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Introducing Portland Motor Works... a New Source for BMW Service and Repair.

We are proud to announce the opening of Portland Motor Works, an independent shop where you can take your BMW for reliable service, repairs and scheduled maintenance. Our mission is to offer BMW owners outstanding service based on experience, knowledge, and personalized customer care.

Portland Motor Works is owned and operated by Niles Todd, a factory trained, Certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician with additional advanced level certification. A former Lead Level One Technician for a respected Portland BMW dealership, he has over 35 years experience in the luxury European automotive industry.

We are here to serve you. Come by and get acquainted!


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  • Anne Keesee2 years ago

    Great place! Portland Motorworks came highly recommended as a place to take my Audi. They did not disappoint. On top of doing top notch work, they are pleasant and easy to deal with. Highly recommend!

  • Bob Greer2 years ago

    My BMW was experiencing a long term mystery illness. Periodically, it would apply brakes without my intervention. While driving. Needless to say, this was distressing. PMW did a very thorough investigation and tons of research, when they found this was reported once in the UK. They informed me of the potential root cause and the possible solutions. We started with the least invasive, a software update. This fixed my issue! The team here is very engaged, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and friendly.

  • Vance Corcoran2 years ago

    Very professional, efficient and honest to deal with! Niles is personable and very straight forward. The front desk ladies are very friendly and make you feel right at home.

  • Jennifer E.2 years ago

    These guys (and gals) are absolutely AMAZING!!! They went above and beyond for me and took the time to explain everything to me! Due to the weather I can't get in Portland to pick up my X5 and they are do understandable and kind!!! I will definitely continue to use these guys so long as I drive a BMW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Juice Jetson2 years ago

    I can’t even explain how happy I am that I took my BMW here. I have a very inflexible job and they were able to let me pick up my car after hours which was a huge stress killer for me. They were great at communicating and I love how they send you very HD photos of the issues they discover. Mandy was super nice and helpful. Seriously appreciate you guys so much. -Nathan Kirkpatrick

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15 Reviews

  • Jason cruz
    Jason cruz2 years ago

    Horrible experience. Gave me some after market stop start button that doesn’t even fit correctly. Then gets mad because I was dissatisfied. Also, loaned me a car that’s very dangerous to drive with the alignment off. Poor customer service. Secretary literally lied & said I was getting loud with her & that I need to calm down when I wanted clarification on the paperwork they gave me. Stating that I refused service that was recommended when I never was told about.

    2014 BMW X6
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    Niles2 years ago

    I'm sorry you feel this way Jason. It was a factory BMW part, purchased on your behalf from BMW of Portland. We did have your loaner inspected and found absolutely no issues with it. As a matter of fact, no one else has ever complained about any of our loaner vehicles. Before or after your visit. Maybe you were having a bad day, but you did get belligerent with my staff and I, going as far as pulling out the "race card" on me when I was trying explain things to you. All of your "recommended services" were clearly and digitally communicated to the contact numbers we had on file. I'm sorry if they did not get passed on to you. We do strive here to provide the best customer experience and it saddens me that you were so disappointed.

  • Karen Helzer
    Karen Helzer5 years ago

    Finally a place to take my Beemer! I previously used a BMW dealership for repairs but recently had a bad and expensive experience and am not going back. Portland Motor Works was great to work with and did a super job at a reasonable price. Bravo!

    1999 BMW 328i
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  • Jeff Bushor
    Jeff Bushor6 years ago

    Tried Niles and the crew at Portland Motor Works for the first time. Could not be happier! He diagnosed my issues and offered a couple of different solutions. There were a couple of “iffy” items that were in a gray area. Rather than trying a sales push he said let’s wait and see if it corrects itself. It did. These guys are knowledgeable, honest, fast and very accurate. In one word-integrity! Can’t wait to refer them to my friends! Thanks Niles, you guys are truly the best!

    2002 BMW 330ci
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  • Clifford Dusky
    Clifford Dusky6 years ago

    The owner is very knowledgeable and also an honest, nice man. He didn't try to sell me on things that may not be necessary at this point in time. He inspected my BMW, told me the most pressing issues, and fixed them in a very quick time frame. I would recommend Portland Motor Works to anyone wanting an honest BMW mechanic who does good work.

    2004 BMW 325XI
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  • Matthew
    Matthew7 years ago

    I had a recent issue with a battery drain and brought it to my regular BMW dealership. Upon diagnosis, they also mentioned to me that I needed to have my evaporator replaced because the AC blew warm air, the bill was extremely high as I did not expect this issue at all. I replaced the battery but I refused the service and brought it to Niles at Portland Motor Works based on the other stellar reviews I saw. I was not disappointed. There he explained to me how rare it is to replace the evaporator and the intricacies of the AC system working in conjunction with other BMW systems and was impressed with this knowledge (he has extensive certifications regarding BMW vehicles) and helping me understand on a customer level what he sees, what he's planning to do and what to expect in the future. I'm done bringing it to the dealership and I will vouch for Portland Motor Works for it's excellent and ethical service.

    2011 BMW 335xi
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  • Raj
    Raj7 years ago

    I read some very positive reviews about Portland Motor Works and Niles online while I was shopping for an alternate place to get my car fixed, rather than taking it to the dealership like I used to do in the past. I called PMW and Niles answered the call, he came across as very proficient and knowledgeable, identifying and narrowing down the part(s) that needs to be fixed with ball park estimates, all of which were very useful. I took my car down with the presumption that I'd be leaving it overnight at his shop. Upon arrival, he offered to take a look immediately, identified, replaced and fixed the failed part and off I was on the road again in less than 30 minutes! I'm extremely satisfied with Niles' professionalism and work and would definitely take my car back to his shop for the next service when needed.

    2001 BMW 530i
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  • Reed Forrester
    Reed Forrester7 years ago

    I called asking Niles if he offered PPI and the cost. He does of course offer PPI's, I proceeded to ask him some questions on the car I was thinking about purchasing. He was very helpful and thoughtful on the phone and took his time with me and answered all my questions about various BMWs. He wasn't trying to sell me anything, he was just straight up honest in his responses. I'm from out of state, but if I lived in the Portland Oregon vicinity, I would definitely, without a doubt have Niles and his team at Portland Motor Works service my car. The guy is just completely straight up honest and knows his BMWs! Thank you Niles for your help!

    2001 BMW 750iL
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  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams7 years ago

    I unfortunately was burned by the dealership I was trying to have the car inspected here, but I feel like Niles left a good enough impression to warrant a review.

    Niles was extremely helpful over the phone. Prior to even seeing the car he was already working with me on understanding the intricacies of the car I was interested in, and it's potential upcoming maintenance items. He was accommodating in every way, he knew exactly what he was talking about, and I am now going to shop for cars exclusively in that area just so I can give him and Portland Motor Works my future business.

    Thank you Niles! Best of luck

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • lane
    lane8 years ago

    This vehicle was diagnosed by one of the local BMW dealerships stating that it needed a transfer case costing three to five thousand dollars. When Niles checked it out it appeared that it simply needed to be serviced and reset the protocol. This saved thousands and it was quite clear that Niles is a savvy technician and interested in the welfare of his clientele.

    Portland Motor Works is operated on the premise of honesty, respect, and excellent work at a reasonable price. They stand behind their work with a full guaranty.

    They want to be your repair option for life. And it would be a good decision!

    2004 BMW X 3
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  • Miguel L
    Miguel L9 years ago

    I found Portland Motor Works on a google search when my car broke down late at night in north Portland. After reading some of the good reviews I went with my instinct and had the tow driver drop my car off at Niles shop, further than a place I initially was going to, and man I'm terribly glad I did. Just plain honest and ethical work done here at Portland Motor Works. Niles was extremely professional and honest with his assessment. No pushy sales scam here. Niles is a class act people person who gets the job done right. I felt good knowing my car was in good hands and it's been running great ever since. Fast affordable service is what you will get. I would recommend to anyone who wants great work at a great price. I will be returning here for future maintenance on my 330Ci

    2001 BMW 330Ci
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    Niles Todd8 years ago


    Thank You for your kind words. I truly appreciate your business.


  • Kenny Greene
    Kenny Greene9 years ago

    My BMW was breaking down, and managed to pull into Portland Motor Works. It's just one guy there, but he thoroughly inspected my vehicle and I help as though here was a mechanic that wasn't trying to use this opportunity to screw me over, sell me some big expensive part, or scare me into purchasing something I didn't need. I wish more places were like that.

    1995 BMW 525i
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    Niles Todd9 years ago

    Thanks Kenny.

    I'm glad I could help.

  • James Hermann
    James Hermann9 years ago

    Niel impressed me with his depth of knowledge and honesty. It's a good and somewhat a rare feeling to 'trust' in this day and age...think Congress and you'll know exactly what I mean.

    1989 BMW 325i
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  • Chuck
    Chuck9 years ago

    I am grateful to have found a mechanic for my BMW that is an amazing mechanic but incredibly honest and ethical. He could have easily had me pay for unneeded parts and services and I would have been totally unaware and likely to have paid for these parts and services.Instead he fixed the existing part and used his computer to reset some electrical issues and things have worked out quite well saving me time and a lot of money. I highly recommend using Niles and Portland Motor Works for your BMW repair needs!

    2001 BMW 330I
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  • Mark Graves
    Mark Graves9 years ago

    Niles, owner of Portland Motor Works, is a mechanic's mechanic. I feel he treats my truck the same way he would treat his own.

    Financially, he was willing to work with me with the amount I was willing to spend, never pressuring me to spend a penny more or less. He was happy to do as little, or as much work as I wanted in a timely manner.

    Niles is not only a master mechanic, but very tech-savvy, which is more important than ever these days. He's great at sending detailed videos and photos explaining exactly what needs being replaced and why.

    1994 Toyota Pickup 4x4 22re
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  • Michael
    Michael9 years ago

    Portland Motor Works was an all around outstanding and a smooth auto repair shop. They had exactly what I needed, and fixed my problems within a small time frame. Not only were they very humble and proficient working people, they were the only shop which could fix my BMW's problem, for a reasonable price, from Eugene to Seattle.

    1997 BMW M3
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