Ken Baker Originals - Myrtle Beach

108 B April Gray Ln,
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 US
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Ken Baker Originals is Myrtle Beaches only European specialty shop! We have factory diagnostic equipment for all European makes.

We are the only alternative to the higher priced dealer. 20% to 30% less guaranteed. Don't trust your BMW to anyone else and don't go out of town for service come see what we have been doing for nearly 33 years!!

We are the only shop in Myrtle Beach with Porsche dealer grade diagnostic equipment. You no longer have to go out of town for quality service. Come see what we can do for your car!!

11 Reviews

  • Josh
    Josh4 years ago

    I used this app to find a BMW independent shop when I moved to Myrtle Beach. I am very glad I did. This is a top notch find. I am a little more at peace with my decision to move to the area knowing my car will be well maintained.

    2014 BMW 528I
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  • James
    James4 years ago

    Fair prices and quality work. It's nice to know they have several locations in cities I travel too. I am well pleased

    2011 BMW 550I
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  • Fran
    Fran5 years ago

    Quality repair fair price.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Jim
    Jim7 years ago

    I use these guys for my Benz. So I tried them with my girlfriends BMW. Glad I did. Same great service.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Jeff Monroe
    Jeff Monroe7 years ago

    I payed same price for parts with Ken as I did at the dealer 1 year later. exact same price for dealer parts as aftermarket parts from his shop. had to have my car fixed again for same problem 14 thousand miles later. checking receipt to see what the difference was between first repair and second I noticed that the dealer was really only a few dollars more, and their warranty is good at any dealer. I don't drive in only the Myrtle Beach area, so their warranty is only good when I am at home. I drive all over the southeast for work so off to the dealer I will go from now on.

    2004 BMW 5 series
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    Cal Baker7 years ago

    Jeff Monroe,

    We are a Bosch Certified repair shop. Bosch is the OEM manufacturer for the air flow sensor we put on your car. Therefore it was NOT aftermarket but OEM!!! Warrantied nation wide at any other Bosch shop. Even with the warranty being expired due to milage we may have been able to help had you come to us. As for the price that is only about a 1/2 hour job so there is not much room to save many dollars. The dealer charges $120.00 per hour and we charge only $85.00

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson7 years ago

    I love Ken Bakers!! for several years now I have taken my cars to Cal at Ken Bakers, and this week he cemented my business for good, I lost a belt and had to have my car towed for the first time, they sent a wrecker (driver was great) and got me back on the road same day, I was unhappy about my belt but upon discussion with Daryl, they had actually recommended I replace it last time I was in for an oil change. next time I will listen, but getting back on the road same day after everything I went through!! Cal will be working on my car from now on. Thank you and god bless you and your staff. Bob Johnson 2005 BMW 530i

    2005 BMW 530i
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  • Bill
    Bill7 years ago

    Very pleased wit the service I receive from these guys!! I will not trust my car to anyone else around. From the appearance of the property to the quality of work I give a 10.0

    2011 BMW 750
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  • Cal Baker
    Cal Baker8 years ago

    At John Henry,

    You are correct sir I do in fact sell quite a few higher mileage cars as cheap as possible. I also sell them as is. The buyer has every chance to inspect the car have a mechanic inspect and check the car out and decide if they want to purchase it or not. We also offer quite a few newer cars with lower mileage which all come with warranties. Rather than complaining because you purchased a higher mileage older car why not simply purchase a newer low mileage car so there would be nothing to complain about.

    2008 BMW 330i
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  • john henry
    john henry8 years ago

    Run, don't believe anything Cal Baker tells you !!! What ever you do don't buy any of their cars.......

    they have high mileage and lots of problems! You will need to bring back for them to charge you to fix!... In the last ten years, i purchased two cars from them w,nothing but issues.......Go check the cars they have on the car lot for sale ,you will see 2003/2004 models with price tags like $12 to $14000. on cars with 200,000 miles and w/problems they hide ,and you inherit them unknowingly.......... Good luck!

    BMW bmw and mercedes models
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  • Sally h.
    Sally h.10 years ago

    THANK YOU< THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! My vacation was saved after Cal came in on his day off and fixed my BMW! To him it was just a water pump, to me it was a year of work saving for my vacation! It could have been horrible but Cal came in on Saturday fixed my car and we were on our way. Hade a great time in Myrtle Beach!! thanks Cal

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  • Darrel J Dore
    Darrel J Dore11 years ago

    I have had routine maintenance as well as a cooling system update done by Cal and Ken Bakers shop and the work was first class and less expensive than the local BMW dealer. They not only have many years experience but they also employ a BMW trained mechanic, with 16 years experience, that just moved here from Northern Virginia. They are great!

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