Wilson Imports & Domestics/Super Premium Transmission

5114 Highway 6 North, Bldg. A,
Houston, TX 77084 US
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Shop opened in 1998 and we are still serving greater Houston area today. We specialize in Honda and Acura and we do repairs on BMW, Toyota, Nissan, VW and some domestics. We offer free check out and we have free shuttle service if needed. We use the most up to date scanners to service any need your car should have.

We also provide transmission repair & rebuilding. An internal transmission problem is like a cancer. When the damage begins it can spread to other parts of the system exponentially, which dramatically increases repair costs. To avoid a potentially costly problem, and to cut your repair costs, we recommend that you CATCH THE PROBLEM IN THE BEGINNING and don't wait for it to get worse!

A free basic check out will help us determine if the problem is electronic, mechanical or hydraulic please schedule a free basic check out.

Give us a call today for BMW repair or transmission repair and receive the service you deserve.