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4123 West Broad Street,
Richmond, VA 23230 US
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Twin Star was established in 1988 by a factory trained technician. We have the BMW1 scanner and other numerous BMW specialty tools. Our shop foreman is a BMW factory trained Master Technician and ASE Master Technician with 21 years experience on BMW. We also sell over the counter aftermarket or OEM parts. We are your alternative to the long wait and high prices at the dealer. Our goal is to have the right tools and equipment to fix your BMW right the first visit.

6 Reviews

  • fav_drv6 years ago

    I have taken my 1998 Z3 to Twin Star on numerous occasions for routine maintenance. They have always been honest and great with the price. I recently purchased a 2006 330i and got a pre-purchase inspection done at Twin Star. They even pointed out things that I could get fixed at the dealer under warranty. I have been very satisfied with the service.

    1998 BMW 330i
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  • Mai9 years ago

    I have taken my car to Twin Star several times and have had both good and bad experiences. Actually, my only bad experience occurred when they stripped some screws (???) during an oil change and I had to return later. However, they promptly fixed it free of charge.

    I became wary as it seemed that every time I went for repair, something else came out broken. This could be a coincidence, though, I don't believe in them.

    If it helps, if I had to choose between the dealer and Twin Star, I would choose Twin Star.

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  • Steve Andelidis9 years ago

    My vehicles and my families vehicles have been serviced at Twin Star for many years having had 4 Volvos and 3 BMWs serviced there, including all normal service and repairs and a complete engine swap perfprmance upgrade and complete suspension performance upgrade for a BMW. All repairs have been completed when promised and I am completely satisfied with their work. There pricing and service are the best I have found.

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  • Jim9 years ago

    I've used Twin Star numerous times for my 2002 325i and have found them to be excellent in all ways except speed. Prices are great, knowledge is excellent, but even minor repairs can take some time to get done. Even slow it's worth it. They do great work for an excellent price.

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  • Trip P.10 years ago

    I normally never write a review online, however, seeing gross inaccuracy of the comment dated May 17th, 2007, I have to offer my input. My family and I have been long time customers of Twin Star(since the beginning). Vehicles include '86 SAAB 900, '88 SAAB 900, '84 240 DL Volvo, 2002 XC Volvo, '88 M6 BMW, '00 740iL just to name a few. The capability and service level is exceptional; I have never had an issue with Twin Star in diagnosing or fixing any problems. While the staff did change up a bit, the shop remains quite competant and highly qualified. I have been to Import Autohaus a few times, and they are fine. I personally prefer Twin Star, their prices for parts can not be beat, and for me, service and competance exceeds that of Richmond BMW and any other indy shop in town. Twin Star will remain my "go to" shop for years to come.

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  • MIKE12 years ago

    This place is not what it says! Misdiagnosed my 740, kept it two weeks, could not fix, kept getting the run around, and i took it to import autohaus, a bosch service center down the street, and was very happy to see the former twin star service manager from a few years earlier that had left. He knows his stuff and makes you feel good about the hassle of car repair. They fixed my car and i was back in it the next day! Twin star was never the same since the staff left, and the owner steeped away from daily activities.

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