Motor Sports International

12930 NW Cornell Rd,
Portland, OR 97229 US
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As your Bosch Authorized Service Specialist we are equipped with the latest test equipment. Our trained technicians are specialists in testing, diagnosing and servicing all European cars.

2 Reviews

  • Laurie Naish2 years ago

    Took my car in three times. Still isn't fixed. It kept overheating and the shop did some repairs and replaced the expansion tank as well as the whole shroud. Pretty parts. Still not fixed. After the third visit and about $1600.00 i went to a friend an hour away and he found a plug that was unfastened. My friend (licensed mechanic) put the plug back in and it has worked fine since. The auto shop wanted $2400.00 to have the cylinder head resurfaced. Thank God my friend stepped in and helped. He fixed it for free.I feel that I was lead on at Motor Sports International. Kept getting worse and then they had the nerve to say I was the one who ruined the cylinder head. When it wasn't even ruined. They acted so badly it makes me think they were trying to get rid of me. Now I have an honest car guy although an hour away. It still costs way less than going to Motor Sports International.

    1998 BMW 528i
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  • Cathy7 years ago

    I guess they are doing good work. Have no issues with the work though the parts prices are higher then at the BMW dealership half the time. When it comes to hourly rates, I feel they are charging somewhat on the high end for a non-dealership place. Also, the inside of my car is sometimes messier then before, but nothing serious.

    If you want to feel safe, this shop will make you happy. If you expect exceptional, this is not the right place for you.

    Maybe I am spoiled. But after all, in this service business, ...why not. I am the customer, just don't feel treated like a queen.

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