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Since 1988 Northern Motorsport Ltd. has provided the best BMW repair and service in Wilder, Vermont and throughout Central Vermont.

Our BMW technicians use the latest tools and materials to service your BMW automobile. We are the authorized Bosch Automotive Service Center for Central Vermont.

Our commitment to service and value makes us the leading BMW service center for motorists in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. We look forward to earning your business.

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  • Once again, they honored their warranty and provided great service.

    Steven T., via Google
  • Michael and his men are all the best at what they do. They have saved me roughly 4.75 tons of headaches and countless hours of time. I trust them with my vehicles and would certainly recommend a friend see them first or for a second opinion. Thank you Northern Motorsports!

    Karl C., via Google

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2 Reviews

  • Walter McNally
    Walter McNally11 years ago

    Well I just want to say I have been bringing cars to Mike & Jeff since they opened and I am lucky to have found a group of guys who are without doubt the best and most honest mechanics I have ever met. And they are nice guys as well. I go 60 miles out of my way to bring my cars to them I think it is important to set the record straight.

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  • Mike Quinn
    Mike Quinn11 years ago

    Worst auto shop I've ever encountered - anywhere.

    From the tenor of all of their hand-written signs stating "Sure we're expensive, but we're worth it" in their repugnant waiting room, it is immediately evident that they do not want your business - only your money.

    I brought my 325 in for a simple hood-badge replacement. After two weeks of ordering the wrong one twice and trying to force them on the car, they finally discovered that their "display" model was exactly what I needed. While getting into the car with the badge and a pocket knife in his hand, the shop owner (Mike) carelessly sliced my leather steering wheel with the knife in several places.

    I immediately pointed it out, but his response was to rub the steering wheel with his grease-soaked thumb, and state, "That will buff out. No issue."

    I continued to fight with them for three months to get them to replace the damaged steering wheel. He continued to brush me off, even going so far as to insult me and then hang up on the phone.

    They have never repaired or replaced the wheel. Also - they scratched the hood while replacing the badge. These are facts.

    Since then, other local Euro-car owners have told me similar stories of dread while dealing with these clowns (they "might" fix the issue you brought it in with, but you'll get it back with more issues than when they got it). I have even been told that the IRS is investigating them for insurance fraud and mis-representation on their income forms.

    They are basically the only game in town and they know it - which is why they get any business at all. I now go 60 miles away to have my machine taken care of because of their actions, and I think it's worth every mile. Most locals must be too lazy or have much more money to burn than I do and just put up with this kind of thing.

    Trust me - find someplace else. These guys are criminals, and I hope I'm around when the Feds come calling to close them down.

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    Michael Zack11 years ago

    This reminds me of the story of 5 blind men describing an Elephant. After reading this I was dumbstruck. Anyone who has been here knows this is a farce.

    Just for the record,

    1. There is no, and there never has been said "hand written sign" was he here?

    2 We get parts overnight, always have, 2 weeks!!?

    3. "Display model"?? we don't have displays

    4. We did scuff the wheel entering the car from a pocket knife on the belt, not hands. We offered to have the local leather shop repair the scuff. An offer declined ( this particular car has a leather wheel that has a lot of hard use and had never been dressed).

    5. He is correct, we did decline to buy a new wheel to replace a shabby used one.

    6. No hood scratch

    7. As far as getting a car back with more issues? Please, that is silly.

    8. IRS??! what the ...No, never happened Pretty funny though. Bin Laden is hiding in our parts room and he never mentioned it.

    We have been business since 1987, working on BMW's since 1979. We have the GT-1 BMW factory service tool and have not had a complaint to the BBB for over 36 months. We are committed to good service and reliable repairs. Just come by and look, meet us and you will see our level of commitment.