Rhine West

8926 Broadway,
San Antonio, TX 78217 US
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BWM repair, maintenance and performance enhancement in San Antonio, TX.

5 Reviews

  • Graham2 years ago

    I have been driving BMW cars since 1984. Rhine West is the best BMW maintenance shop that I have ever seen. They have been my exclusive repair shop since 1990. There is nothing made by BMW that they cannot repair. They are professional, personable and reasonable. In addition to their expertise, I have found that they are "looking out for me". I would not take my BMW anywhere else.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • Mike Seagle6 years ago

    I have had my BMW's serviced at Rhine West for the past 8 years and could not be more pleased. These guys treat oyu car as if it were their own. they do superb work at a fair price and never tack on anything unneeded. Quality is what they do not upselling. I would recommend them to anyone!!

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  • Donna6 years ago

    I have had my vehicle to Rhine West twice in the last year for routine repairs. They have done an excellent job diagnosing the problem and repairing my vehicle quickly. I would recommend them to anyone with an out-of-warranty BMW.

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  • MichaelX7 years ago

    My personal experience with David and the crew at Rhine West has been excellent. My BMWs have run better than they ever did during service at the local dealer. The guys really care about making the cars run right, and take the time to actually explain where and how you should spend your money fixing your car. If you don't understand it, they'll explain it: pictures, diagrams, technical info. Repair isn't always inexpensive, but what do you expect on your BMW? I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!

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  • Eric O. Hoke7 years ago

    I have used Rhine West for eighteen years and thru three BMW's. David, John and their guys have always done what they promised and stood by their work. They have never misdiagnosed a problem and have consistently charged a fair price.


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