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BMC automotive services is an independent BMW repair shop in Chantilly, VA who will take care of your car needs. We specialize in BMW repair, maintenance, and service for all makes and models. We are experts in the following:

  • Engine
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Convertible top issues
  • And any other problems that you may experience.

Our technicians will ensure that you have knowledge of what service(s) we will perform, as well as your consent to perform the service(s). Upon completion, we will test your automobile to ensure that the repairs done allow your automobile to perform at its very best. We are committed to providing you with the best service available and with lower prices than what our competitors would charge. We service Northern Virginia, Chantilly, & the Washington DC area. Please call us at (703) 327-2436 or e-mail us at for pricing information, questions, or comments

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50 Reviews

  • Ben M
    Ben M2 years ago

    Great service and honest work. I will definitely bring my car back. Hard to find good mechanics and this place has great mechanics.

    2007 BMW 650i
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  • Lorsomran Sirirat
    Lorsomran Sirirat3 years ago

    I have been coming to BMC for years now and I love the work that they do on my M3. I wouldn't take it anywhere else. I highly recommend anyone with a BMW bring their vehicle to BMC. Great service and even better prices.

    1997 BMW M3
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  • Ron
    Ron4 years ago

    Well - I moved away in 2014 and recently returned to do some work for a former client of mine. I brought both my summer and winter cars with me - knowing that I'd be here for awhile .. and both were in need of some attention. My X5 had accumulated 160k+ miles - and it was time to do the heads, chains, vanos etc ... I brought it to Chai and we discussed what needed to be done. After some planning we extracted the entire front subframe (suspension, engine, tranny, front diff ...) and he went to work diligently on disassembly. Fast forward 60 days - and we had a completely overhauled engine that runs like new again. Remarkable HP and handling. Chai is absolutely the most meticulous BMW mechanic I've ever known. Since he is factory and dealership trained - his experience goes back many years - and he's able to work on some of these old cars and knows what to look out for and what to recommend fixing to save you some time, labor and heartache while he's repairing the obvious items that you knew needed attention. It's this experience and attention to details that make his service invaluable to a BMW collector like me. If you give him the time - he'll treat your car like it was his own - and after all - what enthusiast doesn't want that?

    2003 BMW 4.6is
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  • David Huynh
    David Huynh5 years ago

    I would definitely recommend BMC Automotive Services for all your German auto repairs. The service is exceptional and technicians are extremely knowledgeable. Great prices compared to the dealerships. I would not hesitate to refer my friends, family and coworkers. Nice to know there is a place I can trust. Thank you BMC.

    2010 BMW M3
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  • Koon
    Koon6 years ago

    This is THE place to go for your BMW maintenance or repair needs. BMC price is always reasonable and often much better than any other independent BMW/European car specialists in DMV area.

    Chai (the owner) is knowledgeable, trustworthy and does not overcharge or up-sell anything I don't really need on my car. The work he and his team performed on my car has always been exceptional and on time. When I have to move to CA for work, not having BMC close by anymore is one of my greatest regrets!

    2003 BMW M3
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  • Shondra Jones
    Shondra Jones7 years ago

    This was the very best experience. I will NEVER go to A dealer again!

    2008 BMW 650 i
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  • Juan Antezana
    Juan Antezana7 years ago

    This place is great! I was refered by a friend and i met with Richard up front to go over all of my concerns he was really helpful. A follow up call with an email was sent to me right after their check up describing what needed service. I hadnt been up to date with the maintance of my car so i had serveral things done and they took care of it all fast and at a great price. My car instantly felt diferrent and more smooth than ever. I highly recommend this Shop. Five stars.

    2000 BMW 323i
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  • NME
    NME8 years ago

    Great service. Took in my bmw for "service engine soon" light. I wanted a second opinion after I got an estimate from another shop. BMC's rate is much lower. Richard knows BMW and is very easy to work with. We're very happy with the work he did on our car.

    2011 BMW 335d
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  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M9 years ago

    Awesome experience!! Service was excellent and they did great work on my vehicle. Richard the Service Manager was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely be back as well as recommended to my friends and family. Thanks!

    2010 BMW X6
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  • Christina
    Christina9 years ago

    Hands down, the best experience I've had with service/maintenance out of the 7 years I've owned my BMW. I've been to two Bmw dealerships and two other auto shops and was very unhappy with the service and continued having issues with the car, especially this past year. Richard was extremely knowledgeable, honest and thorough and I immediately felt like I could trust him and do. They have my car running as well as it did when I first bought the car and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best. On top of everything else, the pricing was beyond fair and he went over every line item so I knew they weren't just throwing numbers around. I finally have confidence that I can keep my car for at least another 100k (it's at 180k right now) because it will have proper care with BMC. I can't thank you enough Richard! You made everything stress free!

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Stevhe
    Stevhe9 years ago

    I have been looking for an honest shop that would be able to take care of my BMW without being ripped off (aka the dealer). Found this place through the forums and figured I would try them. They had me in the very next morning when my car was having severe issues. They were able to diagnose and help guide me along the way. Richard is fantastic. Very knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend this hidden gem if you have a BMW. My baby runs smoothly again :)

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Tracy R.
    Tracy R.9 years ago

    BMC is one of the most professional and respectful automotive services. There work is top of the line and I would recommend them over the dealership. They have a 5 Star business.

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Jenny
    Jenny9 years ago

    I have taken my car to this repair shop twice and have been happy with the results each time. The facility is clean, the prices are very reasonable, and most importantly, the quality of their repair work is exceptional. I strongly recommend getting your repairs done here.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Linda
    Linda9 years ago

    I don't have a BMW but BMC took care of my baby TL. They were very informative in what I needed for my car. It's important to go to a automotive place where you can trust people and where they don't rip you off. I highly recommend this place.

    2005 Other
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  • Ashley
    Ashley9 years ago

    BMC is absolutely wonderful and the best place to have any BMW maintenance/work performed. In addition to my 2004 X3, we also have a 1993 725i that they have fully and beautifully restored and a 2011 X5 that they have worked on. We have had two older X5's in the past that they worked on as well. They are professional and knowledgeable, at an affordable rate. I more than recommend coming here for any BMW need.

    2004 BMW X3
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  • MasterQ
    MasterQ9 years ago

    Why risk and go take your car to dealership or anywhere else when you have BMC and its team to back you up? Not only you'll receive superb services and recommendations, you'll learn more about your own car and make new friends while BMC takes care of your ride! Thanks to Richard aka DJ Rich and his team for superior service for my 2008 BMW 335iC always!! Save time and money, and make new friends only at BMC!! -Master Q

    2008 BMW 335iC
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  • ASJ
    ASJ9 years ago

    I recently discovered BMC and found BMC to be a "Breath of Fresh Air." I have a 2001 740I which has cost me quite a lot in repairs in recent years (all performed by dealers). Recently, I had a State Inspection. One issue caused a failed inspection; in addition, I was told that my Valley Pan was leaking and was given an estimate of $2100 to replace the gasket (I decided to wait awhile before making this repair). Also, I advised the dealer that my "Service Engine Soon" light was coming on occasionally and wondered whether the gas cap was causing the problem. The service adviser advised me to replace the gas cap first to see if that solved the problem, and that I should repair the Valley Pan within the next 2 thousand miles. In researching the "Service Engine Soon" issue on the internet, I found that several things could cause this problem and that a diagnostic must be run on the engine. Finally, I decided to find an independent BMW mechanic (mainly due to the high costs of dealer repairs) and I found BMC. The BMC technicians were very knowledgeable and showed me 3 issues of concern (including the leaking Valley Pan). Also, the technician showed me a radiator hose that was on the verge of bursting. BMC corrected all issues for $2000. From my experience, I know that these repairs would have cost almost twice as much at a dealer. Lastly, BMC reprogrammed my keys because the remote (keyless entry) had stopped working on one of my keys. Several months earlier, the dealer service adviser had said that, due to the age of my car, the problem was probably the capacitor and that the key would have to be replaced for $200-300. As I said, I found BMC to be a Breath of Fresh Air, and they have a new customer.

    2001 BMW 740I
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  • Joseph
    Joseph12 years ago

    6 months ago I wrote a negative review which was unfair. I had a water leak in my car and I ended up taking my vehicle to several repair facilities but no one could figure out where the water was coming from. BMC got it right the first time and I'm grateful for their great service even though I left a negative review earlier.

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  • Joseph
    Joseph12 years ago

    I left a negative review on November 4th 2011 and I must say that the review was too harsh and unfair for BMC. I took my 750i to a couple of other repair shops and none of them identified or fixed my water leakage problem so I had to swallow my pride and take my vehicle back to BMC because I know they are the best in this area. Warren Buffet says" it's hard to find a good and honest mechanic and if you find one keep him". Hopefully I won't be having more problems with my 750 but if I do I wouldn't dream of taking my car anywhere else. If you have any questions about my experience with BMC please call me at my office 703-221-3212 and I'll be happy to personally share my experience- I owe them that much. Joseph

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  • Alan
    Alan12 years ago

    I've taken both of my BMWs here for issues I couldn't diagnose on my own.

    The mechanics did a great job of quickly diagnosing and fixing issues with minimal cost.

    BMC is unmatched having very competetive rates and BMW trained mechanics.

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  • Joseph
    Joseph12 years ago

    Watch out for sneaky charges!

    I took my car to BMC based the the reviews and I got a very difference experience there from everyone else. I called the shop before I took my car explaining that it had a water leak in the trunk. I was told the hourly rate and that it would take a couple of days to fix the car, so I took half my day off from work to fix this issue.

    I get to BMC and now they want to charge me $180 just to diagnose the water leakage. I wish they would have told me that before I drove 1 hour to get to the shop and based on principal I took my car somewhere else.

    They should be more transparent about their fees because they wasted my day.

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  • JOHN E.
    JOHN E.12 years ago

    Had a problem with door lock actuator on 2004 325ci. Called several shops, including the dealer to price a replacement. Quoted $400.00 by dealer. The lowest quotes were by other BMW shops on this list were $545-$565.

    Since the local dealer was the obvious choice, considering that it WAS the dealership and that it was lower than the independents, I took the car to the dealer.

    Got a call from service rep. stating that an "error was made" and that the cost would be about $900.00. I told them that I would forego the repair. I was told that he (the rep) did not remember that there were airbags on this vehicle. That was the reason that the cost was so much higher. I then asked how the dealer came to this price. Parts cost plus labor? (I knew the part could be purchased for about $130.00) I was told that the price was a "set job price", not time and materials.

    BMC had done work on this car previously so I called Nu and explained my problem. He told me that the part was about $135.00 (no additional part markup) and that the job would take 2.5 hours to complete. Total quote about $360.00.

    Even though I had to travel quite some distance from my home, and had to leave the call for a day, it was WORTH THE TRIP.

    I got a call from Nu stating that there may be additional problems with the module that controls the actuator, and that there would be an additional diagnostic fee of $90.00. He explained that the control module would be very expensive, but that he did not think it would need replacement. In the end I had a total bill (before sales tax) of $449.36

    This is the second time BMC has saved me lots of $$. They appear to be extremely honest and do not come up with excuses to pad your bill.

    I highly recommend them!

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  • Ron Garton
    Ron Garton12 years ago

    I've had (2) e38's repaired at BMC over the last year that I've been back in the DC area. The first car has had such an extensive amount of work done to it - that it would take more real estate then is probably available in this forum.

    One of the most interesting repairs made was the 'typical' M62TU sloppy timing chain repair and VANOS cam adjuster, camshaft chains and related tensioner and solenoid repair jobs that all e38 owners are probably all too familiar with. I knew the car was going to need it eventually - and when the time came - I dropped off the car for the BMC team to get started on. Just 4 days later - I got the car back - a remarkable turnaround time for such an extensive repair. The results are remarkable to say the least. My 740i Sport runs like it was new. No more diesel sound - no more clanking chains and most importantly, the gas mileage and HP have returned to 'above average' results. ;-)

    I have yet to understand how some BMW shops can deliver such excellent service and at very reasonable rates - with just a few dedicated and skilled staff - where stealerships er dealerships seem to fail. But, all the better for the rest of us who own these cars and have to realize that passion for the cars is something that even our Indy's have. You just have to find the right one.

    Nu, Chai and Nat - you guys deserve all the credit - and I can never thank you enough for the wonderful way in which I've been treated - and the extraordinary service you provide to all the BMW owners who are fortunate to walk through your doors.

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  • m. gibbs
    m. gibbs12 years ago

    I had a leak in my sunroof which resulted in having to have the fuses and connectors located under the carpet of the front passenger side of the car replaced. It was a big job but BMC located the parts without having to put in a whole new harness saving me lots of $$$. BTW, the car had been sitting on my driveway for 6 months electrics worked except for the alarm. Additionally the car had been making a noise since i took it to another bmw garage in Warrenton. The mechanics there told me it was an old car [8 years??] and it was no surprise that it made the noise. I knew that was baloney. Anyway, BMC found the problem. An engine mount so severely cracked that the engine was at an angle. They fixed that by installing a new engine mount and replacing the other one's rubber gasket. Additionally, I had a bad window caused by my dog jumping through it when going after a deer. BMC replaced the motor and regulator. All in all i had a lot of work done there. The price was reasonable and the workmanship has proven to be excellent. Fixing the leak is several thousand requiring a new carriage, so i bought a waterproof cover and put gorilla tape around the sunroof. so far so good. I recommend BMC over any place i've ever taken my bimmers. I've had them for a total of over 30 years.

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  • Kelli
    Kelli13 years ago

    i took my car there with a coolant issue. i was told that the entire system would need to be replaced for around a $1000 along with an oil valve issue for $400. was ready to do it but thankfully they couldn't get me in. i ended up overheating and had my car towed to another foreign specialty shop in tysons. their diagnosis...a radiator hose issue. fixed and back on the road with a free car wash and oil change for $200. bmw owners beware. i would not recommend this shop unless you really understand cars and know the right questions to ask. i feel like i was completely taken advantage of...

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  • Al
    Al13 years ago

    I love this place. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and honest all at rates that can't be beat.

    There is no better place to have your BMW serviced and repaired in the DC area.

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  • Jon M.
    Jon M.13 years ago

    Outstanding service! If you're in NoVA, this is where your BMW needs to go.

    I found them through this site and decided to check them out based on the reviews. I was dreading the bill I knew I'd get from the dealership for routine maintenance on my BMW 530i, but those are no longer a worry because BMC is my new favorite place. The reveiws are all on target: the customer service is excellent, total professionals that explain and detail everything they do. The shop, from the lobby to maintenance bay is spotless. Good-bye NoVA dealership service departements, I won't miss you! My BMW will now only go to BMC.

    Thanks BMC for putiing the customer first. I'll defintely be back.

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  • John E.
    John E.13 years ago

    I chose BMC Automotive Services because of the reviews offered on this website. I had recently purchased a 2004 BMW 325ci for my son. The car had 63K and was in good condition. I had taken the car to BMW dealer for the 60K service only a month ago. The car started not engaging into drive when it was cold and shifted from reverse to drive. The service advisor at the dealer "never heard of such a thing".

    After researching the internet I found this site and called BMC. Nu, the service advisor and Chai (the technician owner) were familiar with the service bulletin regarding a programing update with the computer that operates the transmission. Cost to repair $180.00 They also mentioned other possible causes that the dealership did not mention, such as a sensor that may have gone bad.

    They also replaced the brake pads, rotors and sensors at a reasonable price and recommended other services that were necessary. I was very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism.

    As I conversed with them I found that Chai had been employed by a local BMW dealership before he decided to go into business for himself. Nu was a service advisor at the same dealership. As a final note, I asked about my own problem with my 2006 BMW 325 sedan. The local BMW dealership had indicated that I had a leak in my valve gasket. I was told that after 4 years and 40k that it had to be replaced because it was made of metal and had warped. The estimated cost to repair would be aproximately $1150. BMC's estimate $520.

    The ONLY downside is the distance to their shop. It is past route 28 on Rt 50 in Chantilly near Dulles airport, and the traffic can be hideous. Take the Dulles Toll Road to 28s to 50w if you're coming from the beltway area.

    Love these guys!

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    ED BARRETT13 years ago

    I have been looking for a good repair shop and finally found the right place. After reading the reviews I decided to try BMC and I have to tell you, they beat every other repair shop in the area. I took my BMW X5 in to get 2 outer CV boots replaced and ended up having them do my 60,000 mile check-up too, All at a fraction of the cost that the dealership was going to charge! Mr Chai and his team were knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I will use them for all my cars and highly recommend them. Thank you BMC!


    Fairfax Station

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  • Linda L
    Linda L14 years ago

    When I stumbled upon BMC I actually thought the reviews were too good to be true......guess what, THEY WEREN'T!!!! I brought my very sick 2002 M3 in at my appointment time, wanting desperately to drive my convertible to the beach this weekend, and was taken immediately. Nu kept me completely informed throughout the process, going so far as to drive to Sterling to pick up a new battery for me. Chai was amazing in diagnosing and fixing the problems, and I was on my way in about 3 1/2 hours (quite a feat given the amount of work). They were professional, obviously very experienced, and best of all reasonably priced. Not to mention, I have never seen a repair shop so clean! BMC, you now have all of my BMW business going forward. Thank you so very much!! Linda

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  • L R
    L R14 years ago

    I forgot to mention, I sent an email to the shop asking about hours and appointments. I got a reply and subsequent replies soon after, within the day from Chai. Very attentive!

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  • L R
    L R14 years ago

    I found this shop on this site, and I'd never heard of this site or BMC Automotive before. These reviews sounded too good to be true though. I made an appointment and took in my 2004 330Ci. The young man at the desk (not Chai) was patient as I explained everything I was seeing and feeling with my car. He told me right away what he thought was wrong and promised to look at his hunch first before anything. I was expecting him to suggest some major overhaul right away. He called me when they found the issue, quoted me a SUPER low price, and asked for the go-ahead. I thought I heard him wrong! The price he quoted me for labor and parts was less than an hour's labor in the last shop I was at recently for another issue. He called me when they were done and I picked up that afternoon, happily paid, and tried out my car. I was SO happy!!!! I can't recommend this shop enough! I walked away happy that I found the place and got such a great price, plus the issue is fixed. The only downside I can see is location. For DC locals it's a hike. There is an Enterprise car rental at the Cadillac dealership down the street for those that need a rental at drop-off. Overall I am SO HAPPY I found this place and want to recommend them myself.

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  • Nathaniel Green
    Nathaniel Green14 years ago

    BMC Automotive Services, LLC of Chantilly, VA provides superior BMW services. I have in the past have taken my BMW to those other "so-called BMW Services" with mixed reviews much disappointments. Finding BMC's Automotive Services was an answer to a long awaited BMW Service Center that get it right the FIRST time. BMC Automotive is professional, know what they do, and are darn good doing it the lst time. They are reasonable and rival any BMW Service Center in the Northern Virginia/Washington/Maryland area. I cannot thank the owner, Chai, and his staff for consistently getting it done right the lst time. Again, thank you BMC Automotive Services and staff for always being professional.

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  • Bao Tran
    Bao Tran14 years ago

    BMC is an all around fabolous autoshop. They are indeed professionals at what they do. I dropped off my TSX for a 30,000 mile tune up, sun visor repair, and tire repair. Chai was able to complete the service quickly, while giving me tips on several maintenance issues as well! He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Most importantly, their prices for the repairs were reasonable! I will definitely be returning for future auto repairs! THANKS A LOT CHAI

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  • TV
    TV14 years ago

    Their work ethic alone beats everyone out of water, and adding the more than reasonable cost, it's hard to come a by a shop like this. Wouldn't even think about going anywhere else.

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  • Pam
    Pam14 years ago

    I would like to thank the BMW owners on this site who recommended BMC Automotive for repair work on their cars and for the excellent service provided by Chai and his coworkers. My 1999 BMW 528I has always been serviced at dealerships from here to Seattle, and I was a little apprehensive about any independent repair shop. Then, my trust was no longer assured getting my car worked on at dealerships, and this caused me to look elsewhere even more than the cost. What an amazing experience at BMC. Others have mentioned the time and attention shown by Chai showing just what the problems are with the car. My car was completely repaired and checked over in one day for me to feel confident driving it to San Diego next week, the personnel could not have been nicer or more accomodating, and the price was definitely right. I love this place!

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  • Hu Chang
    Hu Chang14 years ago

    I have a ’99 BMW 323i that needed to be serviced in a major way. Knowing it would cost me a fortune at a dealer, I decided to find a honest, dependable BMW shop to take care of my BMW. I eventually found BMC and Chai. What a pleasant surprise it was to have Chai take care of my car. He is experienced, kind, and most important of all, very down to earth and honest. After giving my car a thorough check up, Chai wrote up a complete list of areas for service with a very reasonable price. I estimated the same service at a dealer would have cost me about twice as much. After the service was done, my BMW is running in great condition again. Thank you Chai!

    I strongly recommend you to take your car to BMC, you will not regret you decision!

    Centreville, VA

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  • Partha Rampally
    Partha Rampally14 years ago

    My BMW 740 IL have some issues; and he fixed easily with less expensive compared to any other BMW dealers.

    He explains the problem in detail; I strongly recommnds the people to come to BMC and get repairs done without any hassle.

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  • Ronnie Rounds
    Ronnie Rounds14 years ago

    I’ve owned a BMW for ten years and I have been utilizing some of the "higher end" service centers in the area to service my 5 Series BMW. The problem I incurred with the “higher end” service centers was the service never lived up to the price tag. I've been using BMC for a year now and BMC always assures me that the value and attention to care is their primary concern and that hasn't changed in these tough economic times. BMC prices are more than fair. When I bring my car to BMC to be serviced and it’s a nice feeling knowing my automobile is in “GOOD” hands.

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  • John Griggs
    John Griggs14 years ago

    BMC has been working on my wife's mercedes for the past year. He has saved us at least $1,000 over that time. We are vey satisfied with their work. I will keep going back.

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  • Carol
    Carol14 years ago

    I hate mechanics. I feel like I'm always getting ripped off. But BMC is the dream repair shop I've been looking for. They took me into the garage and explained and showed me everything. The price was more than fair. The workmanship perfect. All BMW parts. I drove 45 minutes to get there but will never take my 2002 BMW 330ci anywhere else again. AAAA++++

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  • Jason Sysamouth
    Jason Sysamouth14 years ago

    I was impressed, Very Modern, and Very professional

    “The minute I walked into your office I was impressed. I had my BMW 330CI, 2003 worked on by BMC Automotive Services. Mr. Chai’s owner of BMC Automotive Services and BMW mechanic Expert professional assisted me with my car problem and issues. Mr. Chai is a great person and a great customer services professional. He outlined a time-line and a cost schedule for the entire procedure, which incidentally was about 40% less expensive than any other BMW repair quoted me. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you Chai and BMC for providing a reasonable price for good service. I highly recommended anyone to them. You will not regret!

    Jason Sysamouth

    Vienna, VA

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  • Salman
    Salman14 years ago

    I was very satisfied with the customer service of BMC. My 318 was diagnosed correctly and was repaired for less than half the price other BMW mechanics were charging. BMC is the place to get the right diagnosis and for quality repair. Staff is very friendly and will treat you like family. ***** for BMC and Chi

    Woodbridge, VA

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  • Rafael
    Rafael14 years ago

    I needed work done on my BMW X5, I researched many places before choosing BMC. BMC Automotive had the best price and assured me that they were going to use BMW parts. I was very hesitant about taking my car somewhere other than the dealer. When I got there the owner was at the door and greeted me. He took me into the garage and showed me exactly what needed to be replaced and actually showed me the parts he was going to put on my X5. Then he explained to me why he prefers BMW parts. This is by far the best experience I have ever had dealing with a repair shop, or even the dealer. They did a great job and I'm definitely going to bring both of my vehicles to BMC when they need work. If you are looking for a BMW Specialist that you can trust to truly take care of your car I highly recommend BMC.

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  • Jack
    Jack14 years ago

    AAA+ in every aspect, reasonable prices, super friendly staff, super quick services.

    I totally agreed with everyone else's comments on this site and I highly recommend the folks at BMC. After years of paying $$$$$ to the dealer repair shops, I was glad I found BMC via Google. Next time I need services on my BMW 325 coupe I will take it back to BMC.


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  • D Smith
    D Smith14 years ago


    Just like the old days when your mechanic would take you into the garage to show you what your car needs and why.

    My Wife recently got a E46, 02 525Ci Convertable as a present for a signifigant birthday. The main issue with owning such a great car from her friends was the service and specifically the cost of service.

    I am keeping her baby clean and polished and it is a joy to ride in. As my first criteria, I wanted to find a shop to take it in that was competent as can be, not sacrificing cost for a good mechanic.

    I checked for several months and we found both at BMC.

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  • Brian S
    Brian S14 years ago

    I took my 1999 M3 Convertible in yesterday for an Inspection I and a DME swap, all prices were extremly fair, and Chai did an extermly thorough job of inspecting/repairing the car. He noted a few issues that might come up during the next inspection, and found a few leaks that we addressed at the time of service.

    The professional, personal service, and extremly reasonable rates will keep me coming back here. I feel I have finally found somebody I can trust my car with.

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  • JP Guill
    JP Guill14 years ago

    BMC Automotive is the most honest shop that I have ever been to. They have expert mechanics at half the price of the BMW dealership. Great service from people that care. Brand new amazing shop.

    I have a 1998 328i which has required a lot of work in the past year, and the only place I would take it to is BMC. I have saved a lot by coming to BMC and my car runs GREAT! Chai knows all BMWs from top to bottom, I can say without hesitation he is an EXPERT!

    I highly recommend this shop not only to BMW owners' but all makes.

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  • Sammy K.
    Sammy K.14 years ago

    I've been searching for a good mechanic and shop to get repairs done to my '88 BMW for a very long time and finally! I found one. I first used BMC to swap my stock springs and shocks for lowering springs and shocks. BMC had the best price in town. Everyone else i called charged between $600-$1500 labor! I got an amazing deal with BMC. In addition to the price, the quality of work was top notch.

    The shop is amazingly clean and organized. Chai who works there, is courteous and polite. He's more than a mechanic, he's also there to give you advice and not rip you off. He even took care of some issues i wasn't aware of at no charge (cleaned some electric connectors and fixed a ground wire from the stereo into the battery). Mind you, the car wasn't even in for these items. I'm going in again to repair some tranny issue, i have no doubt Chai and the BMC team will take care of the issue at a reasonable price and quality work.

    I highly recommend them. Thanks Chai and the BMC team.

    Reston, VA

    Sammy K.

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  • S. Kunzelman
    S. Kunzelman14 years ago

    My X3 was due for Inspection II (60k mile) service. The dealer (Sterling) quoted $1400-$1450. I was not pleased with this so I checked around. I received quotes from five service locations and all were cheaper than the dealer but BMC was considerably cheaper. I was a little skeptical at first b/c BMC was a couple hundred cheaper then the next lowest quote and I couldn't find any customer reviews online (new shop open April 09 I believe). I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. BMC was great. The owner sits in the lobby. The mechanic came out and greeted me then took my car back. He came out and talked to me a couple of times during service. He brought me back into the shop, which was very clean, and showed me a nail stuck in my tire. He plugged it at no charge. He showed me a couple of the nasty filters (air and micro I believe) that he had replaced. I waited in the lobby and talked to the owner while the service was performed. It took 1 1/2 hours for Inspection II. It has only been a couple of hours since the service as I'm posting this so if it blows up I will write something else. ;) So far so good. Thanks BMC for providing a reasonable price for good service.

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