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12066 Starcrest Dr Ste. 400,
San Antonio, TX 78247 US
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Bavarian Auto Repair specialized in complete diagnosis and repair of all BMW and MINI vehicles. We have dealer trained and certified Master technicians using dealer level diagnostic and repair equipment.

Conveniently located near the airport in the Starcrest Center on the corner of Jones Maltsberger and Starcrest.

Call today to set up an appointment and find the personalized service experience you've been looking for at a lot lower cost than the dealership.

Now offering 20% off labor for new customers and as always ask about our military discounts.

Meet Our Owner

  • Jason Munoz


    My name is Jason, I'm originally from San Antonio, TX. I have over 10 years of dealer experience with BMW/MINI. I graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX and was then accepted into the BMW STEP program where I received 7 months of BMW specific training. I have worked as a BMW technician, BMW team leader, BMW shop foreman and a BMW service manager in multiple BMW/MINI dealerships including a dealership in Panama City, Rep. of Panama. In addition to my extensive technical training, I have acquired training in business and personnel management.

8 Reviews

  • Mike
    Mike5 years ago

    My E92 went into full on freak out mode while I was driving home from work - the warning lights on the panel took turns cycling through, the A/C and radio stopped working, and the windows were inoperable which was super given that I was sitting in rush hour traffic during the hottest part of the day in a black car.

    A bit of Google-fu led me to the probability of a bad battery with many similar stories on the Internet. I called the dealer the next morning to price out the OEM battery. Hmm. That's way too much and that price did not include the battery registration required in order to allow the PCM to set the appropriate charging voltages and track battery life.

    Once again, Google-fu turned up alternatives to the dealer and a bit of poking around led me to Bavarian Auto Repair with their array of 5-Star reviews. I was familiar with one of the other listed indy shops, through prior experience, and I wouldn't allow them to work on a dead cat that I found alongside the road.

    A quick call to Bavarian Auto Repair and I had a lower cost than the dealer quoted for battery for not only a new battery, but the installation and registration. Sign me up! I arrived just as the battery hit the shop and hung out in the very comfortable customer lounge drinking coffee and reading current magazines. Whoa!

    In short order the battery was swapped and the tech was checking voltages as the car idled. I wandered out to talk to him and found out that the voltage at the battery was running at about 17 volts. That's out of range for battery charging so it was determined that the alternator was also bad...which had probably gone bad and caused the battery to fail due to overcharging in a cascade failure mode. Cause and effect is always in play.

    Discussion and a quote for the alternator R&R came and went and I left the car for the balance of the day. I returned just after 5:00 PM. The tech was just wrapping up the test drive of the car and making a few final checks, including resetting the date and time. The bill was paid. The car was back to acting as expected and I was happy with the service, the cost and the general tone of the entire process.

    These are good people. They do high quality work at reasonable cost, they know BMW's inside and out, and deliver what they say they will deliver. I'd been looking for a new shop for my BMW and for my wife's Porsche. I am no longer looking.

    Thanks! You guys rock!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Dell
    Dell5 years ago

    My car wouldn't start. Called Bavarian Auto Repair explained the symptoms to Jason. He agreed that it may be an issue with my starter. He told me to have it towed in and they will run diagnostics to pinpoint the issue. Although the tow truck was late and my car didn't arrive there until after 1pm, the Bavarian Auto Repair team was able to fix my car and have me back in the road by 5:30pm at 1/3 of the cost the dealer would have charged. They also reset a fault code at no extra charge. I will definitely be taking my BMW back to Bavarian Auto Repair for any future repairs needed and will recommend them to everyone I know.

    2007 BMW 525i
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  • Colby Mantooth
    Colby Mantooth5 years ago

    These...guys...rock. After years of dealing with the dealer (which has a bad rep, but I have to point out, has improved a lot in the last 2 years), I have had my 09 535i with 70k miles in here twice, and both times, everyone (owner Jason, in particular) were friendly, knowledgeable, up-front, and fair in pricing. Example: battery replacement. At the local dealer, they quoted me $460 and a full day. Jason and his guys did it for $300 even and I was out the door in less than 2 hours. Last time, my fuel pump went on the fritz they diagnosed it, and let me know the dealer could fix it for free because of a warranty extension that I didn't know about. They could have just taken the money from me, and I wouldn't have known, but they shot straight with me. Highly recommend Bavarian Auto Repair. I will always service my BMW here.

    2009 BMW 535i
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  • Steve
    Steve5 years ago

    I was driving through San Antonio on a Thursday and hit a curb hard, bending one of the front right arms connecting the wheel to the chassis. Bad enough where I had to stop my trip.

    I called Bavarian Auto Repair, and the owner immediately answered and said he could look at it. I took it in, he put it on a lift, diagnosed it, ordered the part, gave me a ride to 3 different rent car places before I found a car to continue the trip.

    I came back through San Antonio on Monday and picked it up, running like new. Owner (Jason) was helpful, easy to communicate with, went above and beyond it taking care of my car and my need for alternate transportation. Price was very reasonable. Clean shop. honest. Great place.

    1999 BMW M3
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  • Jonathan Cattan
    Jonathan Cattan6 years ago

    I took my BMW in for a routine oil change & brake fluid flush. Prices were more than fair & the services I received were as good, if not better than that of a BMW dealership. Jason is highly knowledgeable, but more importantly, he's passionate about the cars he works on. I recommend anyone to check out Bavarian Auto Repair for their BMW.

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Andrew
    Andrew6 years ago

    I was thinking about purchasing a used 2004 BMW 330i and decided to take it to Bavarian Auto Repair to have a mechanical bumper to bumper inspection done. Not even 20 minutes into the inspection Jason informed me that the transmission was slipping and would be a very costly repair.

    I owe Jason a huge thanks for saving me tons of money! Will definitely bring any future potential BMW purchases back here.

    2004 BMW 330i
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  • Camilo
    Camilo6 years ago

    5 star service! Better than the dealer! I took my 335i in to Bavarian Auto Repair for an engine walnut blasting and he did a great job. I trust Jason for any repair on my BMW and I highly recommend him. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Dan G.
    Dan G.6 years ago

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Jason and Bavarian Auto Repair. He is very knowledgeable, and knows exactly what he's doing. I like that he takes the time to explain your car's issues to you as well. On top of 1st class service, he's very reasonably priced. I'm definitely going back for future service on my bimmer.

    2006 BMW 750Li
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