Texas - German Autohaus

3417 Edloe Street,
Houston, TX 77027 US
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Texas-German Autohaus is a privately owned, high quality, repair shop where customer relationships come first.

All of our long time employees are well trained, courteous and loyal to both employer and customers. Our equipment is unparalleled among Houston's high end shops, and our service advisors will get you the best straight forward deal possible. It's no accident that we have the reputation among other shops for having the resources and willingness to help solve the most challenging car problems. Giving up is not in our vocabulary!

TGA uses and subscribes to the same high tech diagnostic equipment that dealers do plus some. Our parts department is connected online to all manufacturers parts catalogues. We stock all often needed parts and work with suppliers who carry hard to find and older car parts. We have adapted, and continuously will, to the technologies of today and of tomorrow.

You'll find that you get what you pay for and much more at Texas German Autohaus.

We are certified by the State of Texas to voluntarily comply with all environmental laws and proudly pass our yearly inspection. We encourage you to ask any of our customers why they have chosen us for so many years, or just come in for yourself and take a tour of our facility where we will answer all of your questions.

Our business relationship with our customers distills to one word...Trust.

5 Reviews

  • Lee4 years ago

    Hans and the mechanics at TGA are fantastic. I have been going to them for 20 years.

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Fernan Carpio6 years ago

    TGA maintained my 2 older model BMWs for 5 years and they did a good job. They provide detailed explanation of what needs to be done in order of priority. The workmanship has always been great. If not for the distance from my home/office, I would have wanted for them to take care of my vehicles.

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  • Chuck8 years ago

    We have a 13-year-old 5 Series with over 150,000 miles. We've spent a lot on repairs (but that's a different story) at four major full-service repair shops. TGA is by far the best. They have been up-front about what really needs to be fixed, and clear about what can safely be put off. Their estimates have so far been spot-on. Sure, they have the occasional lapse, but they get the important stuff done right. We've been completely satisfied, and no longer take our BMW anywhere else.

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  • terry8 years ago

    Just recently had work on my BMW to get power steering hoses replaced picked up car and service engine light was on and steering was not fixed. My vehicle is worse thean when io dropped it off. INCOMPETENT. The service engine light should not have been since no work was to be done on the engine.

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  • David Garvin9 years ago

    Late last year my son had a coolant leak in his Z4. He took it to a European auto repair shop, who looked it over and wrote him up for a new radiator and charged $60 for the trouble. He called me with the bad news ($900 replacement) so I told him to go Texas German Auto Haus based on the recommendation of the BMW car club here in Houston (which I just joined) and their location. They looked at his car, showed him a crack in a lower radiator hose and I suggested replacing all the coolant hoses. Paid less than half what the other shop would have cost him (to replace a good radiator). The radiator still has no leak 10 months later and new hoses will last him another 3-4 years. These are good guys at TGA.

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