Portland Autohaus

5409 SE Francis Street,
Portland, OR 97206 US
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Portland Autohaus is an automotive repair shop in Portland, OR specializing in BMW service and repair. We have 30 years experience in the automotive industry. Our technicians are factory trained/certified and use the proper factory diagnostic equipment capable of programming and enconding your BMW.

We have 5 years experience working for BMW Rasmussen. We use 20 GT-1 factory diagnostics and 2012 Snap-on Verdict with all domestic, Asian and European software.

From Classic Alfa Romeo to current makes and models including, Nissan, Audi, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, and Acura, we can take care of your import vehicles as well as track cars.


  • I recently contacted Brandon about getting my AC recharged on my 2003 Mini Cooper, Brandon was extremely efficient in getting me into his shop and taking care of business. He is professional, kind, efficient and honest, not over charging like other shops. He got my AC recharged in about 20 minutes and charged me less than half of what other shops were quoting me. I would 110% recommend Brandon! I could tell right off the bat that he was honest and did his job well, and wasn't trying to rip me off by any means. I think we can all appreciate an honest mechanic, they're far and few between and we need more like him!

    When I brought my car in I had mentioned to him that I also recently had gotten some work done at another shop the week prior spending over $1800.00, Brandon took a look at the work that they had done (investing quite a bit of time for no charge to make sure I didn't get ripped off by the other shop) low and behold, Brandon was quick to inform me that in fact, some of the work that I had paid a tremendous amount of money for never actually got done at all. I quickly contacted the shop and they had informed me that they indeed had not done the work that they had charged me for, and reimbursed me. Brandon set up the quickest time he could get my Mini Cooper back into his shop to look over everything to make sure that it indeed was running well for my long drive to Los Angeles the week following. I am so thankful for his generous time and energy! Put your money where you know work is actually getting done, Brandon is the guy you want for all your mechanic work!