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1986 Fletcher Creek Dr,
Memphis, TN 38133 US
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20 Reviews

  • Brady Bunch
    Brady Bunch3 months ago

    My baby is on the way to becoming an antique. Couldn't imagine having her serviced anywhere else... Superior technical automotive expertise and service, always genuine BMW parts, a-n-d phenomenal customer service.

    2001 BMW 740il
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  • John B Murphy
    John B Murphy7 months ago

    Have been dealing with Alpine for 12 years. Wife and I have had a 330, 740, 535 and now a 750. Completely satisfied. My wife thought of changing over to a Lexus but when I reminded her Alpine only does BMW's...…..done deal another BMW.

    2008 BMW 750il
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    ARCHIVAL URBANO1 year ago

    Our car had been serviced by Alpine for the last 13 years providing fast, efficient repair with the best customer experience without hurting your pocket. Even when I was stationed overseas, Denise and John would always make themselves available providing advice regarding repairs and automotive diagnosis. Up to the last day, I had Alpine do a complete checkup and repair.

    It is sad that we have to move to California. I give them Five STARS.

    1996 BMW 328i
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  • Valerie
    Valerie1 year ago

    I’m new to the area and I had questions about a repair and price quoted by another service dept and I called Alpine for assurance. Denise researched my problem and put my mind at ease. She went out of her way for me and my vehicle isn’t in their shop. All praises to Alpine for making a lady and her car feel special.

    2013 BMW X3 28i
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  • Heather Scroggs
    Heather Scroggs2 years ago

    Alpine Auto works has been servicing/repairing my BMWs for the last 10+ years. I don't trust anyone but John and his team with my vehicles. They provide honest, exceptional service every time.

    2015 BMW 328 xi
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  • John Colmer
    John Colmer2 years ago

    I have been a satisfied customer of Alpine for decades. My wife and I have been through several BMWs and have had all service done there. They have the capabilities to work on the newest computerized vehicles as well as the expertise to turn my 1987 classic into a track beast. The crew is always pleasant and knowledgeable. I have recommended several people to them with successful outcomes.

    2012 BMW M6 Cabriolet
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  • Greg Aplin
    Greg Aplin2 years ago

    I'm on my 4th BMW since 1999, and it has been a pleasure to have Alpine do the work on them that I can't or isn't something that needs a specialist. I trust the shop without question; if they tell me something needs to be done, it needs to be done, and if it can wait - as these things can get pricey - they let you know that as well. Face it, if you're going to love and drive a BMW, it's gonna cost ya. You need someone like John to guide you through the pitfalls, and he is a masterful guide.

    2002 BMW 325iT
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  • Andrea Ware
    Andrea Ware2 years ago

    This was my first time taking my car to Alpine. I was referred by a man at the gas station who has been taking his car to them for years. My car needed a lot of work so I decided to try them out. I had wonderful experience. They looked over my car and kept me updated on everything they found that needed repair, and explained everything to me so I could understand what was going on. They did some of the repairs. I very satisfied. I will be taking my car back to get the rest finished.

    2012 BMW 528I
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  • Garth Webster
    Garth Webster8 years ago

    My first experience with Alpine was after Roadshow BMW told me I needed two new front tires at a cost of $1,100 with alignment. After initially agreeing to have the work done, I instead decided to purchase 4 new Michelin Pilot Sports for $1,000. I then took the car to Alpine to have it aligned where they drove the car and told me that I did not need an alignment. Since i walked in ready to hand over a couple hundred dollars to have it aligned, I was more than pleased by their honesty.

    Since that day, I have become a regular customer and have not had a single bad experience. I tend to drop in early in the mornings with no advanced notice and they always put my car on the rack almost immediately and I am on my way within the hour.

    It's hard to find honest car mechanics anywhere, but this is one shop that can be trusted.

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  • Tom Coughlin
    Tom Coughlin9 years ago

    I have been taking my '98 M Roadster to Alpine for about 8 years and I have never had anything but positive experiences.

    I like to do a lot of work on the car myself but there are some things beyond my capability, skill set and tool set. When I know I can't do what's needed I turn to John knowing it will be done correctly and priced fairly.

    And on the occasions when I have tried a repair beyond my skill level, John has come to my rescue either with advice or a tow truck.

    In this area there are a few shops who specialize on BMWs and other European performance cars. I've tried a couple and they were good but I'm just more comfortable working with John based on his experience, approach and helpfulness.

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  • Matt Coleman
    Matt Coleman10 years ago

    I have known John and the guys at Alpine for most of my adult life now. I can say without a shadow of doubt that they are the most honest, straightforward, and professional BMW shop i have ever dealt with. My father worked with John at the BMW dealer way back in the early 1980's and can attest also to his awesome ability in repairing, tuning, and modifying/racing BMWs. Over the years Alpine has worked on every vehicle i have personally owned from BMWS to toyotas to Ford diesel trucks, and has made each one something that it wasnt before they took it in. Something personal and special. I have seen enough of Johns work through the years to be able to recognize it when i see it on any BMW i may look at. That says a TREMENDOUS amount about a shops reputation, Quality and knowledge in the repair that you can actually "see". In addition to BMWs, the guys at Alpine can custom fabricate just about anything you would ever need/want for any vehicle, from full exhaust to a roll cage or custom chassis for racing purposes..............and they can do it all from their modest facility which in my mind is truly remarkable. John is absolutely a world class technician and the only person i would refer my own family to without thinking twice.............

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  • Tony
    Tony10 years ago

    I took my 540i to alpine to have coils replaced, I was told i didn't need coils, I needed a different part that tripled the price. i was told by owner he would not replaced coils because they where not the problem (did I mention I had already purchase 8 coils from E-bay).

    I had my car towed to West Memphis and had my colis replaced for $185 instead of paying $900 at Alpine. My car runs like a champ.

    hey I'm not hear to trash someone's business, just communicating my experience.

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  • Jesse
    Jesse10 years ago

    After reading a few of these reviews, I decided to take my new 2004 330i ZHP in for an inspection. Alpine looked it over thoroughly and ran the codes. Then the mechanic sat down with me for about 10 minutes to discuss the car and any questions I had. Before I left, they washed the car for me at no charge. The people there were very friendly, and the mechanic was very knowledgeable. Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm glad I found a competent, friendly shop to take my new car to.

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  • Lou Porter
    Lou Porter10 years ago

    I brought my car to Alpine after having a problem with my heating/cooling system. I was surprised that I was able to bring my car in the same day I called and the car was repaired in approximately two hours. While there, they noticed that I needed an oil change and this was done. I was pleased with the service and the price of same.

    For me, my first encounter with Alpine was excellent. I will take my care back when I need service. The staff was very professional and attentive.

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  • E. Pierce
    E. Pierce10 years ago

    After reading John's reply (above) I was impressed enough to give him a try so I had John's team fix a broken door handle on my car. They were able to identify several other items that would soon need attention and help me prioritize which repairs would be absolutely necessary vs "convenient." (As an unemployed grad-student, convenience is not something I can afford, yet).

    At first, I was very happy with the results of the repair, but after a week the new door handle started "sticking." When I called back to see what they could do, I was told I would need to pay a $150 service charge just to take off the door for inspection. This was really frustrating to hear since I thought I had just paid them to FIX the problem and now I must pay to "take a look at what MIGHT be the problem."

    When I asked to speak with John regarding my concern, I found him to be very understanding and professional. My frustration was caused by a simple misunderstanding. John, thanks for reminding me that win-win situations can be made without getting worked up or losing one's temper!

    I definitely will continue to refer my friends/family to John!

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  • Ken A.
    Ken A.10 years ago

    As I mentioned in my first post, I was a long time Alpine customer. Like any long-term relationship there will be disagreements and that's what happened with Alpine and I. I was a bit frustrated after having to spend a pretty good portion of money after a previous visit and probably a bit harsh in my post. Alpine, In my mind is still the most professional and knowledgable shops in Memphis and definitely a MUCH better alternative than "THE" dealership. I received a call from Alpine owner, Mr. Scheidhauer and was quite surprised but also very impressed that the owner of a business that does so well would care enough to call a customer personally to ask about my concerns and ask how to make things better. We talked and cleared the air and I felt much better about the whole situation. He could have brushed my concerns off, not thought any more about it, and still made his money but took the time to contact me, nowadays that's kinda rare. That let me know their priorities are in the right place. I've relocated to California now but I still would recommend Alpine, as a matter of fact, I just recommended them to my buddy's girlfriend.

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  • Ken A.
    Ken A.11 years ago

    I have been using alpine for over 6 years. I have always been VERY satisfied with them until lately. It seems now that they've gone from a very good and honest auto repair shop to a sales-driven repair shop. You take it in for one thing and they tell you about 20 other things that are wrong with your car. They make you think that your car is about to fall apart and that you can't afford to leave the shop without the repairs they say you need. I don't mind knowing what's wrong with my car but the last time I was there it got ridiculous. I compared my last copy of repairs to a copy of repairs they did last year and realized that they changed some of the same parts both times! In the past, because I trusted them I didn't question them extensively when they said I needed something done. I had a hard time believing that they are now reduced to taking advantage of customers. I've spent a lot of money there and I don't have the money to throw away on a business that takes advantage of their good customers. I used to brag on them but now I won't give them another dime of my money. I hate it's come to that.

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    John Scheidhauer11 years ago

    My name is John Scheidhauer, I own Alpine Autoworks in Memphis, TN. I have been in the business of repairing BMW autos for over 20 years. I take the utmost pride in what I do and in my relationships with my customers. I run a small shop and at times get really busy but I always try to make myself available to my customers. Honestly I was unaware that Ken or Kelly above had any problems with our service until I read it here. I have since contacted both of them and Kelly actually came back to the shop for service work before I talked to him. To the best of my knowledge both of them have agreed that they will continue to do business with us here at Alpine. Both also agreed to update their post's and Kelly did on one site but it hasn't appeared here and I can't see that Ken has made any attempt. Personally if I have a problem with a service I receive at any business I attempt communication with the owner or manager BEFORE bashing them on any public forum. I can see where both of these cases resulted in my customers being unpleased with us but sometimes that happens. When cars break down it never makes us happy and we aren't perfect here but we make very attempt at perfection. I hope you won't allow the opinions of a few to sway you from visiting our shop. I think you will find we offer great personal service for your pride and joy. You can hear me say almost every day "If this were my car I would..." I try to approach every car as if it were my own. If I can't justify making a repair on my own car how could I expect you to do the same on yours. Thanks for reading my reply.


  • kelly kirk
    kelly kirk11 years ago

    I have been going to alpine for several years. Start first with an 325i and now for the past two years I have been bring in my 740 i.

    I have gotten for the most part great customer service and good mechanical service. The price for services also has been good. HOWEVER, the last year or so I have not been happy at all and wonder why I keep going back now. Guess I want NOT to believe it will happen again, again and again. I feel like they have used my car to "train" the kids in the shop. I do not mind paying to fix the car- I have spent 8k with them and i would say I am a model customer. But when I pay to fix a problem i expect the problem to be fixed and not to have to continue to bring the car in only to be told that it is another problem or have them refix it cause of poor work. I again have to bring the car in to have them fix work they agree is incorrect by there fault. They have always fixed, refixed in a great manner and timely but- i would rather pay a dealer or someone else to fix the right problem or fix it once the first time. They tell me sorry over and over again but sorry is not getting it anymore for this customer-geez!

    I will not go back to them again and it hurts me to say that.

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  • Vicki Gore
    Vicki Gore12 years ago

    I have been going to Alpine for several years and would not continue to own my 540i

    if it were not for them. The repairs are priortized and nothing is done unnecessarily. On the other hand, if something is really important, I am made aware of its urgency. Everyone I have referred has appreciated knowing about Alpine Auto.

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  • Greg Quaidy
    Greg Quaidy13 years ago

    If you own a BMW in the Memphis area this is your shop. I've tried the others along with the lone stealership. Oh but it's way up North you say. Drive it over there you will not be dissapointed. Only honest shop in town as far as I can tell.

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