John's Auto Care Center

3311 Biddle Road,
Medford, OR 97504 US
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John's Auto Care Center in Medford, OR has become well known for its service and care of BMW automobiles.

Luis Brito, co-owner, has over 30 years experience with BMW, is a Master Level Certified tech and brings more expertise in the BMW repair field than anyone in the Rouge Valley.

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ASE CertifiedASE Certified
BBB Accredited BusinessBBB Accredited Business

2 Reviews

  • james4 years ago

    The worst mechanic ever, instead of fixing the real problem in your car, they will mess it up and charge you so much money without fixing the real problem. I had the worst experience ever. DO NOT go there!

    2002 BMW 335i
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  • Steve Stearman7 years ago

    Terrific service. I used them the minute my factory warranty expired. At least 40% less cost than the Medford BMW dealer. I had a problem that seemed to go away every time I went to get it fixed. They stuck with it and found the issue. One instance my car had a problem just before I was to leave on a trip and they made time for me an got me on the road. Moved out of the area so I can't use them any more, but they were very helpful from long distance helping me find a replacement when my cars was wrecked. They do diesals as well. Took my truck to them with similiar satisfaction.

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