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10 years experience repairing BMW vehicles in Garland, TX, with the specialized equipment typically found only in specialty shops and dealerships.

Meet Our Team

  • Tony Tieri, Lead Mechanic at FT Auto in Garland, TX

    Tony Tieri

    Lead Mechanic

    Tony Tieri has been to numerous specialty classes on advanced engine diagnostics, transmission diagnostics, electrical systems repair, etc.

    Tony has been repairing his own cars since he completely rebuilt his own Volkswagen at age 16.


  • I work in the Downtown Garland area and walked out to a nightmare yesterday evening. There was black liquid all over the ground under my vehicle. I opened the hood and it looked like an explosion had occurred. Thank God, FT Auto was just on the other side of the street. The owner walked over with a mechanic and a flashlight. They diagnosed my problem fairly quickly - and thankfully, were even able to resolve the issue right where I was parked. They were so friendly and reassuring and just wonderful really. I almost burst into tears of joy when they quoted the cost of their service. I was so relieved, and I feel like they were exceptionally generous. So, to summarize - great service, great kindness, great people! Please try them out the next time you need service on your vehicle!

    Jessica D. Garland, TX on December 23, 2015
  • I received a beyond-expectation service at FT Auto. Scott is a great manager who really cares about the business reputation and his customers' satisfaction. I showed up at the shop with a footwell module and a low beam bulb to replace both parts. Initially, the dealership told me that the footwell module is not working and I need to get it changed to fix my headlights that are stuck on high beam and they asked for over 1 grand for this job. Tony at FT Auto was able to fix the problem with the headlights, change the left low beam bulb and informed me that the footwell module is functional and there is no need to change it. He saved me over $400 in parts.

    Thank you FT Auto. I highly recommend it. Honesty goes a long way.

    T.S. Wylie, TX

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2 Reviews

  • Dawn
    Dawn2 years ago

    Scott & the rest of the employees at this shop give excellent service. I had to get my front brakes done a month or 2 ago & they were able to provide an affordable price for me to get them done as well as have the work done while I was at work in about an hour's time. Not only was it done conveniently fast, it was done right. Then about 2 weeks ago my car was vandalized leaving both of my passenger side windows shattered. Again I had the repairs done at FT Auto & not only saved myself some struggle as well as money on the glass replacement but also received the same great timely service again. If there are any repairs you are needing done to your car- the right & affordable way- then look no further.

    2012 Suzuki sportback
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  • Terry Scanlon
    Terry Scanlon3 years ago

    My car has what BMW calls adaptive headlights. The Xenon bulbs are so bright that they need to tilt down when going over a hill so you do not blind the drivers coming the other way. Mine wouldn't dip, so I got the dreaded warning light in the instrument cluster.

    I went to the dealer, they charged me a big diagnostic fee, and they wanted to sell me a thousand dollar module.

    I called FT Auto to get a second opinion, and they took a look at it. Turns out, whoever changed the bulbs out before I bought the car didn't reconnect these little plastic gears that make the lights move. The guys there figured it out, fixed it for considerable savings, and sent me on my way very happy.

    2008 BMW 335i
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