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Eastern Autowerks is a full service BMW repair facility offering the latest industry diagnostic equipment (Autologic). We also offer OEM and factory parts and highly trained technicians. Our expert techs have over 50 years of combined experience and have ASE certifications.

We have a passion for European import automobiles and excel at servicing and maintaining these vehicles to insure their optimal performance, safety and reliability. In addition, we offer unmatched customer service in a clean and comfortable environment with recreational activities and a fully stocked coffee bar. Give Eastern Autowerks a call or drop in and see what we have to offer you and your BMW.


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  • Great experience. Staff was responsive and educational about the issues with my vehicle.

    Cindy F., via Google
  • Very good people and the work they do on BMW.

    Kay C., via Google
  • Best place for BMW repairs!

    Joseph H., via Google

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16 Reviews

  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez5 months ago

    I called and a guy answered the phone and I told him I wanted to bring my 2004 e46 sedan in to be diagnosed and he told me that he didn’t want to check my car out because, frankly, he doesn’t trust the people that have worked on my car in the past because I don’t trust them because I called him. So I told him I only called him because there was a scheduling issue with my current mechanic and he said “Yea that’s a good excuse but just stuck with him. Bye.” Then he hung up on me, not giving me a chance to explain what was going on or give any info at all. That’s terrible customer service! He must make enough money that he doesn’t need my business! Even if my car needed a lot of work that only means he’ll make a boatload of money off me. I definitely don’t recommend this shop even though they probably do great work, but if the mechanic’s won’t speak on the phone with you long enough to find out what’s even wrong with your car then they don’t need business.

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Edmundo Santos Jr
    Edmundo Santos Jr5 years ago

    I searched the internet for a reputable BMW Shop in Norfolk, Virginia to work on my 1998 E39 BMW 528i. Upon reviewing numerous customer reviews, I found Eastern Autowerks had great reviews. My experience with Eastern Autowerks was pleasant. I scheduled an online appointment on November 3rd 2016 for Check Engine Light/SES Light On. On November 4th 2016, my appointment was confirmed for November 9th 2016. I reported to Eastern Autowerks on November 9th. Tracy greeted me with a friendly smile and addressed all my concerns and questions. She provided a suggestion to replace my front and rear BMW Roundels as they were faded. I let her know I work a night shift schedule and I went ahead and dropped off my keys with her. A day later she left me a voicemail with the diagnostic results. I called Eastern Autowerks back the following day and gave them the approval to work on my car. A day later they left me another voicemail letting me know they corrected the issue and let me know my car should be the running the way it should be running. She brought up another issue that my vehicle had an oil leak. I called back the following day and said go ahead and fix the oil leak. The following day they called me and let me know my car was completed and ready to be picked up. On November 17th around 9am I reported to Eastern Autowerks where I was met by Randy. Randy explained to me all the service that was done to my vehicle. My car had Check Engine Light/SES Light On caused by the vacuum leaks, new roundels installed, corrected the malfunction in my driver's side door speaker, and removed and replaced the oil filter stand gasket. They listed my bill at $682.26, which I gladly paid for as they provided outstanding customer service and corrective maintenance. These folks really make you feel like you can go to them for anything for your Ultimate Driving Machine. I told them I will be back with my BMW for future services.

    -Edmundo Santos

    1998 BMW 528i
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  • Regina
    Regina6 years ago

    Someone recommend Eastern Autowerks to me and I am glad they did. I .love this place very nice customer service and very knowledgeable BMW mechanics Keep up the fantastic jobs!

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • Ray I.
    Ray I.6 years ago

    I'm new to the area and can hardly find my way home sometimes lol. I broke my oil pan on the city streets. After being told that " It's a privilege to drive on their streets" I was directed to a shady shop near by. They done a horrible job and sent me packing with my car still untouched. I was referred to Eastern Autowerks this was my blessing!! This shop is awesome they took great care of myself and my car. I was always kept up to date on what was being done. The prices weren't ridiculously high and they done quickly quality work. I will definitely be returning for future work. Thanks guys!

    1993 BMW 525i
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  • Gabriel
    Gabriel7 years ago

    I received a "low oil pressure" error message for my BWM 545i that instructed me not to drive it--although the car was still drivable--so I had it towed to Eastern Autowerks. Being down a mechanic, they indicated they couldn't get to the car for at least 3 weeks. Three weeks later the owner, Randy, indicated they wouldn't be able to get to it at all, an then referrer me to a friend of his. He then agreed to allow the car to remain on premises for another week while I made other plans for it (likely trade in). A week later I had AAA tow the car to CarMax. When I arrived later to negotiate for a new car we myself, fiancé and sales rep went to view the vehicle--I had not yet seen since being towed—it appeared to be stripped for parts: stick shift obliterated, trunk dismantled (parts removed from the electrical area) and the battery was completely dead. This resulted in virtually no trade-in value for my vehicle. When I called Eastern Autowerks I was blown off. This has been the worst unnecessary treatment; I've been a great customer of theirs for years, I don't understand it at all. I lost at least 3K in trade-in value I could have obtained otherwise.

    2005 BMW 545i
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    Tracy Lamar-Ray6 years ago


    You have always been a fantastic customer of Eastern and we have always valued that relationship. We completely acknowledge your frustration about your last experience with us and understand how disappointing the final result with your 545i must have been for you. There are a number of concerns in your post that we will attempt address in hopes of providing some clarification. First, it is uncharacteristic for us to need to delay repairs for weeks on end, however, as you stated in your comment, Randy explained that we were down a tech due to a non-work related accident. When he discovered that your motor had no oil pressure, he knew tearing down your motor would require more time than he could commit to given the absence of our injured tech. You acknowledged that we were honest about the prolonged turn around time and Randy had integrity enough to refer you to a competitor whom he knew was competent to perform the work. Next, the car was absolutely, in no way, “stripped for parts”. With no battery power, the gearshift would have been removed (probably by the tow driver) to facilitate access to the gearbox to put the car in neutral for towing. The panels and potential wires in the trunk were displaced for access to charge the battery because we were given impression that the car was going to the other shop for repairs. Finally, the battery was dead because the car sat for a prolonged period. All of these things are standard procedure. We are almost certain that the trade in value of the vehicle was severely diminished because of the condition of the motor and not the gearshift or dead battery. The repair would have cost several thousand dollars more than you appeared to lose for the trade in.

    Although your sentiments here do not reflect well on our shop, we appreciate your candor. We provided the best service possible, given the circumstances and tried to assist you with a repair alternative. We wish we had been given the opportunity to hear and address your frustrations personally. We wish you all the best with your new car.

  • Mangai HoSang
    Mangai HoSang7 years ago

    I was referred to Eastern Autowerks after some poor work from another local BMW shop. Unlike previous location every step and reason for repair was fully explained. Fully gained my trust!

    2005 BMW 330i
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  • RJ
    RJ7 years ago

    Went in to have one of my license plate lights repaired. They quickly replaced the broken wires in the trunk and both lights are now working properly. I will definitely return to Eastern Autowerks for future repairs.

    1996 BMW 840Ci
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  • Ben Julian
    Ben Julian9 years ago

    Randy and the crew at Eastern Autowerks are amazing. Keeping my 2000 3 series going through 230K miles. Tells you what needs to be done and what should be done. Fair and knowledgeable.

    BMW 320C1
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  • Dan
    Dan9 years ago

    Randy did a really great job on a pre-purchase inspection for my E39 M5; I live across the country and asked Randy to take a close look at the car before I flew out to buy it. He was very thorough--in addition to all of the major mechanical items, he identified subtle things like an extra connector on a fuel line, and a resprayed hood. The inspection was quick and almost startlingly reasonably priced.

    Fantastic experience. If I lived in Norfolk I would definitely be bringing all of my business to Randy at Eastern Autowerks.

    2001 BMW M5
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  • Kip
    Kip10 years ago

    Randy has been my mechanic for over 20yrs, he is a Master BMW mechanic that will be up front and tell you "what you need" as opposed to asking like in the movie "Vacation" "how much do you have." Why would you wish to pay dealer prices for your service when you can honestly save by going to Eastern Autowerks. Randy is a BMW car club member and owns BMW's. Eastern can handle any job from a quick oil change to rebuilding your engine (which I just had done on my '99 540). Our family has owned ten BMWs so far and Randy has taken great care of all of them. In two particular cases; I drove my son's 528 from Naples, FL (900 miles) one way to have Randy upgrade the suspension and add some other performance items; then had my daughter's car Jerdaned from Washington, DC to have major work done on her car... that my friends is I believe a statement in itself of wanting the best and ultimate reliability of service... how far would you drive for quality work???

    Ken is a total BMW nut when it comes to performance. He has heavily modified his M3 many times, rebuilt his engine more than once, installed NOS and worked at a dealership as well.

    Donovan is an Army veteran and dedicates himself to perfection and detail while rebuilding engines. He just did my '99 540 and it runs better now than when it was new. He drove 200 miles round trip to get parts that weren't available locally due to a computer mixup on his own weekend time so he could start and finish my engine rebuild in one straight operation.

    I could write a book on my personal experiences with Randy over more than 20yrs. At times I've spent so much time at his shop that people think I'm his dad... REALLY!! When you want the best, go to the BEST.. Eastern Autowerks!!!!!!

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  • Arnie
    Arnie11 years ago

    I was referred to Eastern Autowerks by my regular import shop, and was afraid to let just anyone touch my baby. The work required was completed quicker than expected. The reliability and increased performance of my car is awesome. The willingness of Eastern's employees, (AND owners), to answer all of my questions and concerns regarding the car's needs was way above par. I now trust their work quality, capabilities, and genuine enthusiasm for cars wholeheartedly. I am a customer for life. To the shop that referred me to Eastern Autowerks, "Thank you, but I'll be going to Eastern from now on!!!"

    Thanks guys.

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  • James
    James11 years ago

    You absolutely should not go anywhere else but Eastern Autowerks! Randy is without a doubt the most dedicated, friendly, honest, and knowledgeable mechanic I've ever encountered! I will never take my BMW elsewhere! He is like a surgeon when it comes to cars! As a physician, I trust him as I would my own specialists! More to follow!

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  • Bryce
    Bryce11 years ago

    Randy and his guys did an outstanding job on my car. Dealer tried to talk me into $3,000 worth of work. Final outcome with Eastern Autowerks was less than $800 and the car is as good as new. They will be my first stop the next time I need anything for my BMW.

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  • Teresa
    Teresa12 years ago

    Moved to this area from Germany and, I will only trust my BMW to Eastern Autowerks. I went to the "Other" BMW shop in VB because Randy was on vacation. Let me just say Randy had to redo their work! Live and learn. As stated before Randy is an excellent and honest mechanic. I highly recommend him and his shop.

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  • Quincy
    Quincy12 years ago

    I took my BMW to Randy for over 2 1/2 years while stationed in the Navy in Hampton Roads. He and his staff performed outstanding work on my 2002 325i. I was treated very well and always felt trust in how my car was being taken care of. I highly recommend Eastern Autowerks.

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  • Tony
    Tony13 years ago

    Randy is an excellent and honest mechanic. I highly recommend Eastern Autowerks for quality and value. I know my BMW is in good hands.

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