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5 Reviews

  • Terrell Turner6 years ago

    Vic appears to be a conscientious mechanic and may very well have good intentions but the quality of his work stinks to the lowest level possible. I had my engine rebuilt and have taken it back to him four times and the problem has gotten progessively worst. I would rather burn my vehicle than to have him touch it.

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    Vic6 years ago

    I understand your frustration, however; I fully informed you that your 1997 BMW Z3 - with 150,000 miles, had several critical problems besides the engine itself. I'm afraid your expectations were too high considering the age and wear on your vehicle. Best of luck to you.



  • Ron and Marsha Carr6 years ago

    Vic did a brake job and replaced the fan in the air-conditioner on our 2003 525i. Good job for much less than dealership or other shops. Then had brakes done on 2001 Ford F150. No squeaking and for less money! The shop is clean and orderly which also says a lot!

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  • Thomas Iizuka7 years ago

    Vic is a master mechanic who is both friendly and professional.

    He has a great reputation and I was recommended to him by not one but two of my friends.

    I have had 2 separative services performed on time and on budget.

    1.) Valve gasket replacement

    2.) Spark plug replacement and all fluid changes

    I own a 745i and would recommend him to anyone that owns a BMW or other German car.

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  • Jugaitafa8 years ago

    Vic is the best!! he is very affordable and very smart when it comes to bmw's or anything really. He helped out with a total service that was supposed to be just a oil change. Didnt push anything that didnt need to be done and was very fast about fixing the vehicle.

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  • Chadicus019 years ago

    Had a "Service Engine Soon" light come on. (03' BMW 325i) Was in a hurry to get it fixed as a upcoming DEQ trip was in the works for tags. All the big dealers in town wanted $60 to $80 just to hook up and diagnose the problem. I spoke with the owner and he said bring it right down. Took about 4 minutes to plug in diagnose and reset the light (minor deal caused in his mind by a loose gas cap) Vic even set my clock and reset the Oil Change alert (the place I took it last to get the oil changed didn't know how) all for NO CHARGE! I gave him $40 bucks for some cold beverages for helping me out.:) Very Happy to spend the $40 versus getting bent over and spending $60 to $80 at the other places. Highly Recommend these guys!!!!

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