George Riggin Specialty Automotive

430 Harmony Way,
Harmony, PA 16037 US
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Specializing in European imports. 30 years of Porsche experience.

2 Reviews

  • Mike Weaver
    Mike Weaver6 years ago

    They checked out the problem and called to explain what they found and gave a good estimate of the costs before they did any work. When I stopped to pick up the car, the bill was very close to what they said it would be. No surprises. Very friendly staff and I’ll use them again. And I am!

    2000 BMW 323ci
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    JOHN A SINNIGEN9 years ago

    Hi. Back in 2006 I called to a BMW dealer in Swickley, pretty sure I spelled that right,as I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore, but do come up to take care of business from VA. 2 to 3 times a year.They told me about George and said he went on his own,and that he was a five star Mech.Well off I went,and we have had a great relationship for 8 years.He has worked on my 2002-2004 Mini's and my classic 1979 240 sl Mercedes.

    When you drive up to see George,after talking to him for 5 minutes you know your in the right place.You look around at the cars he has in his shop and on his lot,and you see high dollar quality new,and classic cars.he does not advertise because He has a loyal base of customers who come back.He has all the equipment to do the job and the cumputers to find out whats up.

    More than anything is you will never meet a more mellow,nice honest guy. when your car comes out of his shop,it's fixed,if it's not ready he will let you know,no shady work with George. He is a true Diamond in the Rough who I would put up against any top mechanic in Pittsburg.All above is true and georgr knows me by name. Call me anytime at 412-862-6122-or go out of your way 30 minutes,and go home with piece of mind. thx John S.

    2002 Mini Cooper REGULAR
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