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Vancouver, WA 98665 US
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Bavarian Autoworks, were we specialize servicing German vehicals exclusively. If you are looking for a trustworthy independent service provider, Bavarian AutoWorks is the shop you are looking for.

My goal is to provide customers with quality work at reasonable price and to make Bavarian Autoworks the best and friendliest repair shop in the world. It's important for you to know that honesty is our core value. With that in mind it's always easy to provide you with the best in service and customer satisfaction.

We have the latest tools, equipment and electronic library, to perform the needed diagnosis and repair on the latest car makes and models. Our repair is only with factory parts and all our work is guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, not picking your pocket like other places do. We are a small operation and therefore can give you the best prices with quality parts and honest work.

23 Reviews

  • jeff dorgay
    jeff dorgay1 year ago

    Just got back from a recent service at Bavarian Auto Works on my 91 325i Convertible, with awesome results. When I had the car in for a complete tune up/timing belt/water pump service, they were having a problem getting the last spark plug out and rather than damage the cylinder head, Jason told me what was up when I picked up the car. It ran about 90% better, but still a slight misfire. (Still I was super happy)

    Today, that pesky plug came out without problem, and my convertible is now in tip top condition for summer.

    They also work on our other BMWs, from a 1976 530i all the way up to a new X1. They even put Eibach sport springs on my i3! (and BTW the dealer wanted $1500 to do this, Jason did it for $600.)

    These guys have always given us excellent service, with quick turnaround and incredibly fair prices.

    I suggest them 200%. Great shop, nice guys, excellent service.

    1991 BMW 325i Convertible
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  • Kevin
    Kevin2 years ago

    These guys are Awesome!! If you’re looking for quality BMW service in Vancouver with an honest and attentive staff this is the place!! This is the only shop where we will ever have our BMWs serviced. Professional service at a great price, Thank you Jason for running such a quality business!!

    2013 BMW 535IX
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  • Keith L.
    Keith L.2 years ago

    Excellent work. Fair price. Clean and organized. We have found our go to repair/service shop. Last week Our BMW began running rough. It was dying at stops and struggling to restart. We made it home and looked on the internet for a local shop since it would require towing. After reading reviews we called Jason. Jason is great. Went above and beyond to diagnose and fix our fuel pressure issue. He even took a picture of the hose inside of the fuel tank because I was curious. We will definitely be coming back to Baverian Motor Werks for our next scheduled service. Thanks Jason for taking the time to walk me through the whole process.

    2010 BMW 328i
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  • Sara E Combs
    Sara E Combs2 years ago

    Bavarian autoworks is the best BMW in the Portland/Vancouver area. The owner, Jason, is intelligent, fair and does excellent work! I wouldn't go to anyone else.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Pamela
    Pamela 4 years ago

    This shop is amazing! Incredible customer service, honest and reliable! Jason the owner has an incredible eye for detail, appreciates his customers, offers fair pricing and won't ever take you to the cleaners. This shop came recommended by a few people i know and i would never take my car anywhere else!

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Jeery
    Jeery4 years ago

    Jason is an excellent mechanic. through and fair.

    2007 BMW 530 XI
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  • Sherrie Weiler
    Sherrie Weiler5 years ago

    I learned about Jason at Bavarian motors from a couple of friends who have had their BMW's serviced by him. When my X5 started making a loud rattling noise I thought I'd take it to Jason. He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. He was very professional, and I left not only with my car fixed, but also feeling that I got a very fair price. I will definitely bring my car to him in the future.

    2009 BMW X5
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  • Dr. Troy Dreiling
    Dr. Troy Dreiling5 years ago

    Jason has been great on taking care of my car. Reasonable and dependable for service. Have told many people to visit. Have 104,000 miles on my car and it runs great. Thanks again

    2004 BMW 745 li
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  • George
    George5 years ago

    Great service and prices. Jason, the owner is Very knowledgeable. A pleasure to do business here

    2010 BMW 535xi
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  • Brittany
    Brittany5 years ago

    Very impressed.

    Took my X5 to Kuni BMW and got a $7k quote. However, after going to here Jason, the owner, gave me some other cost effective options to try instead. He didn't try and up-charge me or sell me on anything. And let's face it... I'm a gal that knows nothing about cars. It would have been easy to say you need allll this work. But he didn't.

    As a business owner myself, I appreciate his thoroughness as a professional, and his willingness to keep costs down for patrons.

    I would highly recommend his shop.

    2007 BMW X5
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  • Richard Wentworth
    Richard Wentworth6 years ago

    When it comes to servicing my BMW, I would not go anywhere else. Jason has been maintaining my 525i for close to 3 years now. He's an honest, hard working and fair dealing individual. I highly recommend him and the services from Bavarian Autoworks.

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Paul
    Paul6 years ago

    Jason is an incredible mechanic, here is the reason..

    I pulled up to a stop light and my beloved X5 had smoke coming from the engine compartment. I pulled over and called the tow company. Now as a BMW owner thoughts of high dollar repairs started to build in my thoughts. I dropped the keys off with Jason, and he had the repair done the next day, as he stayed late in the evening completing the repair. As for the cost, it was a valve cover gasket and it was a few hundred dollars and I was back on the road again. One very happy customer and a customer for life!!


    Vancouver, WA

    2003 BMW X5
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  • Brett
    Brett6 years ago

    The owner was friendly and very helpful. He got right to my car. He has a nice clean shop which those of us who drive BMW's appreciate. It's a rotten day when you have to take your car in but being new to the area it's nice to know where I can get my baby taken care of. It took him less time to get the covers off and diagnose than for me to write this review. Excellent work.

    2006 BMW 530xo
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  • George Bashkingy
    George Bashkingy7 years ago

    Finally! A BMW service company I can trust! Thank you Jason for your honesty, integrity and professionalism. We will entrust our vehicles to you from now on!!

    2001 BMW 525
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  • Sharon Alexander
    Sharon Alexander7 years ago

    This is the second time, I've used Jason. Supurb service and efficiency. Great customer service

    2005 BMW 530I
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  • George Alexander
    George Alexander7 years ago

    Courteous, fast, efficient service. A pleasure to do business with Jason

    2012 BMW 535XI
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  • Scott
    Scott7 years ago

    Jason is a pro, he knows what he is doing and is always willing to give advise or fix the most minor of issues. I went in one afternoon just to find out what lightbulb I needed for the front turn signal, Jason came out with a light bulb and changed the bulb. I went to pay him for the bulb and he just told me "catch me on your next time in". I will go back to Bavarian auto works to have Jason work on my car for as long as I own it. Jason is a great mechanic and truly cares about his customers and their vehicles.

    Thank you again Jason

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Jon Miller
    Jon Miller7 years ago

    Jason is a lifesaver! He is local, very knowledgeable of BMW's, reasonably priced and easy to get an appointment. I would recommend him to any BMW owner.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith7 years ago

    My car had overheated and broke down over the holliday weekend. I was trying to find a shop that worked on BMW's to get my towed to, but no body would answer the phone until I called Bavarian Autoworks. After talking to Jason about my car I had it towed to his shop and to my surprise Jason was there waiting for the tow truck. Jason made sure my car was stored inside over the long weekend and come Tuesday afternoone my car was ready to be picked up. Thanks to Bavarian Autoworks I didnt have to deal with the stress of my car sitting along side the road and my car was repaired and ready to go before I knew it. From now on I will be driving the extra miles to get my car serviced at Bavarian Autoworks. Thanks again for great service.

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson7 years ago

    Stopped in because I had just changed my oil in my 1985 325e,, and the dash svc lights needed resetting, a simple two min fix, as I looked around and the place was a ghost town, no other people waiting, no cars in the service bay, I asked the owner if he would reset it for me, He said to me " not for free " I tried to indicate it is a little thing that could earn a future service and additional referrals, however his arrogant attitude, sent me off with a very bad taste in my mouth. To add insult to injury he told me in a disrespectful tone to never pull into the empty bay like that ever again. I would never trust a guy who nickel and dimes his customers, thinking only of the hear and now. If he plans to stay in business, he better get a new appreciation for the value of a customer.

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    Jason Hilton7 years ago

    WOW, had his oil changed at another shop. Bill pulls his car into my shop not the parking lot and tells me he just had his oil changed at Firestone and would like me to reset his oil service light. I explained to him that this is not a free service like a check engine light scan and that this is a service that all shops would charge a fee for. Bill tells me he works for Farmers Insurenace as he points to his shirt logo. I explained to him again that the tools to do this were not given to me and if he would have come to my shop for an oil change that this service would have been part of the job. When you pay 18.95 for an oil change you might want to ask if they can reset the service lights to. Can you really say that Bill is a customer looks more like a person trying to use his position.

  • Mike
    Mike7 years ago

    I couldn't be happier with the service I've received from BAW; Jason is a pro that knows that quality work at a fair price is going to pay off in the long run with repeat customers. I've done business over the years with the factory shops in Portland- Vancouver as well as the local independents and I would reccomend BAW without hesitation as being the best of the best;

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  • Josh Lockman
    Josh Lockman8 years ago

    Jason Hilton at Bavarian AutoWorks, is very professional,honest and fair. He knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to any one who is needing maintaince performed on there BMW.

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  • Bill Hess
    Bill Hess9 years ago

    Working with Jason Hilton at Bavarian Autoworks in Vancouver Washington is a fun process.

    I always feel like I am getting a fair price to go along with their quality work. Don't let the residential neighborhood fool you. This guy is a pro, and really knows BMW.

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