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We are Nashville's premier BMW specialty shop offering factory diagnostics and service at a reasonable price!


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  • German Motorworks is always very affordable and has good, quick service! They do a great job and I recommend German Motorworks! Thanks to Bret and his great team! See you in the new year!

    James R., via Google
  • Excellent service and experts for German and high end cars. Recommended.

    Matt W., via Google
  • Awesome people, very honest and technical in their approach.

    Sean K., via Google

3 Reviews

  • Justin Dunn
    Justin Dunn1 year ago

    Picked up a new to me BMW 335i after getting back from deployment as something to keep me occupied. It had some serious suspension problems going on and had already replaced the control arms, had an alignment, and had replaced rear shocks. I continued having problems so I reached out and and told them I wanted to get it looked at and figure out exactly what was wrong and causing the problem. And then depending on what it is I was going to do it DIY it like I usually try to do or I would have them do the repairs as I am a single father in nursing school and don’t exactly have all the time in the world to spare doing it myself if it turned out to be a large problem. The owner told me to bring it in Wednesday and they would look at it, awesome! I bring it in at 9:45 am, hand them my keys, and let them go about their day. Fast forward to noon on Thursday and I haven’t had a call or email about anything. I understand schedules get busy and stuff comes up and so I call and don’t get an answer at the shop, I text the owner just a quick message saying I tried to reach them and couldn’t get through and appreciate the time if he’s free. I get no response and then decide to call the shop again around 2:30-3 because I know they will be closing soon and I get an answer, they give Brett the phone and he explains what he found and says he hasn’t called me because he was waiting for quotes on a few bolts from BMW. I felt like it was somewhat of a run around but it’s my first experience with the shop so I thank him when he says he will call me later when he has it. Well, fast forward again to lunch on Friday and I still have no word and again call the shop to ask where we are at with the car. I’m told by someone at the shop to give them about ten minutes and they will call back when Brett comes back inside. I get a call back around 5 minutes later and I get a run down of the problems and then the quote. The quote was way more than I imagined and I don’t have 3,200 dollars at the moment so I inform them of that and tell them I’m gonna pay for the diagnosis and do what I can myself and go from there. It didn’t seem like it was a problem and I showed up to pay and get my car about two hours later. I have pay the bill and get my receipt and I’m on my way. Well after looking over my receipt I realize that the only notes of what was found wrong with the car or what we talked about on the phone was in a small box that was cut off. Well the point of getting the diagnosis was to know exactly what is wrong I would think I’d receive at least a piece of paper outlining it all so I have something for reference when I go to fix it. I call again and explain that whatever it does actually have on there in writing was cut off and I asked if I could get all of it. After about 45 seconds on the phone the guy says he can’t pull anything else up either and to give him 10 minutes and he will see what he can do. Well fast forward an hour and I have again not heard anything back. I call and ask what’s going on and finally the phone is given to Brett where he had a child like attitude about my request after making it known the notes were cut off dismissing that anything else was missing from the notes on the receipt, he then stops his statement and huffs telling me he will just email it and phone call ends. Well after getting the email I was end right there was A LOT of suggestions and that was cut off. It seems this place has a lot of good reviews and I was really hoping for the same but there was absolutely zero communication on their end throughout the entire process and was without my car for three days for what seemed like a pretty simple inspection of the suspension components. It not the customer service I was expecting but made no deal about it until the owner had such a big attitude over simply asking for something I feel like I should have had after paying for a service. Maybe I’m being ridiculous but I came out less than satisfied for the amount of money paid and because I made more effort to have good communication throughout the process.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Phil Kim
    Phil Kim2 years ago


    Swap of the old headlights to the DEPO halo ring headlights with LED for my f30

    Short List of Negatives:

    • Took longer than expected

    • Cost was twice the estimated amount (Eventually slightly cut, thankfully — the lone bright-ish spot)

    • Misused parts

    • Front bumper improperly fitted

    • Endless excuses/can't trust them to give me an honest price

    Long Version:

    I first interacted on the phone with Brett, seeing if a headlight swap was something they'd do — he said yes and added that they had done a lot of those. He was helpful, friendly, and informative as he recommend I go with the DEPO headlights from KIES Motorsport. I asked if he could estimate the cost and he told me $3-400. Everything was good to this point, he told me to reach out once the lights came in and we could set up an appt.

    Fast-forward to the day of the appt, I dropped off my car at 8am per my appt details and provided them the headlights and LED bulbs I wanted to use. Because I wasn't exactly sure the LEDs I got would work, I also included a pair of Halogens as backup. I made a point to explain all that as I dropped off my car/parts and went on my way. Later that day, knowing they were closing soon and I hadn't heard back, I figured I'd call and see if I could come pick it up before close. Turns out they hadn't started on it and I'd have to be car-less until at least the next day. Was disappointing/frustrating, especially because I'd need my car later that evening, but it was something I could deal with so I just looked forward to picking it up the next day.

    Next day around 10:30 they texted letting me know it was ready to go. The front desk guy tells me with a slight modification they were able to use the LED lights. Finally he tells me how much I owed, $611. As you can imagine I was shocked to hear - especially cause I had hoped it would be around $300. I questioned the cost hoping for a correction but ultimately I just gave up and paid the balance. After leaving I remembered they used the LEDs but didn't give me the backup halogens (I hoped to return them if unused as they were $70). I turned back around, asked the front desk guy for it (same guy I explained the bulb situation to) and he says he needs to check but thinks they used it for the highbeams, which he later confirms — at this point I'm livid. Jonathan eventually comes out to help rectify the situation as best he could. He adjusts the price so that I'd get $183 back, which brings my new total to ~$428. Better than nothing.

    But the cherry on top of all this was when I took a closer look at the work they'd done, I couldn't help but notice the gap between the bumper and hood was larger on one end vs the other. Not the most drastic of differences but definitely noticeable and upsetting considering how much they were charging me and how long it apparently took.

    2014 BMW 328i
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  • Nathan Coker
    Nathan Coker3 years ago

    This shop has caused irreparable damage to the exterior paint of my vehicle. I am posting my experience in hopes of sparing you a similar heartache.

    When picking up my vehicle I noticed that a large section of the paint on the hood of my car had bubbling clear coat and paint damage that was not present when the car was dropped off. I brought my car here for repair in good faith, never believing something like this would happen.

    I did not want to jump to conclusions but luckily I have a dash camera installed on my vehicle. I reviewed the footage before reaching out to the owner Brett. I messaged him and explained the whole situation. I provided him with the video and picture proof that the damage to the hood of my car had occurred at his shop. The video clearly shows the hood without and damage when they have the hood open on their lift. Footage from 5 days later shows them popping he hood and there is obviously a huge section of the clear coat that has been melted away. The owner assured me that the car had been on their secured lot for the entirety of its time in their possession. There is also a clip of the owner pointing out the damage and the technician clearly states it “wasn’t like that before.”

    It is very apparent by video evidence and the words of the technician that something terrible occurred to my vehicle while it was at the shop. The damage looks very akin to what might happen if brake fluid, or another highly corrosive material was spilled on the hood.

    Even after being provided with the proof that his shop has caused this damage, the owners still refuse to rectify the situation or take any responsibility for the actions of their technicians. I do not have the time or energy to take them to small claims. I am instead posting this review in hopes that I can prevent a fellow car enthusiast from making the same mistake.

    They fooled me once and shame on them.

    1996 BMW 318Ti
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