Fairfax Service Center

2850 Prosperity Avenue,
Fairfax, VA 22031 US
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Fairfax Service Center is an independent service center specializing in BMW, Mini Cooper and Mercedes Benz in the DC Metro area.

  • We are an authorized Dinan dealer and an authorized Bosch dealer.
  • We diagnose and service your car with state of the art equipments.
  • Flawless service through ASE certified technicians.
  • Latest Hunter equipment for alignment, tire mounting and balancing.
  • Reese, owner and master technician, is on site everyday.
  • All scheduled services.
  • VA safety inspection and emission test available.
  • Emission repair facility shop.

Free shuttle service to metro between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m
Complimentary refreshments and WiFi available.

10 Reviews

  • Judy
    Judy8 years ago

    My story is riveting and I am taking out the time to share this so no other person is suffers from the dishonesty of this shop and Reese.

    I brought in my car 18 mos ago for a starter that was giving me problems. It was a 740 series. The car was out of warranty and had very little mileage. I kept the car because it belonged to a family member who died in Tower 1, 911 and I could not bear selling the car. I look at the car, and I think of him. I brought the car to Reese and he gave me a list of issues which he supposedly repaired for $1600.00. Weeks later the starter was off again. My fault that I did not immediately bring the car to him. Two weeks ago, battery dead, starter caput so I had the car towed to a local mechanic where I live. Not a haughty taughty bimmer shop but a good old car mechanic. To begin with, I needed a new starter because the started that he removed was the original one and Reese never replaced it. Added to that, the battery was being drained because the motor that turns off the upper from lower cooling constantly stayed on and kept draining the batters. Reese never found that but I can tell you that noise was there when I gave him the car. He told me it was"standard". Long story short, for 1/3 the price that Reese charged me, I have a new starter, and a car that is operating beautifully. No more motors draining the battery as everything turns off when the key it removed( but not with Reese). Reese is dishonest, uncaring, and lacks any morale compass! Stay away.

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  • Josh
    Josh8 years ago

    Very dishonest. I can give many examples of the unethical practices that take place at this independent shop, but will just name a few.

    1. On one occasion, I had my car in for an oil change and specifically asked the owner (Reese) to use a certain type and brand of oil. While waiting for the service, I decided to take a look through the window in the door that leads to the shop and noticed that the mechanic that was working on my vehicle was using a cheaper grade brand of oil. When the work was completed, I asked Reese if he used the oil I requested and he said yes AND charged me for it.

    2. During another oil change visit, I asked him to add a couple more quarts of oil and leave them in the trunk. Didn't realize until the next day that he "forgot" to add the extra oil, but didn't forget to charge me for it.

    3. Another time I took my car to his shop to have him replace a few sensors in the car. He originally quoted me $300 for the work. but by the time I picked it up he told me that the check engine light came on after he replaced the sensors and had to "do a few things" to the car to try to find out what was wrong with it. Well, the "few things" were listed as only diagnostic work and cost me an additional $250. On top of charging me $250, without asking my permission, just to find out what was wrong with the car, he told me that I needed to replace a certain component and that it would cost me $3,000. I took the car to another shop and they told me that it was just another sensor that was $200. In addition, he tried to sell me used tires that were donated to his shop from another customer and they weren't even the right size. When I told him they were too small, he told me that it was not that big of a difference.

    I don't have time to write reviews about businesses, but took the time to in this case because of the very dishonest practices at this shop.

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  • mike ault
    mike ault10 years ago

    I drove by the shop on my way to the dealer to pickup some new rims for a 325i. they mentioned they would put the rims on and balance them for 35.00 a piece. not the costco price but i wanted to get it done and get back on the road. I asked them to check the car out as i just purchased last week with 101K. They told me they would beat the dealers cost on service there and mentioned upper control arm bushings for 425.00 (dealer 595.00) and auto trans flush, 250, (dealer 300 quote).

    I didnt see them test drive my car but, i was glad they did test drive it as some shops would just let me drive it away without doing the test.

    I walked away happy they serviced my car properly.

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  • Joe
    Joe10 years ago

    I have a mixed feeling about this shop. In the past few years I have sent 2 BMWs to Reese. Overall they do a quality repairment. But sometime it does take them a few rounds of trips to nail down the root cause. They charge the parts at the same price of genuine BMW but in most cases they use oem alternatives. We all know they are different from pricing perspective. I wasn't happy about it once I learned of this. Labor charge used to be better than their neighbor BMW of Fairfax. It's no longer cheaper now. So now if I have to give some jobs to them, I just bring the parts and negotiate a labor charge with Reese. Reese is a nice guy; but if you pay him fully at what he asked you would feel ripped off sometime later. And by the way, don't give them warranty jobs as they seem to be very weak when dealing with warranty company. One case I paid the repair from my own pockect while I knew my bumper to bumper warranty absolutely covers it. But it's too late.

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  • roger
    roger10 years ago

    I was amazed that they pointed out 4 major issues with my BMW when I was there for an oil change.Took the car to the dealer and they could only point out one thing wrong out of the four.

    Now I have a dilemma.Who is telling the truth?

    By the way, I have extended warranty.

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  • Jason
    Jason10 years ago

    I disagree with Chris and Mary. I stopped in there once to see what equipment they had, what qualified them to be an aftermarket installer for Dinan and if they would be a shop I would want to use if necessary (do most of my own DIY on 3 BMWs I own).

    I was disappointed with the shops facilities, the attitude of some of the employees and to boot ... got to watch from afar one of their employees take a customers car out for a "test drive" which should have earned him a reckless ticket.

    I travel past this shop frequently on my way to Fairfax BMW for parts and have often seen employees tearing out of the shop in different customer cars. I wouldn't recommend it and if someone insisted on going there I'd tell them to mark their exact mileage at drop-off to check when they pickup up.

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  • Chris
    Chris11 years ago

    Mary i agree with you as well. I've been taking my Mercedes and BMW there for over 15 years and they have always performed excellent work. They may be expensive but the work is always perfect. One thing that i appreciate about them is they're honest opinion of what work needs to be done now and then later. They leave no stone unturned.

    And Bart....owning a BMW can be like pulling teeth sometimes but at the end of the day it will always perform like a BMW. If you can't accept this then buy a Lexus.

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  • Mary
    Mary11 years ago

    Bart, I don't agree with a word you say and it's very hard to believe.we have 3 BMWs and we've been going to Fairfax Service Center for 15 years. It's the most honest shop in the area and they do great job. Reese who is the owner is there all the time and he is great. We have never had any problems with them and we have referred several of our famil members to them.

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  • Bart
    Bart11 years ago

    While competent in performing work, they lack any semblance of customer service and customer relations. I was constantly frustrated with how they dealt with me any my car. Findind out specifics of the problem was like pulling teeth. I continually felt like they just wanted my money and were not interested in my satisfaction and happiness. I expect any shop to which i bring my car to be able to competently perform the work, but what sets a service shop apart is how they treat you and how painless the process is. This process was miserable.

    A friend dropped me off to pick up my car, and in the 40 minutes it took to get my keys (yes, it took that long...i had even already paid!) he decided that he "would never bring his car there in a million years." Find another shop, you'll save yourself mountains of frustration.

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  • Steve Madison
    Steve Madison13 years ago

    This shop will not work on cars older than 1990 models.

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