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El Paso, TX 79925 US
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BMW repair and service experts in El Paso, TX.

8 Reviews

  • Andrew Gitau1 year ago

    Visted GPs yesterday for Battery Plugs and brake pads. Found kind Professional staff. Given a ride back and fro home. Work done promptly . I surely will be going back if in need. Highly recommended.

    2005 BMW 535i
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  • Phil Tausch2 years ago

    Although I do not live in El Paso anymore, I lived right down the street from GPS from 2004-2011. Gerd, the owner and chief mechanic, was extremely fair and knowledgeable on my BMW. Gerd's team assisted me in rebuilding my entire suspension and I even had them paint my vehicle. Over the 8 years I lived in El Paso, I allowed no one else to touch my vehicle. In fact, the reason I found this website is I was searching for his phone number to give him a call to ask his advice. I currently live in the southeast.

    1994 BMW 530i
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  • Simmons3 years ago

    Greatness! I was very well pleased with the competence level of the entire staff. He is very knowledgeable and does not blow smoke about the condition of your vehicle. Extremely upfront and honest. El Paso BMW should be ashamed of their services. El Paso BMW is insanely overpriced. 610.00 for a hood latch!!! 19.93 at GPS. The work is outstanding at GPS and a quarter of the price that El Paso BMW quoted me!

    2004 BMW 745li
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  • Eric4 years ago

    I was recommended to gps by my brother, they flushed my transmission some time ago w/o any issues. I recently took my car in due to the fact that it would not start. Took it in on a Wednesday I didn't get a call back at all regarding what was causing the issue, instead a week later Gerd the owner calls me and tells me my car is ready and the bill was 600+!!! Reluctantly paid the bill for a "pump assemble kit" took the car home and...couple hours later it would not start!!! Had it towed with their towing provider, Gerd called me and stated the car started right up...???? Confused I picked it up and wouldnt u know He wanted the 38.50 for the tow. I refused to pay the tow since the responsibility was obviously not mine since I just paid 600+ for a repair that I didn't agree to or sign off on. Beware when taking your vehicle in for repairs...Ask for the diagnosis and get everything in writing.

    2002 BMW 745li
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  • Darcie6 years ago

    I want to climb to the highest mountain and scream at the top of my lungs just how thrilled I am with GPS International Automotive!!! My car broke down in the smallest of towns, Pecos and I had to pay $400 to have it towed to El Paso (and I have AAA coverage). I am headed home to Portland, Oregon and left from Houston, TX, so I didn't make it very far when this happened. When my Land Rover Freelander just started puffing and spitting like a drunken sailor! No one could figure out what the problem was and why it was overheating and how to get it back to normal.... except one place.... GPS International. In 24 hours they diagnosed the impossible, McGuyver'd the cooling system and fixed it to 110%. On top of all that, the bill was about 25% what it should have been. The owner of the shop knew I was in a bad situation and basically rode in on his white stallion and saved my you-know-what!

    Regardless of what you need to have done to your car, this is the place to go. If your car is European or a specialty car, then GPS is unequivocally the place to go! At the risk of sounding redundant, I have never been happier with a mechanic, or service-related business transaction, EVER!

    ***** 5-STARS*****

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  • Ramon G6 years ago

    This is the second time I go to GPS International Automotive. Both occasions have been a great experience. Gerd (owner and chief mechanic) has a great deal of experience, great staff and very friendly. Even if the bill is not cheap, the pricing is fair, German cars spare parts are already expensive.

    GPS offers what the dealership can't, you can watch in person what it's being done to your car.

    Service is great and all personnel is knowledgeable and reliable. Just get an estimate before making a deal.

    GPS is member of International Association of Independent BMW Service Professionals (IAIBMWSP),

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  • Steve8 years ago

    This shop is pretty much a scam setup for individuals who dont know alot about BMW and other luxury car makes. I took my BMW to them still with after market warranty, they pretended to switch out parts, NEVER fixed the problem! Took 200$ of my own funds, could of been worse, Well now I know, and I am advising others of the unlawful practices in GPS.

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  • shaun crandall8 years ago

    Excellent, sometimes hard to get in, very busy, but good work and much cheaper than dealer prices.

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