European Import Specialist

144 Howe Hall Road,
Goose Creek, SC 29445 US
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We have 6 lifts and room for 16 vehicles in our shop. Our mechanics specialize in Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Each mechanic only works on one brand so the same mechanic will work on your car every time.

2 Reviews

  • Chris
    Chris5 years ago

    Awesome repair shop. Honest, dependable, and comparable service to BMW dealership but at a reasonable price and they warranty their work. I have been taking my. BMW's (7 series, 5 series, and 3 series) to this shop for 5 years (even under old ownership) the repair techs still work there.

    Always satisfied and the owner will even give you a ride home if the car takes longer. Wow! Service you don't get at dealership.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • CC
    CC7 years ago

    Awesome experience with new ownership and services: leaking coolant, leaking oil, spitting engine. I had to let the car go but these guys made sure I got fixed for a very good price knowing that I was going to trade after 6mos. Honest and dependable and met their commitment dates without any trouble with car. Car held up so well, i was tempted to keep. I told the dealer everything repaired but they didn't care - wholesale and bye bye.

    2003 BMW 745i
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