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Your Austin, Texas BMW repair and service center.

We provide full service and repairs for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, Mini-Cooper, Ferrari, and Lamborghini automobiles in Austin, Texas.

Our Mission

Our goal at Active Motorwerks is to provide our customers with honest diagnostics, dealership quality workmanship, and a touch of class without the dealership pricing. We understand that our reputation, integrity, and honesty is on the line everyday, with each and every single customer. We intend to build our image, one customer at a time, because we know that word of mouth and personal recommendations are very valuable to our business.

Every single customer has a choice when it comes to auto repairs. They can take their vehicles to clean and immaculately-kept dealerships and pay the extra cost of maintaining such a facility or filthy garages where it's unsafe to walk around; much less, leave their expensive investment that they rely on everyday. Just like a home is a reflection on it's owner, we applied the same principle to our place of work. Keeping our facility clean, organized, and with care will give you a peace of mind that your vehicles will receive the exact same treatment.


Specialized Service for Your Luxury BMW Vehicle

We currently service BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin and Mini-Cooper because of our experience, expertise and knowledge of these particular brands. Shops offering to be a one-stop shop with "jack of all trades" mechanics are simply exaggerating their capabilities.

Our motto is to always under-promise and over-deliver. Our carefully constructed concept ensures that our customers and their vehicles are serviced in a quality facility at an affordable price.

For our busy clients, we offer free wi-fi in a comfortably furnished lounge so that you may continue your work while you wait for service. Your experience at Active Motorwerks is extremely valuable to us and we intend to do all we can to maintain your patronage for many years to come. Please refer us to your friends, family and acquaintances if we have met your expectations of a quality dealership alternative shop.

Meet Our Master Mechanic Mario Garcia

Our Master Mechanic, Mario Garcia, is a factory-trained master technician for BMW and Maserati.



  • Active Motorwerks was extremely thorough in their diagnostics and sent me pics and info to help me make my decision. My car has never driven better.

    Tonia Q., via Yelp on July 7, 2012
  • If you want to pay less and deal with someone who knows what he's talking about without the hassle of a dealership, take your car to Active Motorwerks and have Mario take a look. I highly recommend him and know he'll do a great job for you.

    Paul M., via Yelp on July 3, 2012
  • The service was excellent and fast. Very reasonable prices and a friendly environment.

  • The guys at Active Motorwerks know their stuff! They love working on imports and love talking imports. Mario has always taken care of me and as long as I have German cars, he'll be the guy I go to. Great prices and even better.... great service!

  • Outstanding top quality work.

  • My recent experience at Active Motorwerks was fabulous. Being a bit of a skeptic of most auto repair shops, I found the staff knowledgeable, thorough and fair. I walked away very pleased with their service.

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2 Reviews

  • Mark Nachreiner1 year ago

    I own a 2006 BMW 330ci convertible and plan to keep it for 10 more years as it is in excellent condition after Mario worked on it. My BMW had an oil leak so I took it to Active Motorwerks to get an estimate on fixing the oil leak.

    Not only did Mario give me an estimate on the oil leak, he completely examined my car and found some wear and tear items that were also in need of repair. I had no idea that the items he suggested could make such a HUGE difference in how my car rode, handled, and ran.

    All I can say is that after Mario was finished with my car, it now feels like I am driving a 2016 BMW instead of a 2006 BMW. I am amazed at the difference in the car compared to how it was running before I took it to Active Motorwerks.

    If you are looking for a place to take your baby (car) and have someone give you an honest estimate of what it needs to stay in top mechanical condition, Active Motorwerks is the place and Mario is the man.

    I highly recommend this place as they take pride in their work and they don’t just rush through the job to collect money like a dealership or other car repair shops do.

    2006 BMW 330ci convertible
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  • Sara Henderson3 years ago

    My check engine light came on so I decided to take my x5 to the guys at Active Motorwerks . They explained to me in detail everything that needed to be fixed.Not only was the service excellent but when it was time to pay the bill I was pleasantly surprised on how much more affordable they were compared to other shops in the area. I will continue to take my business to Active Motorwerks and I would highly recommended them.

    2007 BMW x5
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