and Jack King has totally won me over with his BMW expertise. He has been a mechanic for 40 years and is VERY knowledgeable about his cars. I appreciate the fact he is willing to not just "tell me what's wrong" but he takes me out to my car and shows me what is going on. Jack knows I'm "particular" about my car and he is very detailed with his explanations. He is also very honest and can tell you if what needs to be repaired is a "common issue" for your car model. There is some comfort in knowing that what's going on happens in about 90% of other vehicles over time. In addition to this, he goes the extra mile (topping off fluids, checking my tire pressure and offering for me to drop by anytime if I don't feel comfortable doing something). I'm sorry, but you will be hard pressed to get that kind of customer service anywhere else!

    2002 BMW Z3 Roadster 3.0
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  • John Judd4 years ago

    I've owned only BMWs since 1969. Six, to be exact. They have all become high milage cars whether purchased new or used, mostly because of good maintenance and skillful, resourceful repairs by Jack King, who has been my go-to mechanic since 1982. When I purchased my current 540 wagon with just over 100K miles a little over a year ago, I consulted with Jack over stepping up to a monster V-8. He assured me it is a fine drivetrain, just be prepared for a step up in gas costs over my previous 525 wagon. He was right, of course, but at least I know he will help keep this fine ride in excellent condition as I rediscover my hot rod tendencies. I highly recommend Jack as a knowledgable, professional and honest technician.

    2000 BMW 540it
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  • Emily4 years ago

    My car isn't brand new, but it's new to me, and I didn't know what to do when it wouldn't start one morning before work. My brother drives a BMW, and he recommended Benzin Motor Works. Jack King, the mechanic who looked at my car, found that I had a fuel pump which died. He said that this is a common repair on my e46 3-series. He also replaced the fuel filter, and topped off my coolant, and power-steering fluids. I was so happy when I was able to get my car back and would definitely recommend this shop to anyone needing professional services to their BMW.

    2001 BMW 325ci
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  • David Brinton4 years ago

    I was referred to Jack King by a fellow BMW enthusiast, and I'm very satisfied with the level of support I received from Benzin Motor Works. The latest repair to my e39 528i was an emergency water pump replacement. I brought the car into the shop with a strange rattle sound coming from the front of the car. The technicians at Benzin diagnosed the problem quickly and accurately, and had my car back on the road in no time. The shop only uses factory BMW parts, not cheap aftermarket parts.

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • John Villareal4 years ago

    Benzin Motor Works is a quality BMW repair shop. I should know, they have been repairing my BMW's since 1991. They are much better than a BMW repair shop a couple of blocks south of them. Jack King may be the best mechanic in Oklahoma. He is extremely smart, he has the technical expertise which is backed up by numerous BMW Training Certificates he has earned and are on display in Benzin's office. What sets Jack King apart from other mechanics is he has true customer service skills. He is interested in keeping your car running efficiently and does so with your budget in mind. He only does the work that you authorize. He will save you money if a quality re-built part is available. You can trust Jack King and all the people at Benzin Motor Works. They all go out of their way to ensure a quality customer experience. I've been using them for over 20 years.

    1990 BMW 325i
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  • James Holcomb4 years ago

    I have used Benzin off and on for the past six years. I never really felt that great about the level of service I received, particularly compared to their labor rates and time estimates. The repairs I received a few weeks ago confirmed that I won't use them again:

    1. Got an estimate to do front bushings replacement. Jack's parts estimate only included one of the two bushings (it was a parts total, so no way I could know this). No recourse but to pay up during settlement.

    2. Estimate for replacing rear door handle and carrier. Jack estimated 2.5 hours in labor. I opted out. Two other quotes from local mechanics estimated 1 hour. Do the math at $98/hour.

    3. Rear tail light intermittently working. I actually researched this and found that these old X5 tail lights will either corrode on the metal PCB contact point or scorch the insulators from overheating. I asked Jack about this after he looked at it and he said it was melted and had to be replaced, his secretary even chimed in about it. No repair. 0.5 hour estimate + $172 for new tail light. I opted out of this. Replacing these units are super simple if you ever need to (take off three nuts). Got home, removed the tail light myself, sanded down the scorched point with some sand paper, replaced it, all in about 15 mins. Has worked fine. The fact that he wouldn't even acknowledge a possible repair is unforgivable.

    4. I had the estimate done in late 2012. I called Jack in June of 2013 to go over it again before I brought in the vehicle. In the call, I asked if ANYTHING had changed with regard to the original estimate cost. He said the only thing was the part prices may be a bit different because of the EUR/USD conversion. When the repairs were done, I was given a final bill showing labor at $98/hr instead of the $94/hr in the estimate. Rates were raised Jan 1 with no acknowledgement from Jack.

    They'll get your vehicle repaired, just be ready to pay more than you expected.

    2001 BMW 4.4
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  • Jessica6 years ago

    Benzin Motor Works have been working on my BMW for around 10 years. Jack, the BMW guy to talk to, is a little hard to understand sometime, but KNOWS his stuff. I have never had a problem with my BMW since it has been going to them. I would recommend them to anyone need work done. They always work on Mercedes and Hummers. Thanks Again guys for keeping my car in tip top shape!

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  • billjac8 years ago

    My son called this shop to schedule a trans service, being a young adult, he told the shop all the info about why he wanted it service, I felt he overfilled the trans fluid. Being how I'm overseas, I rely upon other people to verify my conclusions.

    This so called shop provide their insite, "get a new car"

    With that one comment I will never allow any of my BMW's to see the inside of that garage.

    Poor customer service even before I get into their door and for that I thank you, no money spent.

    I wonder what their company mission statement says?

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