Small Car Enterprises

1327 College Street,
Clarksville, TN 37040 US
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Small Car Enterprises, (located downtown Clarksville at the corner of Kraft, and College Street) has been the only exclusive shop in the Clarksville area, servicing import cars since the mid 70s. We specialize in European BMW, Mercedes, VW/Audi Volvos,and on occasion the exotic. We also sell quality repair parts for all makes over the counter for the do it yourself owner and other shops. We offer repair, and service work on classic British and German cars. We have access to a wide variety of used parts for all makes with our used parts locator service.

We have been in operation since the 1970s, first servicing air-cooled VWs, and 70s era British Cars, and have over the years added most all European autos. We don't work on American cars. We're not snobs. We just want to concentrate on what we know.

4 Reviews

  • RONNIE TOWNSEND1 year ago

    Took my vehicle to get my oil changed. About a week later the oil light came on. I took it back and they couldn't find anything wrong. My service engine light came on, so I took it to Carmax who sold me the because my car was under warranty through Maxcare. They did a scan and the code couldn't register, so they took it to the BMW dealership. There they had determined that there was no oil filter put in my car. It cost me put of my pocket for the scan and oil change and filter over $200 dollars. The reason I didn't go back and confront them, is that I probably wouldn't have gotten my money back anyway. Lesson learned (Go to the dealer). U.S. ARMY Retired

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Kelly Reynolds3 years ago

    We have sent our car to this shop on multiple occasions. Each time it seems our customer satisfaction gets worse. We left it there once when we had to leave to our wedding. We told them not to make any repairs over $1,000 without first contacting us. When we got back from our wedding, our bill was of course right under the amount we had limited it at. My wife's car has been there for about 2 weeks now. My wife went a week ago and they said that they hadn't touched the car yet when she had an appointment for the day they dropped it off. After questioning the shop called her back. They said that the problem was non existent and they had completely forgotten about the second problem she had with this car. It has been a week now since they have responded. You would think that after spending thousands of dollars here and visiting about once every other month, they wouldn't be so careless.

    2003 BMW Z4
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  • Laura Collins5 years ago

    I recently took my mini cooper for brakes to small car. I'm VERY upset about it because I got overcharged for the repair and the costumer service was the worst I ever experienced STAY AWAY from this place

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    Dennis Pedigo4 years ago

    The person that posted this comment is not in my Customer file so I expect it may have been left under an assumed name. I wish I were able to review the invoice to determine the problem.

  • Bailey Roberts6 years ago

    I had my 328i serviced here and it was the worst experience while servicing my car. The lady at the front had 0 knowledge and the owner Dennis 0 courtesy tome the paying costumer. I advice all BMW owners to stay away from this shop.

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