Corpus Auto Service

2726 S Padre Island Dr,
Corpus Christi, TX 78415 US
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BMW repair experts in Corpus Christi, TX. Import repair specialists!

1 Review

  • Chris6 years ago

    Nice enough folks and a friendly dog. That's all the good I have to say.

    Brought my BMW 330Ci ZHP over to Corpus Auto (new name, same people) today with some caution lights on in the dash. After some research online it seems it is likely a sensor failure and needs a good diagnostic reader to identify what has failed. I told the gentleman this and he assured me they have a number of good readers. They take the car for about 15 minutes and then a mechanic comes back and says there are a number of codes and they can't identify the problem with their reader. They tell me they can do no more and to just bring it to the dealer. Okay I figured, thanks for trying. But wait! That will be $49 please. What a joke, $49 dollars (.5 hour shop rate) out of my wallet to reaffirm that yes there is a problem with the car. Gee thanks! I have never been to a shop that would charge for something they could do nothing about. I wonder if they are aware that most parts chains will read on board diagnostics for FREE.

    They sure have lost any future business from me. I will be sure to tell everyone I meet to avoid this shop!

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