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7699 S. Northshore Dr.,
Knoxville, TN 37919 US
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Steve and Claire Gillespie opened Gillespie Import Service July 12th, 1999. Steve worked for Harper Porsche/Audi/Jaguar throughout the 80's until 1991, and Honda from 1991 until 1999. Originally the plan was for the shop to be import exclusive considering Steve's background, but after opening, soon realized that many BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc. owners also owned domestic vehicles, the plan changed. Currently, we have a factory trained BMW master technician, and a factory trained Mercedes Master technician on staff, along with Steve himself being ASE certified, and ASE certified Service Consultants. Our technicians use the latest in computer technology and software. In most cases, a customer can have their vehicle in, diagnosed, repaired, and be on the road again within two days time. So, for repairs, manufacturer recommend maintenance, or even detailing, Gillespie Imports can get the job done.

2 Reviews

  • david seifert3 years ago

    I initially went to this shop on a friends recommendation. He originally brought his BMW here for a repair and was so impressed with the work performed that he brings all his vehicles from Jefferson County (at least an hour away) for maintainance and repairs.If you really care about how well your car is repaired as I do, you'll consider Gillespies. Yes, they're hourly labor rate is high ($89/hr)compared to other shops I've had work performed, but the two repairs I've had done there have been flawless. I would prefer to pay a little more upfront and have it repaired correctly than to pay less but have to deal with unresolved issues causing me to have the problem fixed a second or third time. As with many things, you get what you pay for. I drive over an hour to get there from Sevierville, so that should tell you something about their quality of work. The owners seem very friendly and professional and run a well organized shop. My repairs were done in a timely manner and done the next day after I called to make an appointment. I wouldn't hesitate in the future to bring my car there for service/repairs.

    2002 BMW 330xi
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  • Jake Smith3 years ago

    I was quoted $1500 worth of repairs for my 2004 325ci. I spoke to my mother who is paying for the repairs and she said she would feel more comfortable dealing with another shop we always use. I asked to pay for my diagnostic and the lady tried to charge me double since I wasn't getting the work done there. Completely unethical business practices. After refusing to give in to her attempted shake down of a college student she yelled and said she would only charge the $90 we agreed upon. Terrible experience! Exceptionally untrustworthy people.

    2004 BMW 325 ci
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