Jay's Automotive Repair Specialist

1057 Duke Lane,
Lynchburg, VA 24502 US
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Service for all makes and models, specializing in BMW

Free vehicle once over for new customers (Internet Special)

Jay has 28 years of service experience

Specializing in BMW

Experience in prepping BMWs for VIR raceway (performance, handling and racing pkgs)

Cars stored in secure shop for care and protection

Waiting area for customers

Customer satisfaction 2nd to none!

We service vehicles with factory parts

Aftermarket & used parts available also.

Operating hours: M-F 8am - 5pm

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18 Reviews

  • David Ianuzzo
    David Ianuzzo5 years ago

    I was pleased to find Jay's Auto Repair. They serviced my BMW 2.5i in a timely and efficient manner. The costs were exceptional and the workmanship was excellent. They are very accommodating.

    I highly recommend Jay's for those looking for a garage for your luxury car.

    2003 BMW Z4 2.5i
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  • Rusty Coffey
    Rusty Coffey5 years ago

    Awesome peeps! I was traveling from Maine to NC and came through Lynchburg to visit my family and my BMW had a wheel bearing problem. Jay and his techs diagnosed the problem and gave me choices of how to fix the problem. Horror stories of breakdowns in a city away from home...not true with these guys. Totally trustworthy and professional! I highly recommend Jay’s Automotive.

    2011 BMW 328i Xdrive
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  • John Johnson
    John Johnson7 years ago

    Jay was up front and honest about the cost of my car issue, and it is hard to find honest mechanics these days, especially with foreign vehicles such as BMWs, for that, I highly approve his services!!

    2011 BMW 335xi
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  • Ashley
    Ashley7 years ago

    Jay's has always been great to deal with! They are very professional and do great work in a timely manner. Since starting to take our cars to Jay's, we will not take them anywhere else.

    2004 BMW X3
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  • Richard Potekhen
    Richard Potekhen7 years ago

    It is a pleasure to deal with Jay's. They are always courteous and thoughtful in explaining what the options are for service. On the last visit, I had called at 4:45pm with trouble lights, and they made a special effort to diagnose the problem on the very next day. Past experience with them has given me confidence that they are honestly trying to get my problem solved at the lowest possible cost to me.

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Das
    Das7 years ago

    I have a 2006 325i and had been to many repair shops including BMW authorized service centers. However, I think Jay's shop is great because its honest and professional. Jay will tell you what is the exact nature of the problem and will only fix what is required. BMW service centers, on the other hand, don't locate the exact nature of problem and will replace the whole assembly and charge you for it. This saves a lot of money for the same problem if you get it fixed at Jay's rather than in BMW service centers. In addition, Jay is a very hard working guy and has a great team. I wish him all the best and thank him for his service to all bimmer drivers!

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Leslie Camm Jr
    Leslie Camm Jr7 years ago

    This is my third time getting work done here. Got my front brakes done. Not only did the job get done quickly, but Jay and Todd even took the time to show me the old pads and explain how they test them. I will definitely be going back when I need the rear brakes done. I will be referring them to my friends with BMWs as well.

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Susan Atkins
    Susan Atkins8 years ago

    They are the best. I have paid much more working with garages that did not specialie in BMW repair and ended up paying twice to have the same work done. If you own a BMW this is the only place to go!

    2001 BMW 530i
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  • Teresa
    Teresa8 years ago

    Called on May 9th to get my (service engine soon) light checked and got an appointment for the very next day on May 10th. Had to get 5 different things done to the car that day. It was all done in a timely fashion and Jay's called me at 3:00 and said it was ready to pick up.

    Very satisfied with my experience. Everyone at Jay's is very personable and great to work with!!

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Kevin
    Kevin8 years ago

    Jay does very good work. He understands that parts and labor are expensive and admittedly is willing to let customers purchase their own parts to avoid any increase charge by going through him.

    I brought my car in when I had the ABS, BRAKE, and 4x4 lights on indicating it was an issue with the transfer case actuator motor. I did some digging and found that the gear inside the motor tends to go bad (thanks BMW) but can be replaced for just the price of the gear. I brought my car in to Jay and he was willing to give it a shot and succeeded, making it a $200 job total instead of going to BMW that wanted to charge me $3k for the job and refused to just replace the gear. Unfortunately my actuator motor went bad altogether later on, but he took care of that as wellfor a third of the price BMW was going to do it for and he's still a BMW certified master mechanic!!!

    I strongly suggest going here if you don't know much about cars and want to save some money fixing your bimmer.

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Marcel Davison
    Marcel Davison8 years ago

    I have to say that Jay went above and beyond my expectations for the service he and his son performed on my vehicle. He's not only a certified BMW technician, he's a CERTIFIED BMW MASTER TECHNICIAN!

    2007 BMW 750LI
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  • Andy
    Andy8 years ago

    Last year, I know shame on me for taking so long to write a review. I have a student that attends college in Lynchburg, quite far from home. She ran into a problem with her vehicle and so I called the local BMW dealer. They wanted $150.00 just to drive it into their garage before a single piece of work was done on it. I tracked down Jay's place via the internet. I spoke to Jay personally, had my student take her car to him and a day or so later the vehicle was returned fixed. I so appreciated Jay's openness and honesty. When he diagnosed the problem he offered several options to fix the car that included both new OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and possible used, if available and of good quality, just to help us mitigate our cost of repairs. Repair costs added up, but we haven't had a single issue with his work. I've instructed my student that any time there is a problem to take the car to Jay. Thanks Jay for great honest quality service with integrity. A rarity sometimes with mechanic shops these days. I now have a comfort to know, even far from home, my student’s car can be fixed right when there is a problem.

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Leslie Camm Jr
    Leslie Camm Jr9 years ago

    My hood emblem blew off on route 29. When I got home I called Jay, left a message, and within a few minutes he called back and was ready to fix it in 30 minutes. I thought it would take days to get the part. Anyway my experience was excellent and I definitely will be a returning customer.

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Bruce Fender
    Bruce Fender9 years ago

    I'm a satisfied customer of Jay's Auto Repair. His shop has provided standard service and moderate repairs (vanos) for my car. I bought my 525 from Dirk Beasely (Bavarian Motors) who referred me to Jay. Jay is professional, honest and fair.

    2004 BMW 525i
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  • Lawrence Finkel
    Lawrence Finkel10 years ago

    Last weekend, my 1998 BMW 323IS overheated while I was driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The temp light was actually flashing red as my car stalled in Bedford, VA. I had the car towed to Jay's.

    I was extremely impressed by Jay and his staff. He diagnosed the problem promptly and gave me an estimate. I had to leave the car overnight as a part ( thermostat housing ) need to be shipped to Jay. He also gave the choice to repair a part - the fan clutch that was intermittently failing. I chose to replace it. His labor rate was only 60% of the BMW dealer rate and he actually reduced the bill prior to my paying it. I would give Jay's Automotive Repair my highest rating.

    1998 BMW 323is
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  • Charlie Lein
    Charlie Lein10 years ago

    If you have a BMW, save yourself some money and hassle over the dealer, and bring it to Jay. My relationship with him goes back to when I handled some BMW Motorcycle-related business at Crossroads, and I first met him there.

    Jay has brought his considerable knowledge and expertise in working with the BMW brand to his own shop. Beyond that, though, he is honest and a gentleman.

    I would highly recommend that you try him before you go to the dealer. Unless you really value a free cup of coffee and a TV to watch while waiting, and don't mind paying a high premium for those "free" perks. ;-)

    1995 BMW 525i sedan
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  • Mike Sharrett
    Mike Sharrett11 years ago

    Jay has been my go-to mechanic since I was referred to him over a year ago. He is trustworthy, works fast, and knows BMW's inside and out. Having a highly tuned factory car like the M3, you want someone who understands the vehicle and Jay's experiance of over 20 years (if I remember correctly) working on BMW's certainly qualifies him to win my trust. He has replaced my alternator for me, rear input shaft seal, drive shaft coupler, fuel pump, and a number of other small things as the needs have demanded. I track my car at VIR doing driving schools, Jay makes sure I go down with all my equipment ready for the stress that can put on the car.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Nick Frye
    Nick Frye11 years ago

    Jay has taken care of both BMW's I have owned. He has been professional, honest, and fair. Very knowledgeable and straight forward. The only Mechanic I will trust with my Car!

    1995 BMW M3
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