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Email only, no phone calls please: spicersauto@gmail.com

Spicers auto has down sized (the old man moved to Hawaii) but our 2002 department is still open on a case by case basis. We still have a large selection of vintage BMW parts available for the O2's.

P.S. the old man says to tell all of the wonderful Bimmer drivers of Utah mahalo for 30 great years, and to keep the shiny side up.

15 Reviews

  • Brooke smith
    Brooke smith8 years ago

    I too have become aquainted w Dennis' work over the past 2 years. I could tell in 10 min that he knew what he was doing and would be fairly priced. sure enough, saved me ~50% ( ~ $500 ) on the 1st go-round . Just so dang smart and intuitive. I practically begged him to give me a name of the next best option/mechanic. He wouldn't give a name , perhaps simply doesn't know any of them. If anyone else can come up with a suggestions.. let me know.

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    KIM WALKER8 years ago

    I guess we need to sell all our BMW's, cause Dennis is moving and isn't taking any new appointments. My repair shop - Der Otto Werks, Ogden had to close its doors after 30 years and I don't know another good mechanic, & Dennis had no suggestions.

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  • Dave Eastman
    Dave Eastman9 years ago

    I wouldn't keep my 93 525i if it weren't for Dennis. I've used him for 8 or 9 years and 60,000 miles now, and he's utterly honest, competent and accomodating to my schedule (I live 30 miles away). His pricing is very reasonable, and he gives a club discount for BMWCCA members. Unless you're a DIY (i'm not), owning an older German car is only feasible if you have someone like Dennis available to maintain it. If he ever leaves town, my car would be up for sale, it's that simple.

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  • Barb
    Barb9 years ago

    Racer and I have owned our 1986 735i for eleven years. Our friend Dennis Spicer called us and asked if we were interested in trading our Toyota pickup for this car, as one of his customers was using the bimmer for a truck and had taken out the oil pan! We have never regretted our decision. Not only is Dennis Spicer knowledgeable and honest, he also goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy. Instead of buying another car a couple of years ago we had him replace the master cylinder and the car runs like new. About a month ago, Dennis called to say he had found a switch he thought would fit our rear window. He installed it in five minutes, refusing any compensation, saying that he knew we'd be back when we really needed something done and he's right about that! You'll never regret taking your bimmer to Spicers Automotive.

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  • Steph Garner
    Steph Garner9 years ago

    I won't take my 330xi anywhere else. I just wish I had done my homework and found Dennis sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of money. It's all water out of the radiator now. I've had bimmer's for 19 years, all kinds. Spicer's the bomb!

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  • G D Beckett
    G D Beckett9 years ago

    Spicer Automotive in Salt Lake City has been working on my two BMWs for several years. Dennis Spicer represents everything a customer wants: knowledge, service, and integrity. My BMWs have been more efficient to service & upkeep with Dennis than have any variety of other makes & mechanics. I actually enjoy visiting Dennis on my periodic service needs. I can't say that about my Ford dealer!

    If you're in SLC, I highly recommend scheduling with Spicer Auto, you won't be disappointed.

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  • Ronald
    Ronald9 years ago

    Another happy client.

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  • Heidi
    Heidi10 years ago

    I can't recommend Dennis highly enough. He's an excellent mechanic - but above all else, a good man. He is honest and cautious with your $$. Many other shops in the area run things for dollars (e.g. Werner's), Dennis just runs a good shop. I needed a serious repair last week and let my car sit in my garage for a week rather than go to someone else. He has my absolute loyalty. He takes care of me, filling in little things he notices without cost. What an amazing find he is!

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  • Ron
    Ron10 years ago

    I found Dennis on this site. He returned my call and got me in to his shop as soon as he could. I needed new brakes and rotors on the front brakes, an oil change, and fluid lines to be checked. I had the car in at the BMW dealer and was given a higher priced estimate. Luckily I found Dennis' shop and he was able to get me new front brakes and rotors, an oil change, tighten some fluid lines, change filters and fix a broken sensor line, all for about the same price the BMW dealer was going to charge for just the brakes and rotors. The sensor line fix was a freebie that he happened to notice while he had my wheels off. My ABS light was on and all the dealer told me was I had to have it hooked up to a diagnostic machine (expensive!). Dennis got it done fast and right! He's my mechanic for my car going forward.

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  • Shane Hughes
    Shane Hughes10 years ago

    Spicer is a long time friend of mine, we served in the army together......spicer was the guy that rebuilt my v-8 351 for my boat about seven years ago ish and to make a long story short I just got my boat ready for the season all I had to do is pour a little gas in the carb and turn the key that V-8 fired right up and purrs like a kitten SWEET you should hear how smooooooth she runs spicer must be the best mechanic on the planet...I am sure of it.....Thanks Buddy ...Shane K.

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  • James
    James10 years ago

    I'm new to the world of BMWs having bought my one first two years ago. On the prompting from a doctor that my wife works with we took our Z4 out to a couple PCA DE events at the Miller Motorsports Park and as a result got completely hooked on going fast. Kin Ng was my course instructor and at the time I was seriously considering buying a Porsche 924 to be my dedicated track car. Kin talked me out of it and into an E30 325iX (I have a track ready car for the same price as a base, unmodified, 924... easy sell).

    Given where we started from Denise has had to do a considerable amount of work to get the car track ready. He has done everything from replacing both the front and rear differentials to completely overhauling the brakes and suspension and all for an extremely reasonable cost given the amount of labor involved. His knowledge of BMWs and their history is pretty impressive as well.

    I will never take my BMW's to anyone else. Denise is my mechanic. Period. However, I have to second Kin's sentiment that on the one hand I want to give Denise a glowing review and tell everyone that he is the one and only BMW mechanic in town worth going to but then that means it's gets harder for me to get my cars in. Still, I have to give Denise two thumbs up.

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  • David
    David10 years ago

    Dennis is the best BMW mechanic in the area. Straight-forward, honest, and fair.

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  • Brad
    Brad11 years ago

    I'm on my 7th BMW and have only used two mechanics . Dennis is by far the best . Being rather picky as to who touches my cars , Dennis has been most excellent . My first choice . Very honest and fair . Would recommend to call him first .

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  • joe
    joe11 years ago

    I've used all the BMW mechanics in Utah and Spicer is by far the best. Honest and will show you the parts he replaced, well priced, nice guy who is an enthusiast and active club member. Knowledgeable in modifications and rebuilding your classic Bimmer. He is a one man show so you get the his years of experience working on your car. He only works on BMW's too.

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  • Brandon (SLC, UT)
    Brandon (SLC, UT)11 years ago

    Dennis is a great mechanic with knowledge coming out of his ears. He has helped me keep my 89 325is running well past 300,000 miles and does fantastic work. Definitely check him out.

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