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BMW service and repair in Euless, TX. Our owner is BMW factory trained and certified, and is ASE Master certified. We offer dealer quality repairs, without the dealer prices, at the lowest price. GUARANTEED!


  • After a few trips to a BMW dealership, I was glad to find this place. The staff was friendly and honest and quoted me a fair price! The turn around time was also much faster! These guys know their stuff and were awesome to work with! I will for sure bring my BMW here again.

    Alex B., via Google
  • Accommodating, prompt, friendly, and honest.

    Derek P., via Google
  • Jesse and team at DFW Bimmer are a great dealer alternative. They provide top service for a good value. I will not take my BMW anywhere else. If you need repair or regular maintenance for your BMW, this is the place to go.

    Tom K., via Google

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79 Reviews

  • Josias Bermea
    Josias Bermea2 years ago

    After a few trips to a BMW dealership, I was glad to find this place. The staff was friendly and honest and quoted me a fair price! The turn around time was also much faster! These guys know their stuff and were awesome to work with! I will for sure bring my BMW here again.

    2013 BMW 328i
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  • Dr. C
    Dr. C3 years ago

    Very honest, friendly, and professional, quality service, reasonable pricing beats ridiculous dealer quotes! Had my X5 brakes (all rotors+pads) installed in a few hours, vehicle drives and handles so well, very smooth ride both at high and slow speeds. This shop is a real gem for X5 owners in the DFW area, try them, thank me later.

    2013 BMW xdrive 30i
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  • david heim
    david heim3 years ago

    Great service. Fair price. Good people.

    2010 BMW 650i
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  • Jeff Hauck
    Jeff Hauck3 years ago

    I would not own this vehicle if did not know DFW Bimmer. They repair this vehicle quickly and at a reasonable cost. I would say that the owner, Jesse, is not only an amazing mechanic, he is reliable and honest - excellent!

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Cornelius James
    Cornelius James3 years ago

    As a person that works on cars, it's extremely hard to find a honest technician to work on yours. The folks at DFW Bimmer are who you are looking for. Honest, quick, affordable, and very professional. Don't think about it, just take your car there.

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • James Roshaun Jacques
    James Roshaun Jacques4 years ago

    Jesse and the team at DFW Bimmer do excellent work. I highly recommend them as your go-to BMW shop. Jesse is very knowledgeable, personable, and professional. The entire staff isgreat! Samantha is incredible! I've driven BMW's for more than 25 years and I trust the work here at this shop. Additionally, they use the best brand engine oil for your BMW oil changes. Thank you so very much Jesse and DFW Bimmer for your honesty and integrity. Others can learn so much from you. BMW owners - don't take your BMW anywhere else for service! Come here for all of your BMW repair and maintenance needs. It's the best, you won't regret it!

    2011 BMW 750Li
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  • Craig Karr
    Craig Karr4 years ago

    DFW Bimmer has got to be the best value for quality BMW servicing with certified BMW technicians in the metroplex. Jesse and his team service both my car, and my wife’s X6. Their prices are great, the work is always done well, and the turnaround time is short. Highly recommended!

    2013 BMW 650i convertible
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  • Shannon  Rapert
    Shannon Rapert4 years ago

    Jesse and his team at DFW Bimmer do excellent work. I would highly recommend them as your go-to BMW shop. We had a small miscommunication about the work to be done on my vehicle. When I mentioned it to Jesse- he went above and beyond to make it right. It is really refreshing to work with someone who practices with integrity. We are so happy with our experiences here at this shop that we plan to come back in the future for all of our BMW work needs. It's the best, you won't regret it!

    2016 BMW X3
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  • Thomas Garcia
    Thomas Garcia4 years ago

    Jesse always is a pleasure to work with. He is affordable and very honest when it comes to BMW repairs. I would recommend to all my family and friends.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Steve Williamson
    Steve Williamson5 years ago

    My car is still under warranty so I usually take it to the dealer for service. I recently purchased some aftermarket interior trim pieces that the dealer refused to install for me so I took my car to Jesse at DFW Bimmer. Great experience all around. They did a great job at a great price and in a timely manner. If I still have the car when the warranty expires, I will make DFW Bimmer my regular BMW service shop. A++

    2015 BMW 335i
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  • Richard
    Richard5 years ago

    Excellent customer service. Was quick with the estimate and work with my warranty dept to take care of all the paperwork. I will be back to DFW Bimmer. Jessie & Albert, thank you for taking care of my BMW.

    2010 BMW M550i
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  • Max Chico
    Max Chico5 years ago

    Contacted DFW Bimmer to inspect a used X5M that I was interested in and spoke with Albert. I found him to be very knowledgeable and forthright with his assessment of the particular vehicle I was interested in. He identified the few minor issues he found, estimated repair cost, particulars of X5M ownership, and his buy/pass recommendation which I found credible. I am out of state so I do not have a direct experience with DFW Bimmer but based on my interaction with them, I certainly would place them on the top of my list for servicing a BMW. Thank you Albert.

    2012 BMW X5M
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  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez6 years ago

    I highly recommend DFW Bimmer, n specifically Albert. He is very knowledgeable, personable, n professional. My friend had recommended DFW Bimmer to me, n now I will definitely refer my friends in the future. This operation is legitimate and I truly appreciate their honesty and integrity.

    2013 BMW X5
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  • Luis Melendez
    Luis Melendez6 years ago

    Simply the best from sell to service, highly recommend. After working on cars for 13 years I can tell you that in DFW Bimmer there honest and and there the real deal!

    2005 BMW X5
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  • William Anders
    William Anders6 years ago

    If you need anything for your BMW you will be making a big mistake if you go to the Dealership for Repairs. Jessie and Albert are hands on technicians that specialize in BMW repairs. From minor to Major repairs they are hands down the best in the DFW metroplex. Conveniently located in Euless Tx. I would not take my 530 I anywhere else for anything. I am one of hundreds of satisfied customers. The Shop has a 5 star rating what else do you need ?

    2006 BMW 530I
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  • James Winw
    James Winw6 years ago

    Hands down...The BEST BMW certified mechanic in DFW!!! Professional and courteous staff. Very honest and trustworthy. I've never been disappointed.

    2004 BMW 525i
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  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez 6 years ago

    Awesome experience. They always make time for you. Great costumer service from both Jesse and Albert.

    2011 BMW M3
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  • Cynthia Youngs
    Cynthia Youngs6 years ago

    We’ve always serviced our 2008 BMW 535xi at the dealership. It has very low mileage so when it started running less smoothly than usual, I made an appointment & dropped it off at the dealership. The next afternoon I received a text with the service tech’s findings - a transmission leak and ruined wires on the low pressure fuel pump. The excessive repair quote shocked me into a search for a second opinion. When I read all of the great reviews DFW Bimmer has on numerous different websites, I decided to contact them. Since it was after hours, I filled out the online contact form, including the dealership's “findings”. The very next morning I received a phone call from Albert at DFW Bimmer. During our conversation I learned of their extensive experience with BMW’s and when he provided a lower quote for the same work, I decided to send my car to them, even though the logistics would be tricky for us due to distance. Since the car was still at the dealership, and I couldn’t make arrangements to drive it to DFW Bimmer myself, I used the tow company that Albert recommended. Although those arrangements made me nervous since I didn’t know either company, Albert set my mind at ease and assured me that he’d take good care of me. The next business morning, I received a call from Albert, who had already looked over my car! To my shock, he explained that not only was there NO transmission leak, but that he could tell that the panel hadn’t even been opened! The dealership hadn’t even looked at it! He explained that “leak” was a trace of oil, likely from the last oil change as the mark left by the oil was not in the correct location of the vehicle to have come from the transmission. To be thorough, however, he then had opened the panel and the transmission was completely fine with absolutely no trace of leak. In addition, there were no wire issues with the low pressure fuel pump, it only had a faulty sensor. I am so completely grateful to DFW Bimmer for not only saving me over $2,000 but for being honest in what my vehicle truly needed. Although it is logistically tricky for me to get my car to/from DFW Bimmer due to distance, I will never take it anywhere else again. Thank you so very much DFW Bimmer for your honesty and integrity. So many other companies could learn so much from you. I didn’t think it was possible but you’ve made a BMW even more enjoyable to own and drive. BMW owners - don't take your BMW anywhere else for service!

    2008 BMW 535xi
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  • Ivonne L Oviedo
    Ivonne L Oviedo6 years ago

    I had the extended maintenance with BMW. Now that the included maintenance ended I was thinking about selling my car because of its cost. Luckily I found Albert and Jesse. They are very professional and honest, which is very hard to find. I found my "new best friends". Excellent service.Great experience! I will refer my friends, Thank you Albert and Jesse

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Linus Felix
    Linus Felix6 years ago

    Reasonable prices, attention to detail and friendly service. I have recommened this shop many times to my friends and we consistantly get excellent service. Thank you

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce7 years ago

    Excellent experience with these guys! Oil change was fast and courteous with BMW manufacturer lubricants and parts. Will return again!

    2013 BMW 328i
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  • Edmundo Flanegin
    Edmundo Flanegin7 years ago

    Just met Jessie today. And let me write my honest review.... Usually i am very picky where and who works on my vehicle's. And this shop popped up as i was on Google. I called him up and he was able to help me right away. I drove there and the first impression on the outside was ok. Then went inside. Receptionist is cute. Friendly. Polite. Then Jessie...very nice guy. Clean and friendly. Gave me an impression that he knows what is he talking about. When inside the garage. Suoer clean. Organized. Looks very professional. Staf was a bit quiet but ok. Service cheaper than a BMW dealer but i wish it was a bit cheaper. Still good price. Overall i will give them a 4.5 star out of 5... why ? Because i think he is missing some vending machines or some refreshments. And mechanics are a bit shy..... I will sure return........ Ed

    2006 BMW 325i
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    JOSH BROWN 7 years ago

    So, 5 months and hundreds of dollars spent unnecessary later I came across DFW Bimmer with the same problem I had previously. But what captured my attention was all of the positive reviews that they had on-line so I had to give them a try as one business owner to another. Trust and believe these guys are awesome Albert and Jesse know there stuff, 40-45 minutes later Jesse was explaining to me why my ( check engine light ) was on, while test driving my car with the light then out. If your looking for a knowledgeable, professional, BMW mechanic with fair prices, you have found them these guys are factory trained and certified. Don't waste your time and money Iike I did with other mechanics playing the process of elimination at your expense, when these guys go as hard as they do. Again if you have a BMW and are need of maintenance go and see Albert and Jesse. Heck: you might just see me up there too. I do believe that I have truly finally found the one mechanic that I can trust and work with for all of the repairs on my BMW period, because having one set of hands work on your German car is your best friend. So as soon as I can set aside time to get set up for the necessary maintenance now needed on my car I will be contacting them. I don't live in Euless but it's worth the drive in the end. Signing out BMW 550I believe that!

    2006 BMW 550I
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  • Hannah Grace Hastings
    Hannah Grace Hastings7 years ago

    DFW Bimmer in Euless was great. Albert helped me decide what was the best course of action for serving my BMW and helped me save money. They were quick and professional. I won't take my car anywhere else!

    2009 BMW 328i
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  • Cedric
    Cedric7 years ago

    I was refferred here by a current customer of them. I was told I couldnt go wrong using them. Well im back for my second time and to date, I have reffered at least BMW owners to them so like I was told and now a believer, you cant go wrong with DFW bimmer. Youll never go to the dealership again

    2008 BMW X3
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  • Chan Siharath
    Chan Siharath 7 years ago

    I called DFW BIMMER on Saturday and talked to Jesse about installing the OEM headlights back on my BMW, even though he was busy he made time for me. Took my car to his shop and within few hours my car was done. Never been to this shop before but I will definitely refer this shop to friends and family. Also I got to mention they have great customer service starting from Jesse to his crew.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Craig L
    Craig L7 years ago

    Great customer service!!!! In and out in one day as promised. They have a new customer for life. I really like spending my money with a mom and pop mechanic shop, not the big dealership.

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • Kathy C.
    Kathy C.7 years ago

    Took my BMW Z4 to the dealership to have my air conditioning looked at and was told that the compressor, evaporator core and expansion valve needed to be replaced and that it would cost me $3500.00. I took it to DFW Bimmer for a second opinion and they told me that all it was that I was half pound down on Freon and that there was nothing wrong with my compressor, etc. I will forever trust DFW Bimmer to work on my car and to be honest with me as to what is wrong with it. Thank you, thank you!!

    2006 BMW Z4
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  • Dan
    Dan7 years ago

    Visiting family in DFW area, my car needed an oil change. They got me in / out quick - No hassle. BMW Dealers can't match their "Price & Wait" time!

    Thanks guys!

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Theresa Mayser
    Theresa Mayser7 years ago

    I called DFW Bimmer on spur of the moment for an oil change. Albert got me right in. Quick professional service. I was told by the dealership that I needed an assortment of services done and after DFW Bimmer looked at it they said they were not necessary. Very honest and affordable company that I will definitely be bringing back my beamer for all services needed.

    2011 BMW 328I
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  • Darrell Doty
    Darrell Doty7 years ago

    I originally bought a 2000 BMW 328i from Jesse. It had an issue that he was unaware of at the time of the sale. After I spoke with him about the issue with this older car he asked me to bring the car back and he would give me a full refund. After telling him that I had already spent 1500 on the car he offered to give me a 2007 BMW 328i. The car he gave me in place of the other car is in mint condition. I mean everything on this car works great. I love driving this car. I am now a huge BMW fan and a huge fan of Jesse and DFW Bimmer. How many people would trade you for a car that is worth twice as much to make up for an unknowing mistake and not ask you for a single dime? This man is full of honesty and integrity. That is hard to find these days in general much less in the auto sales industry. So thank you DFW Bimmer for conducting business the way you do. It means a lot to us people who work hard for their money. It's nice to have someone to trust in.

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez 7 years ago

    My experience was great always answered the phone when I called. They were always truthful about everything. They did an amazing job. I would recommend them if you need someone to do a great job to your car and give you competitive price.

    2011 BMW M3
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  • Sherman
    Sherman7 years ago

    Jesse, at DFW Bimmer was wonderful at diagnosing my battery problem after my car starting doing weird things, he also was good at explaining BMW's engineering. I advised him that I was on my way to the dealer but they could not get me in. My dealer has always taken good care of me but the price is always an issue. Jesse got me in and out for half the price.

    2011 BMW 550i
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  • B. Middleton
    B. Middleton7 years ago

    Albert at DFW Bimmer was a pleasure to work with. This is the second time we have taken our vehicle to his shop. Once for brakes and rotors, and this time for a check engine light. He quickly diagnosed the problem and was able to make the repair in less than a day. We were impressed with his customer service and even happier with the price. If you live in the Metroplex and own a BMW, I say forgo any dealerships and head straight to DFW Bimmer!

    2011 BMW 550
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  • Reginald
    Reginald 8 years ago

    I came and was able to get worked into a full schedule. The service is excellent and at reasonable prices, unlike the dealership. I am a customer for life, as long as I have a bimmer.

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Olasha Maxwell
    Olasha Maxwell8 years ago

    These guys saved the day! I had been quoted transmission rebuild prices $2600.00+ and all my baby needed was the computer reset. These guys are the best!

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Tony
    Tony8 years ago

    Great Shop!!! The only place I go to for repairs!!

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • R H
    R H8 years ago

    They fixed a broken regulator for my window and did a super job at a great price! On top of that, they cleaned up my car. It looked as if it had just been driven from the show room floor.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • J. Jacques
    J. Jacques8 years ago

    Really cool guys! Very honest, professional, and ethical auto repair facility.Jesse and Albert run a very solid shop and they stand by their word. Highly recommended as a "GO TO" BMW repair facility.My 7 series was repaired on time, as promised, and the repair was exactly as estimated.They even washed it...Outstanding work!!!

    "We at BMW do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from A to B. We build mobile works of art" ~ Chris Bangle

    2007 BMW 750Li
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  • Ian
    Ian8 years ago

    I'll never go to the dealership again! These guys do great work and get it done fast. I've been using them the last couple of years for scheduled maintenance and a couple of repairs, the prices are significantly lower then the dealership and the work is always done perfectly. If an OME part is super exp ($700 rear view mirror) they will give you alternate place to pick one up without breaking the bank. Very satisfied

    2005 BMW M3
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  • Michelle
    Michelle8 years ago

    This is my second time taking my car to DFW bimmer and I'm very pleased with their job. Jesse and Albert are awesome and take the time to explain in detail the problem. Easy, friendly, fast, and courteous customer service is really hard to find; there's a reason why these guys have 5 stars. I highly recommend this place!!!

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Jack
    Jack9 years ago

    Freshly arrived to Euless TX from LA California my 328i protested the drive cross country with a check engine light and rough idle and poor acceleration. I looked for a neighborhood BMW shop with good reviews and came across DFW Bimmer. The reviews raved about the service and so I called. Albert answered me promptly and said to bring it in and he would take give me a free diagnostic and estimate.

    I arrived at the shop and the first impression was great. Albert was there and greeted me and immediately took my keys and took the car in.

    The shop and office were immaculate!. I felt like i was in Germany.

    Within five minutes he came out at told me exactly what was wrong and what it would cost. Told me which coil was bad and how long it would take to repair.

    While waiting for the car Albert almost sold me on an X3 that Jesse is selling.... very tempting. still considering it.

    Thirty minutes later my car was ready to go. They even calibrated the air in my tires and bang... i was good to go.

    The first impressions were right on. These guys are good. The mechanic even said thank you to me as he handed me the keys.

    No selling up.... Told me what i need to lookout for.. a leaking oil filter housing for which I'm saving up to take the car back to these guys.

    No doubt the best deal. The best service and performed with a passion. Great job!

    2007 BMW 3281 wagon
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  • Wendy Fontenot
    Wendy Fontenot9 years ago

    I could go on for days singing the praises of this repair shop,but will try to keep this brief. I happened upon DFW Bimmer in Euless via the internet. After reading all positive reviews, I decided to give them a try. They now have a customer for life. I had several things needing attention and everything was fixed in a timely manner. I paid exactly what was quoted to me for the work being done. The pricing was affordable and just. The customer service was OUTSTANDING!!! Jesse and Faha made me feel like family. The entire crew goes beyond the call of duty!

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Cindy Pham
    Cindy Pham9 years ago

    I had a great experience here at DFW Bimmer! Albert was very informative and super nice! Prices are way cheaper than the dearlership. Totally recommend this place to anyone whom owns a BMW.

    2011 BMW X3
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  • Dina M
    Dina M9 years ago

    Thanks Jesse and crew for taking my car in last minute, had quick service - great communication they take the time to explain in detail the problem and solution cant beat the price and service.

    Highly Recommended

    2006 BMW 550i
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  • Keisha
    Keisha9 years ago

    I've been bringing my car here to these guys for about a year. They care about their customers. I like the fact that they do great work and they also stand behind their work.Jessie and Albert are great guys. I would recommend them to anybody.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Kristine
    Kristine9 years ago

    Jesse, Albert, and crew did a great job repairing my oil pan gasket and steering angle sensor at a fraction of the price the dealers and other independent shops quoted.

    The dealer also cited in the radiator seams that they quoted a few grand to repair and Jesse pressure tested the system several times and found no issue. Thanks for saving me tons!

    I definitely would recommend Dfw Bimmer to anyone needing BMW repairs. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with.

    2008 BMW X3
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  • Stacey Francis-Galindo
    Stacey Francis-Galindo9 years ago

    I was referred by a friend of mine and now I am so thankful to her. You guys were absolutely awesome. I had called numberess places trying to find someone that was at least familiar with the issue I was having. Needless to say I seemed to have more experience from simply watching youtube videos then all of the auto shops I spoke with. I was literally panicked to think no one in town knew how to work on my issue (not even BMW themselves). Finally I found you guys and you seemed to know where and how to find and fix my car just with a phone consultation. Now that I found you, I think I'm going to love my BMW for several more years. ALL of my issues were taken care of by you in 1 visit. You guys are the best.

    Thank you


    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Steve
    Steve9 years ago

    From the first time I went to DFW Bimmer I was impressed. I previously went to the dealership and other indy shops and hated them. I always felt like I was overcharged and waited at least 2-3 days to get my car fixed each time it went in.

    My first experience with DFW Bimmer and Jesse - the car was ready for pick up the same day. The other times I've been there - less than 1.5 hours. His prices are less than the other shops I've used and he doesn't charge for every little thing. I can honestly say each time I have been there, another customer will tell me about something silly that a dealer was going to charge a few hundred dollars for that he fixed for free because it was quick and easy.

    It's hard to find a good BMW shop, but this one is the best I have been to by far.

    2004 BMW 545i
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  • Jasmin
    Jasmin9 years ago

    I recently bought my BMW and had the need of getting the wipers checked. A colleague at work recommended Jesse and his team. I stopped by after work and promptly got service. They are customer oriented and were doing a great job on my car. I´m sure to go there again for the next inspection.

    2006 BMW X3
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    KRISTAN9 years ago

    Jesse and his crew are the greatest! They get me in fast, do the job right, and treat me with the customer service I'd expect from a dealership. To make appointments convenient for me they have gone above and beyond! They have transported me to and from the shop, have dropped off my car at my house when ready, and even washed and detailed my car out for me! Thanks guys and keep up the great work! You have earned my customer loyalty!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Emmanuel Mbong
    Emmanuel Mbong9 years ago

    Let me say that the hardest part of having a luxury vehicle is finding a place with an honest mechanic. Regardless you are going to pay the cost because there are not many people that are able to work on it. However, I brought my car all the way from Oklahoma. Norman, Oklahoma to be exact.....you can figure out the miles, but it is about a 200 mile distance. I put my car in their hands because of all the great reviews from my brother, and dealership employees that would rather take their car to DFW Bimmer than the BMW dealership. Now that is speaking volume I would hope.

    I told them what was wrong with my car and they did the rest. They even recommended things that would make it work better. Every single cost was much lower than all the competition that I shopped around for. They even cleaned and waxed my car by hand no machine which messing up your paint. It runs great, staff was extremely pleasant to work with, and work was done extremely quick. They will find a way to communicate with you if you have a very limited communication as well. For us it was email, which is not something that even my dealership does. I wish they were closer in distance for me, but for the people in Texas it is a win/win. This place is the best around! Thank You DFW Bimmer

    2007 BMW 328i
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    MBONG9 years ago

    I was told to see Jesse an amazing owner yet fair male in Dallas area a few miles away from where I work... This man has been working on only BMW's and likes to get them in and out of his shop with no future concerns... I just took my car in for an oil change n left there with a cleaned car and full service work done better then some high named BWM store... Customer service is very important to me and that's a reason Y I WILL Recommend this shop to any BWM OWNER in the area.. It's worth the drive to see him... Very fair, professional and very clean facility...

    2011 BMW 740LI
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  • Trina
    Trina9 years ago

    I took my car to DFW Bimmer this past spring for my annual service. Jesse and Albert were fast and professional. Better than the dealer services that I received over the years. They really know how to put customers first. They are my first call when my car needs anything. Thanks again DFW Bimmer.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Robert Frayre
    Robert Frayre9 years ago

    My wife and I decided to give DFW Bimmer a try after reading the positive reviews on the site. I contacted Jesse on a Saturday morning and was able to get an appointment that same afternoon which was great. Jesse was able to pinpoint the problems right away. He showed us where on the car the work needed to be done and answered all of our questions. He provided us with a detailed quote on the parts and labor. The prices were very fair (we've taken our car to a BMW dealership before and their prices are insane). Jesse and his team completed the repairs in a day and made sure the car had no issues before letting us drive off. They even had the car cleaned and washed and ready for us to pickup; a nice touch to already great customer service! The car has much better performance. We definitely recommend DFW Bimmer. We'll be back soon to see Jesse for our remaining repairs. Thanks, Jesse.

    2005 BMW 745i
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  • Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson9 years ago

    Got Jesse's card from a Kwik Car garage in Valley Ranch and decided to give them a try. He quoted me a great price over the phone for an oil change so I made an appointment to come in. He was promptly there on time, finished my car in 20 minutes, and charged me what was quoted over the phone. Just like that! I couldn't complain about anything. Well ...... Yes I could. I had gotten some engine work done about a month ago at a different place and asked Jesse how much he would have charged me. He told me about $600.

    I was sick.

    I had paid $1400. He completely ruined my day when he told me that. Lol!! Oh well. Lesson learned. I'll be back. I have more work to get done!

    2008 BMW 750li
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  • Ana Juarez
    Ana Juarez9 years ago

    Jesse and his team are amazing. They have gained my complete trust. Everytime I take my vehicle in I leave very satisfied. I have never had any problems with their work. Most importantly Jesse always takes the time to explain the work that is being done and why. I am a woman and of course don't know much about cars. So I greatly appreciate that he educates me through the process. His integrity and professionalism is definitely what keeps me coming back. Thank you Jesse!

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Dave F
    Dave F9 years ago

    I've brought my BMW in a couple times for different maintenance and repairs - Jesse and DFW Bimmer did great work on my car both times, and the cost was very reasonable. Jesse is a good guy, with honesty and integrity, and I trust his input completely. I would definitely recommend him

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Kathleen Z
    Kathleen Z9 years ago

    I had major suspension issues with my X3. I went to a shop that specialized in European cars and the person at that shop had no customer service skills whatsoever. I called DFW Bimmer and got a same day appointment with them. Can I just say Jesse and his crew are amazing. He worked with my financial situation and got my car fixed in a day!! Ver professional and very customer oriented. They did a fantastic job on my X3 and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

    2008 BMW X3
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  • steve roeder
    steve roeder9 years ago

    I have been in the car business for 6 years and was reffered to dfw bimmer for my 335i to get some performance parts put on my car. contacted him and was very helpful on the phone about all the mods i was wanting to put on. Dropped my car off to them at 10am and they were ready to start working on it. They put a front mount intercooler on it with the berks 4in downpipe inatke etc. Said the job was going to take 6 hours to do and was very happy with the rates per hour he quoted me. Got it done that same day and was ready for pickup. Let me say it was the best install I have ever seen. Everything was done right and perfect. Plus only charged me for 5 hours because he got it done quicker and only charged me for the 5 hours instead of 6. He is very honest in his work and I would recommend anyone that has a bmw to his shop. I am so happy I found a mechanic for my car and will never go anywhere else. Thanks again for everything jesse. I am more than 110% satisfied.

    2011 BMW 335i
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  • C G V
    C G V9 years ago

    Jesse is the best mechanic for any service you need on your BMW! He gave excellent service at the lowest prices. I needed my car back quickly and he got the job done within a few hours. I have had my BMW for several years and he is the best mechanic I have ever worked with! I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Jesse!

    2009 BMW 328i
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  • Chrissy T.
    Chrissy T.9 years ago

    Jesse and the other men were very nice. Jesse was honest and I received excellent service. I would definitely recommend this place to others.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera9 years ago

    WOW. I Loved the reviews,, I feel real lucky after been searching for about 6 months on deciding on replace the motor on my sons BMW I finally found some one nice to be patient and answer all my question without rushing ,, by the way I notice on the web page that they closed at 5pm and I call at 6:15pm and Jesse him self answer. I'm looking forward on the resuscitation Of my sons BMW. I Will be back with my review after my adventure.

    2003 BMW 325CI
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  • david
    david9 years ago

    I would highly recommend taking your vehicle to DFW BIMMER. Very good service and prices. My flat tire service lights were on and I had no idea what problem was. Jesse checked it out and was just a fuse. Very honest, I will continue taking my 328i to them.

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Russell Kuehn
    Russell Kuehn10 years ago

    When we discovered DFW Bimmer, we were so excited as the location is very convenient. After having our X5 serviced there, we were even more delighted because of the personal and knowledgeable service Jesse provided. We found him to be very fair and upfront which is refreshing in this day and age. We will definitely continue to have our X5 serviced by Jesse. We highly recommend him to any BMW owner.

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter10 years ago

    This is probably the only shop that will not rip you off. Really knowledgeable mech. I Have been taking my BMW to that shop for over a year and i refuse to take it to another shop.Best in DFW for BMW for sure.

    2006 BMW 750i
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  • Krys Kim
    Krys Kim10 years ago

    I had a very good experience at DFW Bimmer shop. His prices were very affordable what he charges to fix my BMW 525i. I will now continue to bring my car to this place. Customer service was exceptional!!! Thank You Jesse!!!

    2006 BMW 525i
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  • James Reyes
    James Reyes10 years ago

    I was skeptical about any body shops(including the dealership), I decided to try this one after seen the reviews. It was to my surprise one, if not the best service that I have received from a business, starting from making my appointment, Jesse was courteous and accommodating to my schedule and when it came up to the quote, what he stated from the beginning to replace the motor of my rear window, that was my final charge, he knows his stuff and extremely quick and also showed me the original BMW part to be replaced. Any issues with my BMW, he is the guy to go.

    2006 BMW 325I
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  • Danielle Hawkins
    Danielle Hawkins10 years ago

    Jesse is by far the most talented repair man! He is honest he is reasonable and very AFFORDABLE. He is able to identify the problem immediately. Great affordable place to get your bmw fixed. I will never take my vehicle to another place besides Jesse. He knows what hes doing and is very reasonable. THANK YOU JESSE

    2010 BMW 338i
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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer10 years ago

    I am new to the DFW area so when the starter went out in my BMW I didn't know who to go to! I am so glad I chose DFW Bimmer. Jesse was honest, professional, and very knowledgeable regarding the care of my car. His prices are affordable and I will continue to get my BMW serviced by DFW Bimmer! Thank you Jesse!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Ilse Garcia
    Ilse Garcia10 years ago

    I am more than satisfied with how my car is after i took it to Jesse!!! The service was done at a great price, in very little time, and the job was done right!!! Jesse knows what his doing. I have complete trust in leaving my car in his hands!!! I will keep coming here to do everything to my BMW!

    2007 BMW 750Li
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  • David Kent
    David Kent10 years ago

    Jesse first repaired my BMW about six months ago. He quickly became my single source for service, repair and maintenance. His work is reliable and his rates are reasonable. You can't ask for anything more from a highly qualified BMW Technician like Jesse. Try him. He'll not disappoint.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • E Kurt
    E Kurt10 years ago

    One look at Jesse (the technician) I knew this man is the one that can fix the problems of my car. It was so easy for him to show me and diagnose the dealers BS to be dishonest. He is equipped with latest technology and experience to overcome small bumps on the way. I trust he can fix your Bimmer. I am by the way a Professional Engineer and was a Mechanic before that on my younger days.

    2004 BMW x3
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  • Angela
    Angela10 years ago

    I bought this car for my son's first vehicle. I knew it was going to need repairs. Had it not been for Jesse & DFW Bimmer, I would have had to sell it. He will provide you with an honest diagnosis, affordable repairs & excellent customer service. I will continue to come here as long as I own a BMW.

    2002 BMW 530i
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  • Keith Yockey
    Keith Yockey10 years ago

    They did a great job. On a professional level, they were fast, efficient and accurate. They accurately diagnosed a problem that other shops had missed. On a personal level, Jesse is a great guy; courteous and competent. I will be back.

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Brad Holmes
    Brad Holmes10 years ago

    Jesse is a great, honest tech. Has always delivered the highest standard of service, while delivering exceptional value with such competitive pricing. He's always been super flexible, knowledgable, and even educational taking the time to tell you all the things the salesman don't. A+++, 5 Star Service. Will not use another tech as long as I own a BMW.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams10 years ago

    Jesse did a great job on my 325. He delivered fast affordable service that prompted me to delete the BMW dealership's number from my iphone. I simply don't need them anymore.

    2013 BMW 325
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  • Darren Elliott
    Darren Elliott10 years ago

    DFW Bimmer does honest work at fair prices. My X5 will never go to another shop! Jesse takes an interest in the long-term care of your BMW, and his knowledge and expertise shows in his work.

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Karen Cloud
    Karen Cloud10 years ago

    Jesse is an expert on BMW repairs , he serviced my car and fixed a problem that 3 other mechanics from 3 other shops could not , shop no further for a bmw mechanic ! Jesse is your angel !!

    2006 BMW 330xi
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