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26 Reviews

  • Jose2 months ago

    Absolutely outstanding service. I had been looking for a respectful and reliable BMW shop to see after my 1994 318I Convertible. Had a few things that were bothering me on the car. One was that the check engine light came on during idling. Took it to a mechanic in Phoenix (since I live there but work in WSMR) and after $650.00, light still came on. Moroni's found out the issue in less than ten minutes (and that ten minutes included getting the equipment to hook it up to). Had everything else that I needed done there and their prices were extremely reasonable compared to dealers. And their work, is far above any dealership. SUPER Service and he is my go to dealer on my 94 BMW 318i Con. No one else can touch her now. Moroni's know what makes a BMW run perfect. Next up - a complete make over, because the ones I saw there after a make over are flawless.

    1994 BMW 318I Convertible
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  • Marlon Swaby 4 months ago

    After feeling robbed by BMW of El Paso, a . These guys were respectful, honest, precise and had standards you would expect from a dealership maintenance dept. Best of all is their labor rate was reasonable. It was indeed a relief after I exceeded my mechanic limitations and technical understanding of the car. Simply put, "I highly recommend them and they now have a loyal customer".

    PS. They only use BMW certified parts and trained techs.... hint!

    2003 BMW Z4 e85
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  • Jay11 months ago

    I took my car to Moroni Motor Works when I was hit in the rear. My car looked horrible. I didn't think it would ever look as good after the wreck, but boy was I wrong. Moroni assured me It would take some time and that it would come out looking good. All I can say is WOW I was floored it looks like nothing ever happened. Thanks Moroni Motor Works!!!!

    2014 BMW M3
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  • Cruz2 years ago

    Allow me to share the experience I had with Moroni; as a member of the armed forces for over 24yrs, I have lived in Germany for over 15yrs and have always driven and own a BMW. However, Moroni technical proficiency and knowledge left me speechless. This owner s extremely passionate of his customer’s satisfaction, to the point of spending countless hours explaining each part prior to repairs or replacements. It’s truly a breath of fresh air to find a God fear owner who is extremely knowledgeable on BMW’s. I own my X3 for almost two years and it was giving me some trouble with service lights and roughs starts in the morning, I took it to El Paso BMW and Las Cruces BMW without any success, they charged me for parts I did not need and reset the warning lights. But then, after a few days the warning lights would return, leaving me right back to the beginning except with less cash. Moroni, took ten minutes and discovered what the issue, fixed my car and updated all program sensor on my vehicle and now my car runs perfect. I strongly recommend this shop to all my fellow military and anyone looking for an honest business. He will work with you on anything and his wife and sons are a member of the staff on site, extremely professional and well manner. Again, I cannot say this enough do not let one or two disgruntled individuals detoured you from this shop!!!!!

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Jed2 years ago

    Very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions and did a thorough pre-purchase inspection.

    2003 BMW 525iT
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  • Matthew Rael3 years ago

    Moroni's did a wonderful job on my vehicle. They quickly find the issue with my vehicle. I traveled 200 miles to have my vehicle repaired. The onwer personally checked my vehicle and spent time talking with me. I will definately take my vehicle back in the future and I would strongly recommend them for your specialty automotive needs.

    2006 BMW 330I
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  • Cardiel3 years ago

    Un exelente servicio y una atención personalizada la cual ni siquiera te la dan en la agencia lo recomiendo a todos, me cambio la bomba del clutch del SMG

    2002 BMW M3
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  • Beto3 years ago

    Once again Moroni takes care of me like a champ.

    He stayed after hours to fix one of my bmw's just so I would be safe and not have an accident. Moroni da man if he can't do it nobody can. Thanks once again.

    2005 BMW 645ci
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  • Humberto3 years ago

    Him and his wife are always very friendly. Sometimes he doesn't even charge me, I've been to other shops and I end up at moroni's. Thank you guys

    2006 BMW 750li
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  • abigail beltran4 years ago

    My up most respect to mr.moroni and mrs .moroni and all their staff friendly an courteous service took my X5 and neon and did a great job on both cars i would highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for an honest mechanic

    2006 BMW X5
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  • Ramon Serna4 years ago

    I went to Moroni's shop for an oil change and everyone there was very polite and helpful. They were very hands on explaining everything I needed to know, I will definitely will be back, I highly recommend this place.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Arthur Seelig4 years ago

    I was impressed with Moroni the minute he started working on my X5! This man is knows his stuff. I felt completely comfortable with him and his prices were more than fair. The shop is very clean and organized. He is now my new BMW mechanic. I highly recommend Moroni Motor Works!!

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Necdet Eryilmaz4 years ago

    I definitely recommend this shop to anyone that wants to get honest and fair priced service on their vehicles. The prices are way lower than what the dealership would charge. He took great care of my bmw and explained to me everything very detailed without rushing.

    2006 BMW 650i
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  • Yvonne Rey5 years ago

    This place is great!! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to get great service and wants to keep money in there pocket. They helped me so much my car was falling apart because I couldn't keep up maintenance but they made it possible. Five star review.

    1997 BMW 528i
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  • Christian Gonzalez5 years ago

    I own the famous M3 SMG, which comes along with all the smg problems. The car would not catch gear in the morning, and other shops including the dealer had recommended to replace the SMG hydrolic unit for over $2,400.00 in repairs. To my surprise Moroni had the software to communicate with my vehicle and found out that it was a accumalator. He saved me thousands of dollars and my car is now shifting perfectly. He even gave me a print out verifying that the software was updated. He informed me of other possiable problems with my car. I would recommend this shop to everyone!!

    2004 BMW SMG
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  • Bonnie Galvan5 years ago

    Took my car in several times , in fact it was in the shop more times than with me this year....the airconditioner was services 5at least 4 times and never fixed for more than 2 weeks...I was told it was a "used compressor", used I thought it was remanufactured not just taken from a junk lasted 2 weeks and then stopped and so now I'm driving around in the heat...had body work done and pieces are still hanging off of the vehicle after returning it several times for doors that wouldn't shut properly, mirror controls they broke, a lighter that was left hanging and things were missing from my's been a nightmare and in the end I ended up getting yelled at and called greedy by Moroni's wife after months of them doing shotty work for me....this garage is too busy and they cannot keep up and obviously had little supervision of their employees...I would not recommend them

    2001 BMW I
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  • Helmut5 years ago

    Thanks for the work done to my 528i, it runs very good after the visit at Morinis.

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  • St. Clair5 years ago

    I took my BMW 740il in to have the timing chain guides replaced. They installed all OEM parts and even catered to my constant additions to the initial job. Moroni's technicians not only did a great job of meeting my timeline, but also preformed the job well above my expectations. My BMW now purrs like a kitten and drives like the day it can off the lot.

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  • Elizabeth Mary5 years ago

    I have been going through months of frustration with finding a reliable mechanical specialist to trust working on my volvo until recently when I was introduced to the Moroni Montes experience. My first visit was an experience that was a first. I have never been on a tour of a automotive repair shop. From the front office to the repair bays, I was simply impressed. I knew my car would be left in good hands. Moroni's BMW Specialists are very professional, reliable, courteous and an all out specialist in his field. I appreciate all that he and his crew have done to resolve issues from normal wear and tear. However the Moroni crew have gone as far as resolving issues that previous mechanics have either caused, overlooked or didn't care about. From my experiences there I gathered that he treat all his customers with the same respect and care just has he treats the cars he repairs. I am definately a satisfied customer. The attention to detail was A+. As I have always said, " Volvo for Life" now it's "Moroni's for Life". Sorry Art for your experience, but mine was outstanding....

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  • Joseph5 years ago

    I have a 2004 525i that I have taken to Moroni 3 times mostly to have my sensors reset, but I have also had an oil change and my o2 sensors replaced. Moroni is very friendly and when talking to him he came across as someone honest and not trying to rip me off, he has cut me a deal every time. His mechanics have even shown me how to reset the sensors that don't really require a mechanic to fix. If your looking for someone other than a dealer to work on your car so you don't break the bank go to Moroni, he is a mechanic I trust. And I can honestly say that this is a first for me.

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  • Mr. Watts5 years ago

    I cannot!!! and I absolutely mean, I cannot believe what "Art" is saying!!! I took my BMW to the Bmw dealership because my car was overheating. They said you need a new motor its your heads, over $2000 to get fixed. took it to other shops and same thing its your heads, maybe they followed along becasue I told them the story as soon as I got to a couple shops. Long story short, the towe truck driver asked me why I was waisting my time? He followed by saying Moroni would be the best person to take my car to. He delivers my car to Moronis shop on El Paso St. and I get there within 45 mins, what does he say (Moroni)? Your car is ready, you needesd a new thermostat. What ever that is.... at no cost.......He could of been like the "other certified master techs" and taken me for $2000+. Ever since then nobody touches my car unless its Moroni Montes. Nice Shop by the way ; )

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  • Lorenzo Aguilera (Larry)5 years ago

    I have to admit, I am highly impressed with the business I have conducted at Moroni BMW Specialists. Since October 2011, I have gone to this shop for multiple issue son my 2000 BMW 328i. Engine tube replacements, engine leaks, oil changes, part replacements (sun roof control panel, front turn signal cover, bumper adjustment), and other engine component related issues. None of which have troubled me since, and I feel safe to say, they are permanently fixed. It's awesome to have found a shop where my problem is their solution!

    What made my experience with the shop better ? Their willingness to work with me come pricing. They managed to get me satisfying deals, making it very affordable, considering the work they done. I haven't haven't felt , nor have I disagreed, that pay options or charges were too much or high.

    Aside from their obvious expertise, the employees at Moroni's BMW Specialists' make the environment and easy flow, comfortable and understanding but with a professional character. These specialist conduct themselves in a "we mean business" type manner with a friendly personality. I am able to name many of the specialist's because of the atmosphere and they know me as Larry. I have not had an issue with my vehicle since my finding of this shop.

    Maroni's BMW Specialist have taken care of the most important thing, my vehicle. If your looking for a quote, a solution, or recommendations/advice to your BMW..I highly, extremely, recommend Maroni BMW Specialists to all!

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  • Mark5 years ago

    I have a 2005 BMW X5 that I had taken to various "BMW Shops" for the same problem.Spending thousands of dollars over the same concern I got tired of the X5 and my last resort was trading it in.I had been recomended to Moroni by a good friend.I was told I would not be dissapointed.Within Diagnosis Moroni pin pointed the concern and I arranged to leave the car.The next morning on arrival I was very suprised to receive a detailed X5 in top running condition!With a bill the portion of the price.I highly recommend this shop to people who are tired of dealing with horrible customer service.Moroni made me feel as if my car was his main priority.I am very happy driving my X5 and don't plan to get rid of it anytime soon, with the help of Moroni and his wonderful staff.

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  • eddie5 years ago

    I own a 2003 BMW 745 Li , My car would smoke when driving. I took this car to diffrent shops and they would recommend replacing my engine. Moroni was able to determine the orgin of the concern, and reported to me the valve guides were faulty. The Cyl heads were removed and sent out to Machine shop. My car runs the way it ran when I first bought it. They saved me Lot of money and I want to thank them for this..

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  • sholin5 years ago

    I just want to thank, moronis bmw shop for reparing my 750 bmw. The service was excellant and my car drives perfect. Any body that needs any repair done to their bmw should get a qoute from Moroni bmw,

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  • Art5 years ago

    I do not recommend this shop to anybody. I took my car for a number of different repairs. It turns out that one month after they had "fixed" my car, my engine was blown. I took it to the BMW dealership, and it turns out that Moroni's specialist had not replaced any of the parts I had originally paid for. Now I have spent a huge amount of money buying a new engine for my BMW. These people ripped me off and stole money from me, as I paid for services my vehicle never received. I don't understand how these people can sleep at night, knowing they have taken somebody's hard-earned money, without providing the services they were paid to to.

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