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7890 Backlick Rd,
Springfield, VA 22150 US
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Northern Virginia's highest rated European repair facility for over 15 years. German and Swedish Vehicle Experts Since 1985. Serving the Washington metropolitan area.

3 Reviews

  • John Moore8 years ago

    Incompetent and Fraudulent -

    This is what they did:

    They read the codes - and since there were 2 faults that involved the brake light switch, they called me and said they needed to replace the brake light switch for $250 which included the $41 switch and 2 hours of “Reprogramming” time. Actual replacement takes 15 minutes and NO “Reprogramming”. Car passed inspection 2 weeks earlier and runs perfectly!

    Said it “needed an oil change” – I changed the oil myself 4 weeks ago!

    The codes said there was a bad signal from the throttlebody so they wanted another $300 just to do further “diagnosis” on it. As we talked I realized they had no idea the engine had 6 throttlebodies.

    The final straw was when they stated that the Pressure Accumulator Valve needed to be replaced for $600. I said “you mean the constant pressure valve” (because that’s why I brought the car in) – they said “no, the Pressure Accumulator Valve, it’s kind of like a backup oil pan.” THE CAR HAS NO PRESSURE ACCUMULATOR VALVE.

    They bill themselves as the “Best european automotive shop in Northern Virginia. Do not ever go to this shop! When I told them not to touch the car and that I was coming to get it immediately, the owner said “You aren’t questioning my integrity are you?” Sheesh! If I hadn’t had my TIS and Bentley manual, they’d have screwed me to the wall!

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  • Bruce Williams8 years ago

    Friendly shop, always do the work on time as promised. No cheaper than others but these are expensive cars to maintain. Have checked them by taking reading from OBD II port then seeing what they think the problem is. So they seem honest so far. HOWEVER I took 4 new tires to be mounted on the car and when I got it back it was obvious the tire tech had used some solvent like carb cleaner to mount the tires because it dissovled the paint on my rims ('01 540i M Sport). They did not accept any responsibility or offer to repair them (which would have cost about $1000.00) but blamed the wheels for having defective paint. Maybe so but why did their tech use this solvent. I had been pressure washing these wheels for years with degreaser and never ever took off one iota of paint or shine and now suddenly I have defective paint? I will continue to use them. This was their only screw up so far. Now if there is any chance of damage from a repair I clarify right up front that we all understand THEY will be responsible for any damage done. Otherwise have been taking both of our Bimmers here with good results. I came here after I got sick and tired of being shit on by the BMW NAZI over on RT 1 near Crystal City.

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  • Ianz9 years ago

    Took my TT here for the 80,000 mile service. They over tightened my spark plugs and stripped out my cylinder head. A very costly repair at a dealer. The garage will not own up to their mistake. Steer clear of this bush league shop. Also had to take the car back to have the water pump replaced less than a year after they supposabley replaced it during the 80k service.

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